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MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush And Lipstick - Worth The Hype?

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush And Lipstick - Worth The Hype?

Hello Lovelies 

I have been buying MAC makeup for 20 years now, maybe a little longer and I still look forward to their new collections, I am not always blown away by them all but one of the collections I could not wait to launch last year was the MAC Mariah Carey collection which launched online 8th December 2016 and in stores 15th December 2016 here in the UK and what a beautiful collection it was. 

The collection included 2 eyeshadow quads, 4 lipsticks, 2 pro longwear lip pencils, 2 blushers, 4 lip glasses, a liquid eyeliner, 2 sets of false lashes, an extra dimension skin finish, loose body powder, a 183 body brush and a 239 eyeshadow brush so it was quite a large collection. The packaging was absolute perfection and I think is what drew people in to wanting it, it was silver sparkly and champagne gold and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle? 

Although I adored the collection and most of the products, the only products that really drew me in were the lipsticks and the blushers, I love blush and I love lipstick so it was a no brainer that they would be the products I liked the most. My daughters had told me not to buy any of the collection as they wanted to buy me something from the collection for Christmas so I did as I was told and didn't pick anything up which was hard when I kept seeing photographs of everyones purchases on Instagram.

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush And Lipstick - Worth The Hype?

However when Christmas day arrived, I was absolutely thrilled to find my girls had bought me one of the lipsticks and one of the blushers. I have been using both for the last few weeks and thought I would share my thoughts on what has to be one of the most hyped MAC collections of all time and let you know if I think it is worth the hype that surrounded it.

MAC Mariah Carey Sweet Sweet Fantasy Blush

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush And Lipstick - Worth The Hype?

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush And Lipstick - Worth The Hype?

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush And Lipstick - Worth The Hype?

The packaging of the blush is absolutely stunning, even the box is nice! The box is champagne gold and silver sparkly with the Mariah signature and MAC Mariah Carey inscribed on it. The actual blush packaging is pretty but I would have preferred it to be silver sparkly instead of champagne gold, it is still beautiful though. The blush has champagne gold packaging with a clear lid with the same Mariah signature and MAC Mariah written on it in gold. 

The Sweet Sweet Fantasy blush is a gorgeous bright pinky coral shade with a semi matte finish, it has a very subtle sheen which looks absolutely beautiful on the skin. The blush applies effortlessly without fallout and isn't powdery at all, it wears extremely well,  I have worn it for over 8 hours and not experienced any fading at all.

The blush is very pigmented so I use a light hand when applying it, it looks lovely on the skin and doesn't accentuate any pores, I love the semi matte finish, I have chosen to wear matte blush for a long time over other finishes as I felt I preferred them, but this semi matte finish is absolutely stunning and has just the right amount of sheen for me and has definitely changed my mind on wearing a matte blush over other finishes.

MAC Mariah Lipstick in Dahhlinggg!

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Lipstick in Dahhlinggg!

The packaging of the lipstick in Dahhlinggg! has to be the nicest lipstick packaging in my whole collection, it is stunning, the box is again champagne gold with silver sparkle and the same signature and writing as the blush, but the actual lipstick packaging is pure silver sparkle with a champagne gold insert and the mariah signature on it, the lipstick bullet has a butterfly embossed on it and is extremely pretty. 

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Lipstick in Dahhlinggg!

Dahhlinggg! is a cremesheen finish meaning it is moisturising with a slightly glossy finish, MAC cremesheen isn't my favourite finish but it is nice and moisturising and lasts well on me. Dahhlinggg is a peachy pink shade with warm undertones and is very pale, it has a semi-opaque finish and is buildable, I wore the lipstick for 4 hours before having to re apply. 

Dahhlinggg! is very pale and is a tad too pale for my complexion so I have been wearing it with a nude/pink lip liner underneath, my 2 favourite lip liners to wear with it are MAC Soar and Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, they both compliment the lipstick really well and look lovely worn underneath the lipstick, all over the lip. Dahhlinggg! feels lovely on the lips and is nice and moisturising, it doesn't bleed or feather at all and wears away nicely too. 

MAC Mariah Carey Collection Blush & Lipstick Swatches

Overall Thoughts & Is the collection worth the hype?

I absolutely adore the packaging of both the blush and the lipstick, I would as I said have preferred it if the blush had had the same sparkly packaging as the lipstick, but the champagne gold is still very pretty, I have kept the products in their boxes too and they look so pretty in my collection.

Sweet Sweet Fantasy blush is absolutely stunning and the shade is right up my street, I love bright coral/pink shades and this is perfect and I adore the semi matte finish, it is beautiful and a shade I can wear all year round, that looks lovely with many different eye and lip combinations. 

Dahhlinggg! although a little too pale for me when worn alone, may look better when I am tanned in the summer, but it does look beautiful when worn over a deeper nude/pink liner as I have been choosing to wear it, it feels lovely on the lips and doesn't bleed or feather at all and feels moisturising and very comfortable to wear. 

I really love both the blush and the lipstick and know I will get a lot of wear out of them, I definitely think both products are worth the hype, the packaging is absolutely stunning and both are beautiful products that can be worn all year round and look lovely with many different makeup looks. 

Sometimes with limited edition products, especially ones with stunning packaging, the products aren't always wearable or very good for that matter but these are both extremely wearable and excellent products, my favourite of the two is most definitely the blush but I love both products and am extremely happy to have them in my collection. 

Sometimes MAC re launch products into other collections or they add them into their permanent line and if that is the case with Sweet Sweet Fantasy and Dahhlinggg! I would highly recommend picking them up and if you do happen to see them in the stunning Mariah packaging, snap them up! 

Debenhams do have a couple of products still available from the MAC Mariah Carey collection, if you would like to check them out, you can do so via this link

Did you pick anything up from the MAC Mariah Carey collection? Do you think it's worth the hype? Chat with me in the comments and let me know. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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