Thursday 23 May 2013

Lancome Teint Visionnaire - Review

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Yesterday I uploaded a video which has been highly requested, the video is all about foundation, my favourite ones, ones I have recently got samples of purposely for the video and how to know your skin tone, are you warm or cool toned? 

One of the samples I got for the video was the Lancome Teint Visionnaire in the colour 007 Beige Rose, when asking for samples of foundation for the video I was matched by the sales assistants on the various counters, usually my daughter Cole who is a qualified make up artist would match me but so the video would be fair I was matched by the sales assistants, I wanted to show on the video that we need to be careful when being matched, I was actually matched wrong by every single sales assistant so all the sample shades I got were the wrong colour. Anyway I digress.

The packaging that the Lancome sample came in was a piece of cardboard with a plastic bit at the front containing the product with silver foil over the back to peel off, it wasn't in the usual pot. This meant that unlike all the other samples I could not keep it to show on my video so I wanted to do a separate blog post about it. 

The Teint Visionnaire is a foundation and corrector in one, the foundation is housed in the bottle as normal with the corrector housed in the lid of the foundation, there is also a mirror in the lid for on the go use although I thought the bottle looked a little bulky to carry around in your bag.

Lancome Teint Visionnaire rrp £36 
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The design of the foundation is brilliant, when you remove the silver lid containing the corrector and the little mirror which is a nice touch, there is a pump underneath for the foundation, a good design but like I said a little bulky for my liking.

My sample came with the foundation and corrector separate on the sample card as shown below which was good but I found the packaging of the sample hard to get into and hard to use the corrector but to be fair there isn't many other ways it could have been packaged I suppose. 

My sample and the Real Techniques Expert Face brush

Teint Visionnaire claims to "flawlessly even out the complexion and visibly improve the appearance of pores and wrinkles"

As I said previously the shade I was matched to was too dark but I could still get an idea of how the foundation wore throughout the day and the coverage. I applied the foundation with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, my favourite foundation brush. The coverage is a medium coverage, I have dry skin and this did cling to my dry patches and settled into my pesky fine lines but not as much as other foundations I have tried. It wore well and didn't go patchy at all throughout the day, I had it on for around 8 hours and it still looked ok when I took it off, the foundation is quite thin and did blend well, like I said I only wore it for around 8 hours so couldn't say if it would last all day. The corrector I was disappointed with, it is very thick and I knew instantly it would cake and settle in my fine lines and it did, it was hard to blend and immediately settled into any fine lines and looked terrible. 

This foundation and corrector would probably be better suited to someone with normal or combination skin, my skin is dry and I found the corrector very hard to blend it doesn't have any slip to it and even with my finger it was hard to blend, a brush was out of the question entirely. 

The Corrector and Foundation swatched

If you like a medium coverage foundation and don't have dry skin this would probably be great for you, this is targeted at more mature skin so I couldn't believe how thick the corrector was, it was obvious it would cake and settle before I'd used it. But if you don't have any pesky fine lines or horrendous dark circles this could work for you, and at £36 for a high end foundation and corrector it is cheaper than buying them separately.  

You can buy Teint Visionnaire here on the Lancome website.

Have you tried Teint Visonnaire? What did you think of it? Have you ever been matched correctly at a make up counter? 

Thanks for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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