Sunday 9 December 2012

Essie Winter 2012 Collection

I really like Essie nail polishes as some of you may already know.  I have been buying them for a couple of years now from but since Boots and Superdrug started to sell their diffusion line it has been much easier to pick up Essie polishes, and I now own more than I ever have, Essie and Orly are my favourite nail polish brand and I cannot resist new colours when they come out.

Essie have recently released their winter collection for 2012 and there are some lovely colours in the collection, the only one I am not too fond of is the Wheres My Chauffeur? colour, it is a minty greeny/blue colour and these colours do not suit me at all,  I love the other colours in the collection though and yesterday whilst I was shopping with Cole we went to Boots to look at the new collection, I have already looked at them on Beauty Bay but wanted to see them in the flesh too, I loved the colours apart from the minty green one. They had all the colours in Boots in the full size polishes and they also had a box set of 3 of the polishes out of the 5, the box contains Leading Lady, Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy. Since I love all 3 of these colours I bought the box set, the polishes are not full size they are 5ml but sometimes I think this is better if buying Christmas colour nail polish, and to me 2 out of the 3 are Christmassy so I didn't want to buy the full size, it is a shame they didn't have She's Pampered in the box set too as I really like that one but you can't have everything I suppose. The box set was £9.99 for 3 5ml bottles and full size Essie Polishes are 13.5ml and £7.99.

 If you want to see the full collection, they have it available in the full size polishes on Beauty Bay with free delivery, here's the link Essie polishes are £8.50 on Beauty Bay.

Anyway I shall stop rambling on as usual and show you the polishes I bought!

The Box Set of 3 Polishes (apologies for the box, they were all damaged)

Leading Lady 

Snap Happy

Beyond Cozy 

Left to Right - Leading Lady, Snap Happy and Beyond Cozy (3 coats of each colour)  

I love all 3 of the colours and definitely think that Leading Lady and Beyond Cozy are more Christmassy colours, Leading Lady is a lovely dark red with tiny glitter particles through it, the glitter particles really do stand out but it isn't glitter overload if you want more of a subtle look, Snap Happy is a lovely orangey colour, bordering on a red but not quite if that makes sense? I think this colour could be worn all year round, and Beyond Cozy is a lovely sparkly polish and layered up using 3 coats it gives a really nice festive feel, it would look lovely as an accent nail to gold or silver nails as it isn't really one or the other, it has a slight champagne colour to it I think, it is a lovely polish, I am going to try it over other colours and see if it works, I will let you know how I go with that. 

Do you like Essie polishes? Have you bought any of the Winter 2012 collection or the box set? Which one is your favourite? 

Thank you for reading, Much Love

Zoe x 

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