Sunday 7 April 2013

My MAC Lipstick Collection

Hello Lovelies,

Last week on my You tube channel I filmed my MAC lipstick collection and showed swatches of each lipstick, but when I watched it back to make sure it was ok I noticed that some of the lipsticks looked a little bit different due to the lighting, so I thought I would take some photographs of the lipsticks in daylight and write a blog post on them.

I have 13 MAC lipsticks in total, which for some will be a ridiculous amount and for some it will be nothing at all, but it is my little collection of MAC lipsticks and I love all the shades I own, some more than others but I suppose that's inevitable. I am sure my collection will grow over time and when it does I shall update you but for now I have 13, mostly pink shades, I noticed this whilst filming the video, a couple of reds a couple of corals and some other colours so as I always say on my video's, I shall crack on with the post.

The first MAC lipstick I bought was Angel a soft pinky nude toned Frost finish lipstick, I loved how easily it applied and although it was a frost finish I was happy with the staying power, and I liked how it looked nice with almost any eye look, I was sold, and there my love for MAC lipsticks was born. Out of all the brands of lipsticks I own, I have the most MAC, I like the way they apply, the colour range is fantastic and there is definitely something for everyone. One thing to be careful of though when choosing a MAC lipstick is that some of the colours look very similar to others for example Angel and Creme Cup are practically identical and I would say you don't need both.

My Pink MAC Lipsticks

From L - R
Angel, Chatterbox, Girl About Town, Going Dutch, Hot Gossip, Speed Dial, Trouble Maker (LE)

Swatched In Daylight (Please excuse the freckles)

From L - R 
Angel, Chatterbox, Girl About Town, Going Dutch, Hot Gossip, Speed Dial, Trouble Maker (LE)

Angel                          Frost finish a pale pinky nude
Chatterbox                  Amplified finish quite a bright almost Barbie pink
Girl About Town        Amplified finish, a bright fuchsia colour
Going Dutch               Frost finish soft pink
Hot Gossip                  Cremesheen finish muted pink colour
Speed Dial                   Cremesheen paler Barbie pink colour
Trouble Maker (LE)    Dazzle Finish bright pink with glitter shot through it

Coral shades, Red shades and a Nude 

From L - R
Betty Bright (LE), Costa Chic, Impassioned, Dark Side, Russian Red, Modesty 

Swatched in Daylight 

From L - R 
Betty Bright (LE), Costa Chic, Impassioned, Dark Side, Russian Red, Modesty

Betty Bright (LE)  Satin finish, a bright Coral colour 
Costa Chic             Frost finish Coral colour 
Impassioned          Amplified finish in a pink/coral neon, very bright 
Dark Side              Amplified finish in a deep red, blackcurrant colour
Russian Red          Matte finish, a blue toned true red colour
Modesty                Cremesheen, a nude colour quite browny toned

Out of all the different finishes I own, Frost definitely has the least staying power on me (approx 2 hours) and Amplified, Satin and Matte have the best (approx 6-7 hours) and Cremesheen are in the middle (approx 3-4 hours) If I apply either of the Amplified, Satin or Matte finishes to film a video I know they will still be visible and wearable by the evening, I find Amplified the nicest finish to wear of the best staying power lipsticks, I don't have dry lips but I could imagine if you did the Matte and Satin may be a little uncomfortable to wear.  Although the Frost finish colours don't have the best staying power they do last a couple of hours and can be popped into your bag to re apply if needed so it isn't a huge problem and wearing a lip liner underneath keeps the colour longer also. MAC lip liners are also amazing, I only have 3 but I love them, they apply nicely, and look amazing and are very long so will last a while too. If you would like me to write a post about the MAC lip liners please let me know. 

I hope this has given you a little insight into my MAC Lipstick collection and you like the colours I have, my favourites of the moment are Impassioned, Girl About Town and Betty Bright but that could have changed by this time next week! 

Do you own any MAC Lipsticks? What are your favourites?

If you would like to watch my MAC Lipstick collection video the link is here

You can buy MAC Lipsticks here

LE - Limited Edition

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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