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Wild Deodorant - A Review And A Discount Code

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products
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Like many families, in our house, we have been making a conscious effort to reduce our use of plastic and be more sustainable, so we have made quite a few changes in the last few years, and as a family, we are always educating ourselves on more ways to keep doing so.

When I was asked if I would like to try the Wild deodorant I didn't need to be asked twice! I had seen Wild mentioned on Tik Tok quite a lot and after reading the press release,  I was really looking forward to it arriving. 

About Wild Deodorant.

Wild are a sustainable natural deodorant, delivered straight to your door, they are,

Effective:  They are rigorously tried, tested and customer approved.

No Waste:  Unique plastic-free compostable refills.

Naturally Vegan: Powered by plants, not parabens or aluminium. 

Convenient:  Delivered through your letterbox when needed. 

Wild offer a subscription service and by subscribing you will save some money. Subscriptions can be skipped, paused or cancelled at any time and if a subscription isn't for you, you can choose your products and buy as and when you like, there is also an option of buying bundles, which also comes with a saving too.

As well as the deodorant refills and cases, Wild also sell mini deodorants, shampoo bars and soap, the mini deodorants are brilliant if you want to "try before you buy" and try out the deodorant without signing up for a subscription or buying the case and refills. My other half gets really hot and was worried about changing from his regular deodorant, so buying a mini one is a great way for him to try it out and see what he thinks. The shampoo bars and soap sound lovely too and you'd be reducing your use of single use plastic by using them which is fantastic. 

As an added bonus, just for reading my blog post, you get a 20% discount on your orders by using the code MAMMAFULZO

What Makes Wild Plastic Free?

Wild says "Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Wild and we are on a mission to shake up the single-use culture of bathroom products. Our entire product is single-use plastic free. We have made our holders with durable aluminium along with post-consumer recycled plastic details and is designed to last a lifetime. Our refills are entirely plastic-free and are made using bamboo pulp which is 100% recyclable and home compostable. Basically, once you have your Wild case you won’t ever have to think about buying a plastic deodorant ever again!" 

How Will My Wild Deodorant Arrive? 

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products

When the deodorant arrived, it came in a lovely pink box with Wild on the top, inside the box was the case, a refill and a leaflet sharing how to put the deodorant together, and a QR code taking you to a website with more information, I thought that was really helpful. The leaflet also included FAQs and 
some information about the product. 

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products
The photo above shows the size of the refill and the ingredients of the Ocean Mist scent.

The Wild Kit I received came with a gorgeous aqua coloured case with a limited edition refill in the scent Ocean Mist. There is a range of different cases available, including some gorgeous colours, fancy mirrored cases and patterned ones and if you like, you can have your case engraved for an extra £5. The refills are available in lots of different scents and there is also a sensitive range too, so lots to choose from. 

How To Put The Wild Deodorant Together. 

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products

And if my instructions don't make sense, you can watch a video here

Is Wild An Antiperspirant?

Wild isn’t antiperspirant as they don’t use aluminium salts in their deodorant. Sweating is a natural and important function, Wild deodorant absorbs your sweat by using ingredients such as tapioca starch which absorb moisture and keep you dry, rather than preventing you from sweating. The deodorant also tackles odours associated with sweating, so you’ll smell fresh all day long, the deodorant won't block your pores or affect your PH levels and after switching from antiperspirant to deodorant a number of people have found they sweat less in general, which I would say is a bonus. 

The deodorant refills are made from natural ingredients to combat the growth of bacteria that causes odour and keep you feeling fresh and moisturised. Wild doesn't contain aluminium salts, parabens or sulphates; all their formulas are certified vegan by the Vegan Society and are cruelty-free. 

Wild say they never test on animals, only smelly people! 

The photo above shows the size of Wild deodorant.

Wild Subscription Service & How To Use It.

There are just 3 steps to subscribing to the Wild subscription service it really is easy to do, you just choose your case, then your plan and then your scent. 

If you choose one of the limited edition cases there is an extra cost of £2,  and if you have your case engraved there is an extra cost of £5. 

You can then choose from 3 different plans, they are:

Subscribe & Save - You can skip, pause or cancel your subscription at any time, you will receive 33% off your 1st order and 15% off future orders. You will receive 3 refills every 2, 3 or 4 months which are £5 per refill instead of £6. 
Subscribe & save is £10 with a saving of £6. 

One Time Purchase - This is a one time purchase, you will receive 1 case (£10) and 3 refills (£18), without any commitments to a subscription. 
One Time Purchase is £25 with a saving of £3.

The Full Monty - This a bundle deal and again a one time purchase with no commitment to a subscription. You will receive 1 case (£10)  and 5 refills (£30).
The Full Monty is £32 with a saving of £8.

My discount code MAMMAFULZO also works on all the subscriptions which is a brilliant deal, and for example, it means if you used it for the Full Monty bundle it would cost £25.60 and without my discount, it would cost you £40.00, I think that's an absolutely brilliant saving. 

*Prices are correct at the time of posting.

sustainable beauty products, no plastic packaging, less plastic in beauty, vegan deodorant, organic beauty, vegan beauty products

Trying Wild Deodorant.

When the Wild deodorant arrived I was looking forward to trying it, but sadly I didn't think I would be able to do this blog post justice if I did because, although I do get hot due to being in a lot of pain, I wouldn't really be able to put the deodorant to the test as I am unable to exercise, am not very mobile, and for lots of other reasons, I decided it wouldn't be a true test of the product if I tried it, but I had an idea.  

