Wednesday 19 December 2012

Red Lips Anyone?

For years and years I have always worn quite pale pink or neutral shades of lipstick, then a couple of years ago I bought Russian Red by MAC but never really had the courage to wear it, I would wear it put on lightly and then smudged out with my finger but I never ever wore it properly for want of a better word.

In September my nephew was going to be baptised and I had bought a lovely maxi skirt with a print on and the print had a burgundy colour in it so I wore a burgundy coloured vest top to go with it, on the day of the baptism I was applying my make up and Nichole asked me if I was going to wear a dark red lipstick as she thought it would look nice with my outfit, I said no it wouldn't suit me but Nichole said she thought it would so I tried on one of her dark red lipsticks called Media by MAC and it looked really lovely which was a complete surprise to me.

A couple of days later when I was applying my make up I decided I would try on my Russian Red lipstick to see what I thought and I was pleasantly surprised and really liked it, so I wore it to film one of my You tube video's, I got quite a few comments asking me about the lipstick, what it was and how nice it looked etc that I decided I should be brave and wear it more, so I did, I wore it a lot and I got lots of lovely compliments so I decided I would look for a dark red lipstick as I'd liked Media so much when I wore it. I looked in MAC and loved the look of Darkside but at £14.50 for each lipstick and Christmas only a few weeks away, I decided to look for a cheaper option.

I went into Boots and saw the Kate Moss range by Rimmel London and they had a lovely dark red colour, shade 107 and the price was much better at £5.50 so less than half the price of the MAC one but still lovely, and the packaging is nice too, I know this isn't important to everyone but I do love nice packaging,  I was thrilled and bought it. I think reds and deep red/burgundy's are really lovely for the winter months and the lipstick looks so lovely, and is so striking that I find I don't have to make much effort with my eye make up and sometimes I have just applied a wash of a neutral eye shadow and some dark brown eye shadow under my lower lash line and a bit of mascara and then this lipstick and it is a lovely look for the winter months especially.

It is a matte formula but not drying at all, I am lucky and don't suffer with dry lips but it didn't dry my lips out at all, it stays on for hours even with eating and drinking and looks lovely, I really like it, I apply the lipstick straight from the bullet and don't use a liner with it, it looks really nice and is a lovely deep red colour. I have received lots and lots of compliments when wearing it. For the last few weeks I have worn this lipstick all the time, I am so glad I bought it and would certainly consider buying more of the Kate Moss range, the colour is lovely, the application is lovely and it lasts for hours and is a really reasonable price, just what I want in a lipstick.

The Kate Moss 107 Lipstick 

It is a lovely dark red colour ideal for winter 

And heres a swatch of the lipstick

Do you like to wear red lipsticks? Or are you like I was and always go for neutral lip colours? What are your favourite lip colours or red lip colours? I have uploaded a Top Ten lipsticks video to my You tube channel if you'd like to check that out, the link to my channel is

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x

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