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Smartsun UK UV Indicator Wristbands

Smartsun UK UV Indicator Wristbands

Hello Lovelies,

I have always been very aware of staying safe in the sun both at home in the UK and on holidays abroad, in our house we always use a factor 30 sunscreen both when we're at home and out in the sun and when we're away on holidays, I am very cautious of being sun safe and always have been but more so since my godfather was sadly diagnosed with skin cancer 4 years ago. 

When I received the Smartsun wristbands I was intrigued by them, I've never seen anything like them before and couldn't wait to read the information leaflet that came with the wristbands to find out more about them. 

About Smartsun

Hailing from Sweden Smartsunare dedicated to helping people stay safe in the sun, they understand it can be hard to keep on top of sun protection especially on holiday when you're having fun and that's why they have created the Smartsun wristband, a quick and easy way to remind you when it's time to apply your sun protection. The wristbands are suitable for use in and out of both the pool and sea water. 

Smartsun UK UV Indicator Wristbands
One of the Smartsun wristbands

How The Wristbands Work

The Smartsun wristband is a one use UV indicator meaning it measures the amount of UV radiation you are exposed to over the course of the day. If you're safe to stay in the sun the wristband will stay yellow, if it's time to re apply sun protection it will change colour to beige and if it's time to stay out of the sun altogether the band will change colour to pink.

Smartsun UK UV Indicator Wristbands

How To Use The Sunsmart Wristbands

Put the wristband on first thing in the morning and apply sun cream to both your body and the wristband ( you also do this when re applying sun cream) The wristbands are adjustable to fit depending on the wrist size. 

 My Thoughts

When I first saw the Smartsun wristbands and before I'd read any of the information on them I honestly thought they would be a gimmick but after reading all the information on the wristbands I think they're a really good idea, we haven't yet been on our family holiday but one of my close friends and her family have and they kindly took a couple of the wristbands on their holiday abroad and tested the wristbands out for me, my friend has 2 small children and they loved wearing their wristband, my friend said it made things a lot easier as usually she has to tell them more than once to come out of the pool and re apply sun protection but all she had to do was say "when your wristband changes colour it means more sun cream" she said it was great when she wanted the children to come out of the pool and sit under the umbrella for a while because they could see the wrist band change colour they were happy to come out of the sun,  she was super impressed by them.

I feel they're a great idea for children, my girls used to hate having to stop playing to have more sun cream on and most children are probably the same, I think children would find the idea of the wristbands quite a novelty as my friends children did making it easier for their parents/guardians to re apply their cream, for adults I think if you were playing sports or maybe gardening or just generally busy and could potentially forget to re apply sun cream they're a great idea too, they are easy to use and comfortable to wear, you can't tell you are wearing the wristband when it's on.

I was shocked to read the facts regarding skin cancer,  my god father is extremely lucky to be alive but suffered extensive plastic surgery to his face and is severely disfigured as a result.

Overall Thoughts

Overall I think the Smartsun wristbands are brilliant and a really great idea especially for children, reading the facts on skin cancer in the leaflet provided I was horrified and I am so glad I have always been cautious with my family and staying safe in the sun. The wristbands are easy to use and comfortable to wear and I like that they can be used in both the pool and the sea too, I think they're ideal for holidays abroad and hot days at home and if I had small children I would definitely be buying some for our holiday abroad.

My only negative would be the price of the Sunsmart wristbands, in my opinion they're a bit pricey, they are £4.99 for a pack of 5 so assuming you have 2 children and are going on a 14 day holiday you'd need 6 packs costing £29.94 which for me is a lot of money but then I suppose we really can't put a price on our children's health and well being so I would pay it if it meant my children were safe in the sun and at less risk of skin cancer.

For more information visit the Smartsun website here, Smartsun also have a Twitter page which you can follow here and a Facebook page here.

To buy the Smartsun wristbands you can find them here for £4.99 for a pack of 5 wristbands.

Would you use the Smartsun wristbands?

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

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