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KORE Skincare - An Introduction And Review

KORE Skincare - An Introduction And Review

Hello Lovelies,

I'm sure you'll be aware by now that I'm a bit of a lot of a skincare geek, my interest in skin care started after me having major issues with my own skin a few years ago, I started to research and try new brands and products and quickly became really interested and I still have a real passion for it.

I have recently been trying out some products from an Australian skincare brand KORE, a brand that up until recently I hadn't heard of, but like I said I love to research and try new products and brands so this was a perfect opportunity for me to do both.

KORE skincare as I said are an Australian skincare brand, they focus on producing superior natural skincare products using their trademarked 'Kore Complex' plus natural ingredients and AHA's found in fruit and vegetable extracts, all their products are paraben free and are developed without any form of animal testing.

KORE Skincare - An Introduction And Review
KORE Skincare Luxury Starter Travel Pack* 

I received the KORE luxury starter travel pack which contained 7 products, Foaming Cleanser, Pearl Optimal Repair Cream, Pearl Gentle Exfoliator, Restorative Day Cream, Pearl Intensive Serum, Repairing Eye Cream and Pearl Revitalising Toner. 

The Products

KORE Skincare - An Introduction And Review

Foaming Cleanser - I don't usually use a foaming cleanser as I find them drying and already having really dry skin they don't work for me but I didn't find that with this one, it is more of a milk than a soapy type foaming cleanser, I added a little to my hand, mixed with water then applied all over my face and wiped away with a face cloth. When mixed with water the cleanser was a milky type consistency and applied well and was easy to remove, my skin was left feeling smooth and clean. In the booklet I received with my pack it does say the cleanser can be used to removed make up but I don't like to use my cleanser as a make up remover I take my make up off before I cleanse so I can't comment on that I'm afraid.

Repairing Eye Cream - This was one of my favourite products in the pack, it sank into my skin with ease and felt instantly hydrating, the serum definitely lives up to it's claims of being "designed to tone and hydrate" it was very hydrating and felt lovely, I only needed to use a small amount too, a little goes a long way.

Pearl Intensive Serum - I love a good serum and this one didn't disappoint, it sank into my extremely dehydrated skin with ease, containing hyaluronic acid it is perfect for dehydration but is also designed to combat signs of premature ageing too something a lady of my age certainly needs help with! 

KORE Skincare - An Introduction And Review

Pearl Revitalising Toner - Again one of my favourites from the pack I really liked this toner, I used it by spritzing onto a cotton pad and sweeping all over my face, it contains AHA's so gently exfoliates but also contains Aloe Vera so it is soothing at the same time, I loved to use the toner in a morning as it felt cooling on the skin and left my skin feeling fresh and me feeling awake, it is a lovely product. 

KORE Skincare - An Introduction And Review

Pearl Gentle Exfoliator - I haven't used a granular exfoliator for a long time, probably around 2 years now, I much prefer using an acid toner for exfoliation but I did find it quite nice to use, again as with all the products I tried, a little went a long way. It didn't feel overly abrasive on my skin or harsh at all and my skin was left feeling smooth. 

Pearl Optimal Repair Cream - I used this as my night time moisturiser but it can be used as both a day and night cream, it is a rich hydrating repair cream that moisturises and hydrates the skin, it is gentle but powerful and left my skin feeling very soft, hydrated and moisturised. 

Restorative Day Cream - Less rich than the optimal repair cream, I used this as my morning moisturiser and even though it isn't as rich as the optimal repair cream my skin still felt hydrated and moisturised, it contains vitamin E which helps the skin to feel silky smooth and mine certainly did. 

My Overall Thoughts

I liked all the products in the pack, my stand out favourites were definitely the eye cream and the toner, but I did enjoy using all the products. The products felt premium and were nice to use, I liked that they contained ingredients targeted at premature ageing and firming and brightening the skin, which is something I do look for when buying skincare, all the products were nice to use and a little product went a long way.  I liked that the products don't contain parabens, which is again something I look for and that they aren't developed using animal testing. Overall they are nice products containing great ingredients, I think the products in the pack are more aimed at anti ageing so they may not be for the very young but if you're looking for some anti ageing skincare products KORE may definitely be for you.

The Luxury Starter Travel Pack I received isn't available to purchase on it's own but comes as a free gift when you spend over £100 and is worth £62.00, it's a great little pack and was fabulous as a way for me to try the brand but would also be amazing to take on holiday. 

If you would like try some of the KORE products, you can find them online at the KORE website they also have an FAQ page which you can find here

Are you a skincare geek? Do you like trying new brands and products? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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