Saturday 18 February 2017

Gosh Brand New SS 17 Collection

Gosh Brand New SS 17 Collection

Hello Lovelies, 

You may have seen on my Instagram account earlier this week that I received a box of goodies from the makeup brand Gosh

I had received an email with an invitation to the Gosh SS17 event on in London, but due to health reasons I couldn't attend and had to decline the invitation. The lady who invited me had said she thought it might be too much for me due to my health but they'd love to see me, which I thought was kind because although I have worked with Gosh previously, she had obviously taken the time to check out my blog to know about my health. When I declined the invitation she said she would send some products my way, which I thought was lovely of her. 

I never in my wildest dreams expected what arrived, when I opened the box and saw the amount of products I was overwhelmed, and it completely blew me away! I popped a photo of the box up on my Instagram account and my Facebook page and so many people said they couldn't wait to see what was inside. Since then I have been thinking of ways to share the contents with you and today I am going to do just that. 

Because there is such a lot of products in the box, they wouldn't all fit onto a flatlay photograph which is a bit of a pain so my lovely daughter Lissy who kindly takes my photographs has tried her best to get at least one of each item in the flat lay and I am going to tell you about the collection and what's included in it. 

About The Collection

The main focal point for the collection is the Nordic/Danish beauty of nature, still taking a nature approach but shifting the view to the urban nature landscape finding inspiration from the greening of cities, environment friendly buildings and architects efforts to replicate nature to streamline energy use and optimise utilisation of resources. Gosh are inspired by the power of people and a no norm attitude, the echo of social media and the peoples tone of voice is escalating and are influencing every day life - also our norms of makeup. 

The new hero Nordic ingredient for SS17 is the Dandelion Flower, a true rebellious flower, a weed but also a flower growing in all areas of the world bringing beauty and beneficial ingredients to humankind, a real flower for rebel wishing. 

Beauty silhouettes and no norms for a #beautiful you. 

What The Collection Includes

Liquid Matte Lips - available in 8 shades - RRP £8.99

Velvet Touch Matte Lipstick - available in 5 shades - RRP £7.99

Volume Serum Mascara - available in Black - RRP £13.99

Eye Xpression 4 in 1 Eyeshadow Palette - available in 3 shades - RRP £8.99

CCC - Contour, Cover, Conceal - available in 2 highlight and 4 contour shades - RRP £9.99

Lumidrops - available in 2 shades - RRP £8.99

Giant Pro Kajal - available in Black - RRP £7.49

Giant Pro Double Liner - available in Black - RRP £10.99

Infinity Eye Liner - available in 6 shades - RRP £6.99

Those are all the products included in the SS17 collection, hopefully that explains why they won't all fit on a single flatlay photograph. It is hard enough trying to take a flatlay of 8 liquid lipsticks alone without all the other products too, there were too many products to fit on one flatly so it was just impossible. 

I am going to be posting reviews including swatches of all the products in the collection and also creating a look using the products, if there are any products you would like to see first on my blog, please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to feature the items in the order that is most requested and as I said, once I have had a good chance to try everything out a few times and see how everything applies, wears etc etc, I shall be back with reviews asap. 

I hope this post has answered the question of what was in the box as I know a lot of people wanted to know, I can't wait to try every single product, I have already tried some products and so far the products I have tried, have been incredible and I can't wait to share them all with you soon.

If you can't wait for my posts and want to take a look at the products, you can find the SS17 collection on the Gosh website here and the Superdrug website here.

Thank you so much for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x

✿ Post contains PR Samples or Gifted Products

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