Thursday 5 December 2013

Easy Christmas Nail Ideas #4

Hello Lovelies,

Today I have number 4 in my easy Christmas nail ideas series, a series of ideas for Christmas nail looks that won't take hours or be extremely complicated but will look great over the festive period.

Today's look is a french manicure with a difference, the nail is black and I will show you a couple of different choices for the tips however you can use whatever you have if you don't own the polishes shown.

As always I will show you the products used, how I achieved the look and a quick review of the products I used and where to buy them should you want to. I will also have the links for the other nail looks in the series linked below for you too.

Easy Christmas Nail Ideas Number 4

Products used ~

L-R Orly Bonder Base Coat, Barry M Nail Paint Black, Barry M Nail Paint Red Glitter, Orly Glosser Top Coat

The Finished Look ~

L - Using Essie Beyond Cozy ~ R - Using Barry M Red Glitter 

How to get the look ~

First of all I applied 1 coat of my Orly Bonder Base Coat then 2 coats of the Barry M nail paint in Black, letting each coat dry in-between, I then took the glitter polish and applied 2 coats to the tip of the nail, this is a lot easier than you'd imagine, I just put the brush where I wanted to start the colour from and applied it, and once the first coat was dry I then applied the second coat. Once the glitter was dry I applied a coat of my favourite top coat Orly Glosser Top Coat. 

Products Used ~ 

Orly Bonder Base Coat & Orly Glosser Top Coat - I have a full review of both the base and top coat in the first of this series so don't want to repeat myself in each part by explaining my love for these products, but they are my favourite top and base coat and I find they help my polish to last without chipping. You can find reviews and where to buy in part one of this series linked below. 

Barry M Nail Paint In Black - Barry M are a great brand for nail polish, they have so many colours and different effects to choose from and at a great price, they're not the most long lasting polish I own but I find with using my base and top coat I get around 3-5 days out of them, which is perfect for Christmas nails. 

Barry M Nail Paint In Red Glitter - This red glitter is gorgeous and distributes evenly on the nail, I hate glitters where you get a great big patch of glitter in one area and none in another, theres nothing worse, but I don't find that with the Barry M glitters, they distribute the glitter evenly on the nail, they are super glittery and look great and for a great price too, I highly recommend them. 

Essie Beyond Cozy - Although I totally forgot to include a photograph of this polish, bad blogger that I am, it is featured in number 1 in this series if you'd like to see a photograph of it, it is the colour on the left nail shown in the photograph. Beyond cozy was part of Essie's Christmas 2012 collection and is a lovely not too silver and not too gold colour that is perfect for the festive season, Essie is one of my favourite nail polish brands and I always find something I love in their collections, and this is no exception. It looks lovely with the black and was easy to apply, especially with the bigger flat brushes the Essie polishes have. 

If you haven't yet seen the other easy Christmas nail ideas in my series you can find them here -

I hope you liked number 4 in my series, if you do re create any of the ideas in my series please Tweet me a picture or email me your pictures at, I'd love to see them. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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