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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks ~ A Review

Hello lovelies, 

Liquid lipsticks seem to be everywhere at the moment, so many brands have launched a liquid lipstick recently but one brand I seem to be hearing and seeing everywhere on blogs and You Tube channels is Bourjois and their liquid lipstick offering the Rouge Edition Velvet Liquid Lipstick. I have read so many blog posts and seen so many videos where these have received rave reviews and people saying they last hours even with eating and drinking and they get up in a morning and the lipstick is still on (slightly gross) so I decided I would yet again give in to blogger hype and try one. When I went to pick one up two shades caught my eye and I couldn't choose between them, then I noticed they were on offer for buy one get one half price and since I was paying with Boots points I bought two, things are free with Boots points are they not? 

The colours I got are Ole Flamingo and Pink Pong. Both are bright pink shades, I love a bright lip colour and both of these appealed to me immediately. Ole Flamingo is more of a red toned pink where Pink Pong is more of a blue toned pink and reminded me a little of girl about town by mac. 

Ole Flamingo

Pink Pong

Application & Wear ~ 

As you can see from the above photographs the lipsticks have a doe foot applicator, I noticed that the applicator picked up quite a lot of product and I needed to wipe some off on the side of the tube, no problem though just beware or you may end up with more than you need. I found the lipstick easy to apply without any problem at all, as with all lipsticks I applied one coat, blotted it off with a tissue and then applied another coat. I loved both the colours and found them easy to apply without any mess, I have been known to end up with these on my teeth so I would say definitely check before leaving the house, or filming a you tube video in my case, slightly embarrassing! 

The first colour I tried was Ole Flamingo.

Wearing Ole Flamingo

I wore Ole Flamingo on a day where I was going to be filming a you tube video and also my friend was visiting so I knew I would be doing a lot of chatting. I applied the lipstick at around 10 O'clock in the morning, filmed a video and chatted to my friend, spoke to Simon and the girls and generally went about my day as normal. At 6pm I asked Lissy to take a photograph of me wearing the lipstick. 

Ole Flamingo at 6pm

As you can see in the above photograph by 6pm ( 8 hours ) after I first applied the lipstick, the colour payoff was still strong, however the lipstick had started to bleed around my bottom lip, despite me not eating anything at all and only drinking through a straw. I didn't take any more photographs but I ate my evening meal at around 7.30pm and afterwards went to remove my make up, it had bled much more and around my top lip also and the colour had come off a lot but you could still see the colour. 

I then tried Pink Pong.

 Wearing Pink Pong

Again the day I wore Pink Pong I was filming a you tube video and I was also going to visit my mum in the afternoon. So again lots of chatting was on the cards, again I didn't eat during the day and only drank through a straw but the difference this time was that I had a drink mid afternoon at my mums and didn't use a straw, when I got home from my mums at around 3.30pm and asked Lissy to take a photograph.

Pink Pong at 3.30pm

As you can see from the above photograph, the lipstick had bled badly where I'd drank from the glass, it was also starting to bleed in other areas around my top lip if you look very carefully you'll see it. 

My Overall Thoughts ~

I'll start at the beginning with packaging, I didn't mind the packaging of the lipsticks, I didn't think it was amazing or particularly bad, it didn't wow me, I am a sucker for nice packaging, I wouldn't say this was nice, I'd say it's standard plastic packaging, it's ok but didn't wow me. I found the applicator picked up a lot of product so would say beware when using the product and wipe the excess off on the side of the tube as it could get messy otherwise. 

As I said I found the lipsticks fine to apply and didn't have a problem, you do obviously have to take care when applying as it is a very wet formula but I didn't have any problems, just be sure to check your teeth! With every lip product, I apply one layer, blot with a tissue and then apply another layer. 

The lipsticks felt nice on the lips they weren't drying at all, they do dry down but I thought they took longer than I expected to dry down, again once dry I didn't experience any feeling of dryness, however I don't have any issues with dry lips as a rule. 

I thought the wear time of the lipsticks overall was good but as I said I didn't eat anything and only drank through a straw and when I did use a glass the colour bled badly, this was around 4 hours after application too, I hadn't just applied the lipstick and drank from a glass, it had plenty of time to dry. The lipsticks are marketed as 24 hour wear, I wouldn't wear any make up product for 24 hours anyway but I think you may be left with a stain of colour after 24 hours but not the colour as it is on application. 

I removed the lipstick with my L'oreal make up remover and it removed without any problems at all. 

I loved the colour of both the lipsticks they were both amazing colours, Pink Pong is a gorgeous fuchsia pink colour and like I said not too different from girl about town by mac, and Ole Flamingo is more of a red toned pink, both gorgeous colours and both looked lovely and are great for the summer, I received a lot of compliments on both colours when I wore them, they are very highly pigmented and one swipe gives the deep colour you see in the photographs. 

I wanted to be wowed by the lipsticks, I had read so many rave reviews from people saying they had worn the product all day without any problems and it looked exactly the same 12 hours after applying, but unfortunately this wasn't the case for me as you can see from the photographs. Yes the colour payoff was amazing and as you can see from my photographs the colour was still amazing hours later but they did bleed, something I was really disappointed with. 

I think the shade range is also quite poor with only around 6-8 shades available, theres a red, a couple of orange tones and a nude as well as the 2 colours I picked up so not really a massive choice and I feel not something for everyone as apart from the nude the shades are all quite bold, I love a bold lip colour but not everyone does, I think I nice pale pink and maybe a nude/pink would be nice too and maybe a berry tone would be ideal shades to add to the collection. The price of these lipsticks is £8.99 I find this quite expensive for a "drugstore" lipstick, I think considering the plastic packaging they could have been at least a couple of pounds cheaper. 

Overall I wasn't wowed and wouldn't buy them again, I wasn't massively disappointed and I loved the colours and loved the wear time but the bleeding put me off massively, had I paid half the price it probably wouldn't bother me as much but for £8.99 it does, they aren't cheap and when I wear a lipstick I want to be able to put it on and go, not keep checking in a mirror to see if it's bled. 

If you would like to try one of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks you can find them here for £8.99. 

Have you tried these lipsticks? If you have let me know in the comments what you thought, be sure to check back as I always reply to all my comments/questions. 

Thanks for reading, much love

Zoe x

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