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Too Faced Hangover Primer

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Hello Lovelies

I think you all know by now that I suffer from extremely dry and dehydrated skin, I also have sensitive and eczema prone skin, because of this I have to use a primer under my makeup, not to help my makeup last but because if I don't, my foundation clings to my desert like dry skin and starts to go patchy throughout the day because of my dehydrated skin, such a lovely combination!

I have tried so many primers over the years and finally found one that worked for me and have my "makeup skin prepping" routine down to a tee, I've used the same primer, the Smashbox Photofinish Hydrating Primer for years and for the last few months have been spritzing my skin with the Pixi Glow Mist hydrating face mist before applying my base too and both work perfectly. 

Being both a beauty addict and blogger and a reader of blogs I am always adding products to my wishlist and one product I had had on there for ages was the Too Faced Hangover Primer and since I had a Debenhams gift card that I hadn't used from my birthday in February and there was a 10% off plus 500 points if you bought a base product so it seemed the perfect time to buy it, so I did. I have been using the primer for around 6 weeks now and thought it was time I shared my thoughts on it with you. 

Too Faced Hangover Primer

What Too Faced Say About The Hangover Primer

When long days of work and late nights of play give you a beauty hangover, this is your instant cure. Hangover is a revolutionary makeup primer infused with coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers that work together to boost skin’s radiance, promote elasticity and help hydrate while locking down makeup for fresher, longer and more flawless wear. 
We harnessed the science of hydration to create a creamy, penetrating primer that acts like an energy drink for the skin by replenishing moisture levels. It can be worn alone for a dewy, healthy looking finish or under bronzers, foundations and powders to create the perfect canvas.
  • The unique combination of coconut water, probiotics and skin revivers work together to: 
  • Hydrate and brighten skin 
  • Promote skin’s elasticity and tone
  • Soothe and smooth the skin 
  • Get all the priming benefits you love while looking like you received eight hours of sleep and drank your daily dose of H2O

My Thoughts 

Firstly, I like the packaging, the box is nice and comes with lots of information on the primer and I was pleasantly surprised to take the lid off the tube and find a pump applicator, I thought it would be a standard squeeze it out application, so the pump pleased me. 

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Too Faced Hangover Primer

Too Faced Hangover Primer

The scent of the primer isn't horrible but it isn't nice either, it smells of coconut but to me it smells very artificial and considering the primer contains coconut water, I felt it could have smelled nicer but  I find it does smell a little artificial, so I was a little disappointed considering their eyeshadow palettes always smell so nice, I suppose I expected the same with the primer, don't get me wrong, you might love it, but it just smells a little plastic and false to me. 

The primer is a white lotion and a little goes a long way, the consistency I would say is similar to that of a light day moisturiser. The primer rubs in and sinks into my skin nicely and the scent doesn't linger. 

It pains me to say that I don't love the primer, I didn't experience any of the claims made by Too Faced about the primer and unfortunately I won't be re purchasing, I can hear gasps from all those who love it as they are reading this but there is a good reason for me not loving the primer, and that is that it just isn't enough for my skin, so the problem really isn't the fault of the primer but of my stupidly dry skin, when I say I have dry skin, it is really really dry, so much so it feels like sandpaper right now, at the time of writing this post it is 1pm and I applied my skin care at 7am and if I run my hand over my forehead it feels rough. 

I think if your skin is dry but on a normal level, if that makes sense, this would be a great primer, it does feel lovely on the skin but my skin is so dry it is ridiculous so it isn't hydrating enough for me, I'm hoping it will be ok for me in summer when my skin isn't quite as dry but at the moment it doesn't work for me I'm afraid. 

I will keep the Too Faced primer to one side and try it again in the summer months and stick with my Smashbox primer over the winter. I read so many blog posts and reviews online on the Hangover primer before purchasing it and so many people love it and I wanted to too. It isn't a bad product, it just isn't hydrating enough for my skin, it's hard to get across just how dry my skin is in a blog post but it really is bad, it is so dry it's ridiculous and unfortunately the Hangover Primer just isn't enough for my skin and I am so upset because I love the brand and haven't ever not liked a product from Too Faced but my skin is just ridiculous. 

If you have dry or dehydrated skin or both and your skin isn't extremely dry, I would definitely suggest you give the Hangover primer a try because it is a nice product, it applies well and feels lovely on my skin, and so many people love it but if your skin is extremely dry and you need to use a lot of hydrating products and thick moisturisers etc I would maybe give the Smashbox primer a try instead, you should be able to pick up a sample of both primers from counters. 

If you would like to try the Too Faced Hangover Primer, you can find it on the Debenhams website here priced at £27.00. 

Have you tried this primer and do you love it or are you like me and just have such dry skin it didn't work for you? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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