Saturday 15 June 2013

L'oreal Resist And Shine Nail Polishes, A Bargain Find!

Hello Lovelies

Around three years ago when I wore the L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara all the time, (before L'oreal changed the formula and it started to 'blob' on me but let's not go there)  L'oreal had an offer on where you got two products for £15 and a free gift, the mascara's were around £10.99 then so I bought two and got the free gift. In the free gift one of the products was a Resist and Shine Nail Polish in the colour 455 a beautiful Coral colour with tiny gold particles in it, I instantly loved the nail polish and it quickly became a favourite of mine and still is.

Even after three years the polish still applies well and hasn't gone at all gloopy as some nail polishes do, I wore the polish a couple of weeks ago and put a picture of me wearing the polish on Instagram, I received lots of compliments and people asking about the colour and brand.

This is the photograph I put on Instagram 

The polish is lovely, I use three coats of the polish and as always use my Orly Bonder base coat and my Orly Polished or Glosser top coat, this polish is amazing and lasts well over a week without chipping, I wore it for nine days the last time I wore it. I was also wearing it in a few of my Youtube video's the same week and got lots of people asking in the comments what the polish was, I also received a lot of emails asking the same question.

I knew that L'oreal no longer sold the resist and shine polishes so I decided to go on a mission to see if I could find the lovely 455 colour or any other colours. 

I googled the polishes and found that the website Fragrance Direct sold them, and they had eleven shades to choose from, but unfortunately not 455. I googled swatches of the shades they did have and fell in love with 151 a lovely pink which if it were a lipstick would be very similar to MAC's Girl About Town, it is a nice fuschia pink perfect for the summer and the best thing about my find was the price, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the polishes were only £1.25 each! What an amazing price for such a fantastic product.

 My original Resist And Shine Polish in shade 455

My new Resist And Shine in shade 151

I was so thrilled to find the polishes and the price was a massive bonus, I ordered three of the shade 151, two for myself and the girls and because I knew my subscribers and blog readers liked my 455 so much I picked one up to put away for a future giveaway I'm going to host. 

The colour of 151 is beautiful it is a gorgeous fuschia pink not too bright or gaudy just right and would look amazing on the fingers or the toes, Lissy has been wearing it on her fingers since it arrived earlier this week and loves it and the colour is so pretty, I have gel polish on my nails at the moment so haven't tried it but can't wait to do so. 

L- 455 and R- 151

Both colours are lovely and perfect summer colours, it is such a shame I haven't found 455 but I will keep trying and of course let you know if I do find it or something very similar. The resist and shine polishes are brilliant, they apply beautifully and with ease, the colours are lovely and they don't chip for over a week on me when I use my Orly base and top coat too. I have used 455 without a base and top coat and it did last for a long time so they do have brilliant staying power and they look lovely too. Once I have had my gel polish removed I will paint them with 151 and put up an Instagram photograph.

If you would like to purchase the L'oreal Resist and Shine polish in 151 or any of the other ten colours available, you can get them from Fragrance Direct. I ordered my polishes on a Monday and they were delivered on the Wednesday using the express delivery option priced at £2.99 you can choose standard delivery option priced at £1.99 the estimated time of delivery for standard delivery option is five to seven days. I was happy with Fragrance Direct, the site is easy to use and my products arrived quickly, I also picked up an Essie polish for £1.99, they have lots of brands and the site is definitely worth a look. 

Do you have a beloved nail polish or beauty product that has been discontinued? Have you spent time trawling the internet looking for it like I did?

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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