Thursday 20 February 2014

My New Favourite Phone Cases

Hello Lovelies,

Recently on almost every You Tube Video I upload where my iPhone is visible I am asked where I got my phone cases from. The phone cases in question are my Moschino-esque phone cases, one is a rabbit phone case and one is a teddy bear phone case.

I had seen someone with a genuine Moschino Gennarino Bear iPhone case and I fell in love with it but since I just don't have the funds for one, I took to my little friend Google and searched for something similar, you can imagine my delight when I found some inspired by cases that looked extremely similar to the case I wanted.

I had wanted the bear case but after seeing other options (rabbit, panda, clutch) the first case I bought was the Rabbit one, I bought it just after Christmas from a UK seller on e-bay, it arrived within a couple of days despite the postal service being a little off with it being the Christmas period, I loved the Rabbit case so much I caved and ordered the Teddy Bear case a couple of weeks later so I could alternate between cases,  and who doesn't need 2 amazingly cute phone cases? I showed my girls the cases online and Cole fell in love too so I ordered her the same ones, Lissy on the other hand wasn't keen as she prefers sleek looking cases.

My Rabbit Case

My Bear Case

The inside of the rabbit case.

The inside of the bear case.

Both cases are made from a rubberised material so I'm guessing would offer some sort of protection should I drop my phone. There are holes for the camera and the so I can mute the phone should I wish, and there are buttons where the volume controls and on/off button is. 

Overall I'm really happy with both the phone cases, my bear one came with a small black mark on one of the "paws" as you can probably see from the photograph above but it doesn't bother me at all, apart from that I have no complaints. 

Unfortunately both the sellers I bought my cases from no longer list the phone cases but I have searched on e-bay for you and found 2 UK sellers and other than that there are quite a few sellers from Hong Kong and China who also stock them, obviously delivery time will be longer.

I found the Rabbit case from this UK seller for £8.29 including delivery and the Bear case from this UK seller for £8.99 including delivery should you want to order one for yourself. 

I hope this post was helpful for all the people who asked about my phone cases, let me know if you buy one and which one you get. 

Thanks for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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