Tuesday 8 July 2014

Currently Loving - Statement Necklaces

Hello Lovelies,

I love statement necklaces, they can transform a plain outfit in seconds or take your outfit from day to night with ease, apart from being stunning they are a really handy accessory to own. I could spend hours looking online at statement necklaces so researching this post has been a dream, but not for my bank balance! And thats part of the problem with statement necklaces they aren't always the most affordable item on the high street.

Today I am going to show you some of my favourite high street statement necklaces, and also some much more affordable statement necklaces I have found for you online and am loving. And I also have an amazing Zara dupe for you too. Love statement necklaces? Keep reading.....

New Look

New Look have some stunning pieces but these 6 were my favourites. They range in price from £9.99 up to £19.99 excluding delivery, prices and links to buy are below the photograph.

1. I love peach/coral tones and this looks great against the gold chain.
2. This lovely mint green and silver combination, perfect for day or night, it is £12.99.
3. This is gorgeous, I love the multicoloured stones against the silver. It is £14.99.
4. This is the most reasonable price wise of my New Look pics, I love that it has my favourite colours in it, coral, pink and mint and not a bad price at £9.99.
5. This is the most expensive of my New Look pics but stunning all the same, I love the bright colours. It is £19.99 .
6. Last but not least this gorgeous piece with the fan detailing it's beautiful and I love pink, it is £14.99.


Accessorize have some beautiful pieces but I found them to be more expensive than New Look. I do love the 3 pieces I have chosen but as you will see further on in the post you can find some much more affordable and equally as lovely pieces elsewhere online. Again all prices and links where you can buy the necklaces are listed below the photograph.

1. I love this necklace, it has some lovely colours in it and also a nice mix of pastels and neons, I think this could be worn either in the daytime or at night, it is a little more expensive at £22.00.

2. The blue tones in this piece are beautiful, and this one really caught my eye, it is in the sale at the moment too and was £22.00 but is now £15.40.

3. I bought Alicia this piece for her birthday back in March, and it looks stunning, she receives so many compliments whens he wears it, I was hoping it might have gone into the sale but unfortunately it is still full price at £17.00.

Cheaper Alternatives 

When searching for statement necklaces online I came across some gorgeous pieces on ebay and was very pleasantly surprised at how affordable they were, I chose 3 of my favourites for you. 

1. This beautiful blue and lime green piece really caught my eye, it is almost a dupe for necklace number 5 in the New Look photograph but half the price at £8.79 (plus £1.99 p&p) it is from a UK ebay seller.

2. I love mint green, and since pastels are everywhere on the high street, this beautiful piece is sure to go with many an outfit and is a steal at under a fiver! Again it's from a UK ebay seller and a bargain at £3.99 (plus £1.99 p&p) .

3. This gorgeous multi coloured piece is lovely and bright and I think would look great with a plain black outfit. Again it's a UK seller and a great price at £6.59 (plus £1.99 p&p) .

An Amazing Dupe

And lastly I have an amazing Zara dupe for you. 

Number 1 is from Zara and priced at £19.99 (plus delivery) and number 2 is from ebay and priced at £5.98 and I cannot see any difference at all, I was so happy when I found this as I had seen this beautiful necklace on the Zara website on their new in section and loved it but £19.99 was a little too expensive, £5.98 is much more affordable and the delivery is free making this a must have buy.

Hopefully you'll have enjoyed reading this post as much I as did researching all the lovely statement necklaces, there really are some beautiful ones, I am spoilt for choice but I know I will definitely be ordering the Zara dupe, what a bargain! Now I just need to decide which others I like best, but sssshhhh don't tell Simon.

Now, where did I put my purse?

Thank you for reading, much love

Zoe x

*Image credits taken from New Look, Zara, Accessorize and ebay.

*Unfortunatley no matter what I did some of my images look blurry, hopefully this won't have spoilt the effect of the necklaces for you when reading my post.

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