Wednesday 12 June 2013

La Roche Posay Serozinc - Where to buy?

Hello Lovelies

As you will already be aware if you have been following my blog or watching my Youtube channel for a while, I get all my skin care advice from the amazing skin care guru Caroline Hirons. Caroline is THE only person who I go to for my skin care advice, I started to read and follow her blog around 12 months ago after my skin decided to become extremely dry, full of eczema and just generally vile due to the medication I take, I have always had dry skin and eczema but it had become much worse and no matter what I tried nothing worked, I had spent a fortune on products and was at the end of my tether. 

I emailed Caroline and she kindly helped me and I have never looked back, I consult her blog at least once a week and always when she puts a new post up, and my whole skin care routine is down to Carolines advice and it has worked, I do still have dry skin, like I said I always have had but it is much better, Caroline is lovely and if I have any questions about anything and tweet her she always replies and helps me, she's a superstar and I would love a one to one consultation with her. 

Anyway I digress as always, one of the products Caroline recommends and uses is the La Roche Posay Serozinc, a spray toner and Caroline recommends to use on top of an exfoliating toner such as  Pixi Glow Tonic which I use to give a little hydration before serum or moisturiser, I will use my Hydraluron after the Serozinc, Caroline also says it helps her from breaking out, I have dry skin like I said but it is also suitable for oily or combination skin.

I have wanted to buy Serozinc for a while but it isn't available in the UK, on Sunday night I decided to search for the much coveted Serozinc and found a Belgian online pharmacy called Farmaline who stock the Serozinc, and even better it is £8.05 which I was surprised at and thought would be more, I also found it on a French website on offer for £5.03 but it was sold out on Sunday when I ordered but is back in stock now (typical) their shipping charges were very similar to Farmaline but without ordering from them I can't comment on how fast their delivery is but if I do order from them I'll let you know how the shipping was and service etc. Farmaline charged £6.85 shipping and you can also pay via Paypal which I find so much better, no searching for the debit card!

I ordered 2 bottles of Serozinc late on Sunday night and it was delivered this morning, I was so impressed with the delivery time especially as it came from Belgium, some UK companies take longer to deliver things than that. As soon as my parcel came I was very excited at the speed it arrived I took a photograph on my iphone and then as you do I put it on Instagram.

Instagram photo
 Not the best photograph I know but I was very excited at how fast it arrived.

I cannot wait to try this product and of course once I have been using it for a couple of weeks I will be doing a full blog post on my thoughts, I think I will like it though, so far I have loved everything Caroline has recommended, she has made such a difference to my skin, well her advice has not her personally so I am really excited to try this and let you all know my thoughts, let me know if you'd like a first impressions blog post on it, I'm happy to do one for you.

It is also available from Escentual for £8.50.

A French pharmacy, Le Guide Sante also sell Serozinc, it is £4.97 (excluding shipping) on their site.

I am more than impressed with Farmaline, the communication has been amazing, they have emailed me with every step of my transaction from ordering to my parcel leaving them to it arriving in the UK and I also received a text message and an email giving me a time slot between 11.29am-12.29pm today for delivery. I am thoroughly impressed with their service and will be going back to their site to see what other goodies they have.

Let me know if you order some Serozinc, and keep your eyes peeled for a blog post coming soon!

Thanks for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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