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Foundation Brush V's Complexion Sponge

Makeup Test - Foundation Brush Or Complexion Sponge? With Brush Works

Hello Lovelies

A couple of years ago I discovered complexion sponges or makeup sponges as they are also known, since then I have tried a few different sponges from a different brands from budget to high end and I have a couple of favourites, one of which comes from the brand Brush Works

Since using complexion sponges, I have rarely used a brush to apply my foundation so today I am going to put both a foundation brush and a complexion sponge to the test, both from Brush Works and set them against each other in a little test and see which one comes out on top for me, will it be the complexion sponge or the brush? 

Makeup Test - Foundation Brush Or Complexion Sponge? With Brush Works

Makeup Test - Foundation Brush Or Complexion Sponge? With Brush Works

Makeup Test - Foundation Brush Or Complexion Sponge? With Brush Works

The foundation brush I used is a Brush Works standard flat foundation brush, the handle is a nice length and the head of the brush a nice size too, I like that it is duo fibre as I find these brushes usually work well for me. The brush head is a nice size, not too big or small and it feels incredibly soft, I like the colours of the brush too, the black handle is classy and the purple ferrule makes a nice change from silver which you would normally find on a makeup brush. 

My foundation applied well using the brush, the brush was brilliant for using under and around my eyes and around my nose. I didn't find I was left with brush strokes on my face and the brush feels very soft on my skin, I hadn't used a brush for such a long time to apply my foundation but I have really enjoyed using the brush and am loving the flawless finish it gives me. 

Makeup Test - Foundation Brush Or Complexion Sponge? With Brush Works

Makeup Test - Foundation Brush Or Complexion Sponge? With Brush Works

The complexion sponge I used looks a bit like a purple egg with a waist, it has a more pointed end and a bigger rounded end and is tapered at the middle. It is easy to hold and expands when wet, it feels lovely and soft on the skin and does an excellent job of applying and blending my foundation. I use the pointed end to apply and blend my foundation around and under my eyes and around my nose and use the rounded, larger end to apply and blend my foundation on my forehead and cheeks. I like that the sponge doesn't absorb too much product so didn't waste my foundation and my foundation applied really well and blended out well onto my skin and gave a beautiful flawless finish. 

Overall Thoughts & Which Do I Prefer?

I absolutely loved using both the brush and the sponge and both gave me a nice flawless finish to my foundation, both wash and dry really well and keep their shape and the brush hasn't shed at all, even when washing. 

The brush is a nice size and gets into all the crevices on my face and the sponge is lovely and soft and I love that it doesn't soak up my foundation like other sponges I have tried. The sponge is very soft and feels lovely on my skin and the brush bristles are lovely and soft and feel lovely too and they are both very affordable and perform just as well as much more expensive tools I have in my collection. 

It is quite a hard choice but for me the Complexion Sponge wins for the simple reason that I have gotten used to using a sponge to apply my foundation and it felt quite alien to me to use a brush again, but that is the only reason that I would choose the sponge over the brush, in terms of application and finish they are equal and there is no winner, they are both incredible for applying foundation and I enjoyed using them both equally.

It has been really interesting putting the brush and the sponge to the test against each other, I think we all get so used to doing things a certain way and years ago it was such a strange concept for me to use any kind of brush to apply my foundation as I'd always used my fingers, then I got used to using a flat foundation brush, then I moved onto buffing type brushes and then onto the complexion sponges and I fell in love with using the sponges that I have, and over the last couple of years I haven't gone back to using a brush so it has been nice this last few weeks using a brush again and putting the brush and the sponge up against each other. 

Brush Works brushes and complexion sponges are some of the best brushes and sponges I have in my collection and always perform brilliantly, they are such an affordable brand too and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

If you would like to try both the foundation brush and the complexion sponge, you can find the Foundation Brush here priced at £5.99 and the Complexion Sponge here priced at £4.99. 

Which do you prefer? A brush or a sponge? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always 

Zoe x

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