Thursday 12 December 2013

Easy Christmas Nail Ideas #6

Hello Lovelies

Today I have a very easy, easy Christmas nail ideas post. I recently bought the Mariah Carey 4 piece mini holiday collection containing 4 mini bottles of nail polish and when I swatched them on my plastic nail sticks I realised that they were all perfect colours for Christmas so this post should really be titled Extremely easy nail ideas number 6 because it is just polish pure and simple. But the polishes are so lovely I couldn't not show you.

First of all I have to apologise for this first photograph as it isn't mine, Cole threw my box away by accident before I had photographed it, so I have pinched this one from the John Lewis website. 

L-R (Above & Below) Visions Of Love, Warm Me Up, All Sparkly And Gold, Wonderous Star

All swatches are 3 coats

Visions Of Love ~ This is a beautiful deep burgundy red colour, really rich and creamy, I do have a couple of colours similar to this but this is so lovely, it applies well and looks really rich. It is described as a deep and majestic burgundy polish, and I have to agree, it is a lovely deep burgundy, a very classy colour too if you can have a classy nail polish. A gorgeous colour lovely for the Christmas season, and a perfect toe colour too. 

Warm Me Up ~ This was the surprise polish of the set for me because it was the polish I thought I would least like but when I swatched it, I loved it. It is described as a deep coffee brown which it is to a  point but it is more than that, it has a lovely subtle shimmer running through it and can look a deep charcoal grey in some lights too, it is a beautiful colour and really different to anything I own or have seen before. 

All Sparkly And Gold ~ This is a definite 'does exactly what it says on the tin' moment it is very sparkly and gold as the name suggests and is described as a timeless golden shimmer. It is beautiful, usually I don't go for golds and am more of a silver kind of girl but something drew me to this, it's lovely and could be worn alone as I have swatched it or over another polish, Cole currently has it over a black polish and it looks lovely. It would make a nice accent nail colour too or used for a gradient glitter look over the visions of love colour, it would also look lovely used as a tip in an alternative french manicure as shown in number 1 of this series. 

Wonderous Star ~ Out of all the polishes in the set this is my least favourite and only because the glitter doesn't apply evenly, I had to fiddle about to get the bigger specs of glitter spread evenly over the nail or plastic nail as is. I hate having to faff around trying to get glitter even on a nail and considering OPI's prices this isn't something I should have to do, after all a full size 15ml bottle of this polish is around £12-£13 and when I don't have to faff about with a £2.99 Barry M polish I shouldn't have to do it with an OPI polish either. But that said it is a lovely polish and if you take the faffing about out of the equation it looks lovely, this too would be lovely over visions of love or warm me up either over the full nail or a gradient look. 

Overall Thoughts ~ My overall thoughts on this set of mini polishes are great, I would definitely recommend buying it, all 4 polishes are beautiful and wearable, the only gripe I have is with having to faff about spreading the glitter polish evenly but I can get past that and for the sake of lovely festive nails it isn't too much of a problem at all. I love the look of all 4 polishes on my nails they are all lovely colours and perfect for this time of year, the only problem I have is choosing which one to wear! 

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If you do recreate any of the looks in my easy Christmas nails series, please tweet me a picture or tag me in one on Instagram or Facebook, I have loved seeing the looks my blog readers have recreated so far. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x 

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