If you're a long time reader of my blog, you'll know that I have guinea pigs who try products out for me every now and again,  when I am unable to try them for whatever reason. I trust these people with my life and so I know they'll give me their honest, and sometimes brutal opinions. 

Once I'd decided I wasn't really the right person to try the deodorant, I had a think and decided I knew the perfect person or guinea pig to try it for me. My friend Anna, Anna owns two businesses, she owns a dance and fitness business teaching Zumba and dance to both adults and children and has  "gold" classes for the older generation too. Anna also teaches dance in various schools as part of their PE lessons and teaches dance at some after school clubs. She also spends time on a voluntary basis choreographing school shows and special assemblies. 

As well as the dance business, Anna has a confectionary business, creating various different personalised gifts with or without balloons for all occasions. Add into the mix her two gorgeous boys Max and Jack, who are her doggies that she walks daily, and then the walking for around 5 miles per day that she does aside from the dog walks, and she's one busy lady and with all that, and other things she does, she is often meeting herself coming back. 

So I felt Anna would be perfect to try out the Wild deodorant, and when I asked her if she would like to, she immediately said yes, please.

Anna's Thoughts On Wild. 

Anna was impressed with Wild as soon as she started to use it, she said the deodorant was easy to put together and wind up, she had to wind it up a few times with the first use but she had expected that. Anna followed the instructions from Wild and applied two gentle swipes of the deodorant to clean dry armpits and waited for it to dry before dressing. Anna said she noticed the scent immediately and loved it, she said it smelled really clean and fresh.

On day one of trying Wild, Anna had a few classes and teaching classes, alongside the dog walks, and the exercise she did on that day was as follows:

Dog walk - 30 - 40 minutes

Zumba Gold class - 45 minutes

Teaching Dance In School - 2 hours

After School Dance Class - 1 hour

Dog Walk - 30 - 40 minutes

Street Dance Class - 1 hour

Walk around the reservoir - 2.5 hours

Add in travelling to and from workplaces, errands to the supermarket, picking up supplies for her business, checking in on her mum and popping in to see her partner, plus she had a few stressful phone calls to deal with too, so all in all it was a busy first day of using the Wild deodorant.

Anna rang me the morning after and her actual words were "I'm really impressed with that deodorant you know" I had explained to her before she started to use it that I'd read on the Wild website that there can be a transition period when switching to a natural deodorant and some people experienced a little more sweating and body odour than they were used to, but that it would settle down. Anna hadn't experienced that after day one, she said her first impressions were fantastic and she was really happy with it.

If you would like to read more about the transition period, there is an article on the Wild website here that explains it far better than I could.

Anna tried the Wild deodorant for 5 weeks before I asked her for her final opinions, and her opinions were all positive, with only one negative piece of feedback which was if she wound the deodorant up a little too much it would fall out, but it went back in easily and she soon realised what was happening and knew when to stop winding and it stopped falling out, so not a biggy at all.

Anna loved the scent, she said it is one of her favourite things about the deodorant, it is fresh smelling and perfect for the summer. Anna found the deodorant easy to apply, it dried well and kept her feeling fresh all day, she didn't experience the transition period and was fine from day one, but said it was good to know about it as she may have dismissed the deodorant had she not known and experienced odour and sweating.

The deodorant was really effective at keeping Anna feeling fresh all day, on her busiest day of the week she leaves the house at 7.30am and gets back home at 7.40pm, and she didn't smell at all or feel sweaty even after quite a few dance classes and a Zumba class plus dog walks especially when we'd had much warmer weather. The deodorant didn't leave any marks or residue on her clothes and she didn't experience any skin sensitivity to the product.

Anna liked the Wild deodorant so much she has purchased another case and some refills for herself and she bought a case and some refills as a gift for someone too, unfortunately, she forgot about my discount code and picked them up in-store, but said she won't make that mistake again after working out the saving she would have got had she remembered to use it.

Overall, Anna was very impressed with Wild, she loves the fact it is kind to the planet and feels she is doing more for the planet by using it. She was really impressed when checking out the website and realised how many cases and refills there are to choose from and found the subscriptions a great idea, especially with the added discount using my code. Anna likes that Wild is made from natural ingredients, and is better for her skin and she feels better now she isn't spraying deodorant around her doggies, she also said Jack the dog is impressed with Wild because he used to jump out of his skin every time she sprayed her deodorant and now she doesn't, so Wild gets a thumbs or should I say paws up from Jack too.     

Some Information You Might Find Useful.

Wild offer a 15% discount for students via Student Beans. 

Wild is available at over 2,500 stores in the UK, although you won't get my discount if you buy in-store. 

Wild offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee for all new customers, you can find more out by reading here.   

Wild offer a refer a friend discount, find out more here.

If you would like to know more about Wilds cancellation, refund or returns policies, you can find all the information here

And last but not least, don't forget to use my discount code MAMMAFULZO at the checkout for a 20% discount, this also works on subscriptions and bundle offers. 

I hope you found this review helpful, if you would like to purchase Wild deodorant or shampoo and soap bars, you can do so by clicking here but don't forget to use my code MAMMAFULZO to get your 20% discount added. 

Thank you to my lovely friend Anna for trying out the Wild deodorant for me. 

Have you tried Wild? If so let me know in the comments and if you have ways you have become more sustainable in your house, share them in the comments too, it's always nice to share ideas. 

Thank you for reading 


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