Thursday 25 April 2013

DIY French Manicure

I love going to my local Beauty Salon and having a manicure and more often than not I choose a French Manicure as my polish as it goes with anything and I feel it's a classic look, but as I can't afford to go to the salon weekly I started to do my own French Manicure and found a handy and easy way of doing it, if you'd like to see how, keep reading.

The products I use

Top - Nailene White French Tip Pen 
Underneath - Rimmel Pro French Manicure in French Rose, Orly Polished Top Coat, Orly Bonder Base Coat

The easy part of this is the Nailene pen, it is so easy and dries quickly, I get mine from Asda, but they do sell them in Boots for £5.25. The one I get comes with a little bottle of clear top coat but to be honest I prefer the Orly one. And after trying many base colours for the nude look I have found the Rimmel one to be the best and it doesn't discolour the white tips like so many do. Orly are my favourite for base and top coats, they are fantastic, and keep my nails chip free for at least 7 days. I buy mine from here

How I do my DIY French Manicure and the order I use the products - 

1. I paint my nails with my Orly Bonder base coat and let it dry
2. I paint the tips of my nails with the Nailene pen, I find 2 coats gives a better finish 
3. I use the Rimmel French Rose polish, again I like to use 2 coats of this
4. I finish with my Orly Polished top coat

My nails with 2 coats of the Nailene French Tip Pen 
I find that if you make a mistake with the french tip pen, it is so easy to clean up using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover, I like to use the Muji ones as they are fine tipped. 

After 2 coats of the French Rose by Rimmel

The finished result 

I hope you found this post helpful, I am often asked how I do my own French Manicure so I thought I would share it with you, it is quick and easy, and any base and top coat can be used and nude colour for the base, it is much cheaper than going to a salon and I think it looks just as nice, maybe not as professional but still nice and goes with everything too. 
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