Thursday 3 August 2023

Money Saving Meals - Cheaper Ways To Feed Children Over The Summer

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Welcome back, 

If you read the blog post about my first ever blog series, (read it here) and thank you to all those that did, the response was fantastic, thank you! 

This is the first post of that new series and today I am sharing with you some restaurants, supermarket cafes and other places you can feed children over the school summer holidays. 

This will include where to go and what each place is offering, if there's a minimum spend and how long the offer is available, hopefully, this post will be helpful to some of my readers. 

The Best Deals

When doing my research for this post, I found that the deals on children's meals varied quite a lot from place to place, so I thought I'd share what I thought were the best deals, first. 

Local Deals

The first deal I have to share is something that will be dependent on your local area, but I have researched quite a few areas in the UK and it seems a lot of establishments are on board with this. 

If you are a Facebook user you will no doubt have a group or page for your local area, we have one for the village I live in, and lots of local cafes and tea rooms etc are offering free meals for children over the summer, parents can just go in and order the food and will not be charged, there's no minimum spend at the majority of the places close to me either which is great. So it's definitely worth checking your local pages or groups on Facebook. 

Asda Cafe's

Offer Ends - December 31st 2023

When doing my research for this post I found that Asda Cafe had the best deal for supermarket cafes and high street food places.

Their offer is available til the end of 2023, so not exclusive to the summer holidays and children under 16 can eat for £1.00 "all day every day" This includes either a hot meal or one of their "pick and mix" deals which includes a sandwich, drink and fruit. There is no minimum spend and after 3pm adults can choose a half price meal too, Asda also gives a piece of fruit free with every meal and Ellas Kitchen pouches are also free for babies under 18 months with any purchase.  

I thought this was a brilliant offer, the fact the offer is on all day every day and until the end of 2023 is excellent. 

Tesco Cafe

Offer Ends 1st September 2023

Children eat free at Tesco with any purchase of 60p or more by an adult, you do need a club card or the club card app to use this offer, but it only takes a couple of minutes to download and sign up for the app if you don't already have a club card. 

Ikea Food

Offer Ends - While Stocks Last

Children can have pasta and tomato sauce and a drink for 95p or one of the other children's meals for £1.50 after 11am daily. 

Ikea also offers a breakfast roll and hot drink for 95p daily from 9.30am to 11am for all customers. 

Minimum Spend Deals

Morrisons Cafe

Offer Ends - Ongoing

Under 16's can eat free when an adult spends £4.49 or more in their cafe, this offer is on all day every day and includes hot meals or a sandwich, snack and drink. 

Something else Morrisons are offering is, any child or adult who "asks for Ellen" at the Morrisons cafe at any time of the day before 13th August 2023 will receive two toasted crumpets with butter and jam completely free. 

Dunelm Pausa Cafe

Offer Ends - Ongoing

Children receive a mini main meal, two snacks and a drink when an adult spends £4.00 or more in the cafe, this offer is on all day every day. 

Marks & Spencer Cafe

Offer Ends - 1st September 2023

Children receive a free meal from the Munch Menu which includes a hot or cold main meal, snack and a drink when an adult spends £5.00 or more in the M&S cafe. 

Other Offers 


Offer Ends - 1st September 2023

If you have a Travelodge nearby, you can purchase one adult "all-you-can-eat" breakfast for £8.99 and two children under the age of 15 can also have breakfast completely free, you do not have to be staying at the Travelodge to get the offer which is brilliant. 

Premier Inn 

Offer Ends - 1st September 2023

Like the Travelodge offer, any adult paying £9.99 for the "all-you-can-eat" breakfast will receive two more breakfasts completely free for children under 16 and you do not have to be staying at the hotel. 

When doing my research, I did find other restaurants offering deals but I found the T&Cs a bit much and know I wouldn't have gone there when my girls were small, for example there were time restrictions, and adults had to spend a lot to get a small child's meal for one child in a certain age bracket, and I know these places still have to make a profit, but it was, in my opinion, expensive, so I decided to keep the minimum spend to £5.00 or under with the exception of the Travelodge and Premier Inn, but two children eat there rather than just 1 so I thought it balanced it out a bit. 

I hope this post will be helpful for my blog readers, please share it with your friends and family or anyone you think might find it helpful. If I find any more great meal deals, I will of course share them with you. 

Thank you for reading 

ZoĆ« x 

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