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MAC Lipmixes - A Review

Hello Lovelies, 

I first mentioned MAC lip mixes last year on my You Tube channel during one of my monthly favourites videos, possibly my November favourites? And I was also very lucky to receive more colours for Christmas from my lovely girls and showed them in my what I got for Christmas video and since then I have been asked a lot to feature them in a blog post or video so I thought I'd do a review of them for you.

I love the lip mixes and find it really odd that they don't get much love or any at all on you tube or in the blogging community especially when liquid lipsticks seem to have been everywhere these last few months with a lot of brands launching their take on the liquid lipstick. 

I have 4 shades of the lip mixes, Red, Crimson, Fuchsia and White but they do come in 12 shades and can be mixed to customise your own shades so you could make many different shades from them. I like to mix my white with the other colours I have to make some lovely pink shades and it's nice because the shade you create is a totally bespoke colour that nobody else will have. The red and black shades mixed together make beautiful plum colours too, Nichole has a lot of the shades and mixes them to make the most gorgeous colours. I first fell in love with the lip mixes when Nichole used a red one, the red is a gorgeous vibrant red and unlike any other red I have, Nichole said of course I could use it and I did and it was love, and I knew I wanted to try more of them.

The colours I have and swatches

The Lip mixes I Have


As you can probably see from the swatches above, the lip mixes do look slightly different in their packaging, obviously the white and red don't but I think the fuchsia is a little brighter than it looks in the packaging and the crimson too. The amount shown on the left hand side of the photograph in the colours red and crimson would be the amount I use to fill in my lips, you don't need a lot of the product at all, a little goes a long way and although these are an expensive product at £14.50 I think they would last a long time and some of the high street or drug store liquid lipsticks I feel are expensive for example the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks, they are £8.99 which I feel is expensive for drugstore or high street make up, the lip mixes are £5.50 more expensive but in my opinion, a much better product. 

I have been asked if the lip mixes are similar to the OCC Lip Tars, but having tried both I'd say the MAC lip mixes are 100 times better, I find the lip tars to be a little streaky and hard to apply and they don't last anywhere near as long as the lip mixes, I much prefer the lip mixes and would recommend them over the lip tars any day of the week. I would also say the lip mixes are more than worth the extra £3.00 you pay compared to the lip tars, I won't go into the lip tars in this post as thats a whole other review (if you'd like one) 

What I love about MAC lip mixes

First of all, here's how MAC describe the Lip mixes on their website -

A highly pigmented cream used to mix and customise lipstick to create any colour, texture or look desired for lip colour. Contains soothing emollients to help condition the lips. Available in a wide range of shades in a creme texture. 

I totally agree with their description, the lip mixes are really pigmented and feel creamy to apply they aren't dragging at all even though they do dry down to a matte formula you can still rub your lips together with ease they aren't in any way uncomfortable. They do have a wide shade range, I think 12 shades is a good amount especially given that you can mix the colours and create so many more shades. 

They mix well and can be stored in plastic pots once mixed. I use ones I've been given when I've been given a sample from a cosmetic counter but if you don't have any of those you can buy them from eBay here for £2.50 for 6 pots including delivery. The pots can be washed and re used as many times as you like and you can use them for asking for a sample at a counter too, win win situation I'd say. 

The application of the lip mixes is easy, I use a lip brush to apply mine and would say you will need to apply them with a lip brush as I think using your finger could get very messy. They apply easily and blend out with ease too and as I said they don't drag on the lips at all, they dry to a matte formula and the lasting power is amazing, they last for hours! I haven't experienced any bleeding but if this is something you're concerned about you could use a lip liner, I recently purchased the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lip liner in Transparent, this would be great as it would go with any colour you have or whatever colour you created, but as I said I haven't had any problems at all with bleeding. 

The lip mixes don't feel drying when I wear them, but I don't have dry lips as a rule, I put this down to the fact that when I do my skin care routine I also use all my products on my lips, even my pixi glow tonic, yuk I hear you cry, but I do think this is why I don't have dry lips, but if you do you could maybe add a lip balm before or after you've applied the lip mix. I love the lip mixes and could go on all day about them, but I won't bore you, I will just say again they are good value for money, they apply well, come in a great shade range, they remove easily with a make up remover or cleanser, they last for hours, you can create so many different colours and most of all they look great.

I am always asked what lip product I'm wearing when I wear one of my lip mixes, I have some photographs of me wearing the lip mixes (apart from the white) 




Unfortunately I don't have a photograph of me wearing Crimson, so had to include a thumbnail from one of my videos, which isn't the best quality I'm afraid, but you can still see the colour. I do have a lot of blue in my lips because of some of the medication I take so it can throw colours slightly and the lighting has been appalling recently so these photographs are dark unfortunately,  but hopefully you can see from both the swatches and the photos of me wearing the products how they look. 

The only down side I can think of is that the lip mixes are a pro product so this means you can't pick them up at a MAC counter in a department store, but you can order them on line here so all is not lost,  I have ordered from the MAC website many times and never had a problem at all and the delivery only takes a couple of days. 

I have also been asked for a video showing me mixing the products to create different shades or I could take photographs and write a post showing the same thing, if you would be interested in either of those please let me know in the comments. 

I hope you enjoyed todays post, as I said I have been asked for a review type post a lot so I hope this didn't disappoint, if you have any questions at all please leave them in the comments for me and I will reply asap, I always reply to all my comments and questions. 

Do you have any of the MAC lip mixes? Would you like to try them? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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