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Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Hello Lovelies

I love anything nail related, there isn't a haul post on my blog that doesn't include at least one nail polish or product, so when I received some of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails to try, I couldn't wait to use them. 

I love painting my nails and I also love having a gel manicure, whether it's a DIY gel that's done using my own kit at home or if I visit my local salon, I love the way gel nails look. 

I received two packs of the Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails, one is a rich deep brown shade, named Ab Fab and one is black with teal and turquoise sparkle, named Painted Veil. 

Painted Veil - £6.99

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

The Painted Veil nails come in a cardboard box packaging with a clear window showing 8 of the nails and the nails claim to be a ready to wear, gel look nail. Also inside the box are the rest of the nails,  24 in total and all different sizes to suit different sizes, a small tube of pink nail glue, 24 sticky double sided nail pads, a small orange stick and a small nail file. 

You can apply the nails two different ways, either using the sticky pads or the nail glue, there are instructions on the back of the packaging but inside there is also an instruction leaflet. 

Ab Fab - £6.99

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

The Ab Fab nail kit is exactly the same as the Painted Veil and contains exactly the same products apart from there being 28 nails and 28 double sided sticky pads in this kit rather than the 24 in Painted Veil. 


I decided the best way to try out the two different application methods, would be to apply the nails to one hand using the double sided sticky pads, and the other hand using the nail glue. 

I filed my nails and trimmed my cuticles before applying the nails and chose the nail sizes suitable to my nails, there are different sizes of nails included which I thought was really useful because not all sizes fit everyone. It does state in the instructions that the nails are numbered but the numbers were so small I couldn't read them, however once I had chosen a nail for each finger, it was easy to find another nail the same size for my other hand. 

I applied the double sided sticky pads first of all and didn't peel off the top layer, I then applied the hand I was using the glue with, I followed the instructions and applied the glue to the nail and then pressed the nail onto my nail for a few seconds to secure it in place, it didn't take me too long to apply all 5 nails. 

Next I peeled off the first sticky pad layer and stuck the nail down, holding in place for a few seconds, I then carried on and did the same with all the nails. It took me around 40 minutes to apply the nails to both hands, but please bear in mind I do struggle with my hands due to my medical condition so it wouldn't normally take so long and I would imagine you could apply the nails in around 15 minutes. 

The Finished Look

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Kiss Gel Fantasy Nails

Overall Impressions

I really liked the look of the nails, the colour is amazing and they have a beautiful shine and do look just like gel nails, Ab Fab are a deep brown shade, I did think they looked more of a deep burgundy in the pack and I wouldn't have ever chosen that shade but it looked lovely and I do really like it having worn the nails. The Painted Veil set are stunning and I received a lot of compliments on them and people asking me how I achieved the look, I love that they feel smooth to touch even with the glitter, both sets are beautiful.

I did find the nails a little long though, the brown ones are short length and the black are medium so the black were longer than the brown and I felt were too long for me but they are lovely and look lovely on and for an occasion they do look amazing. I did manage to go about my day to day life wearing both shades of the nail but I don't go out to work and because of my health I don't do an awful lot so it is worth mentioning because they are long, the brown are a lot more manageable so if you feel you would struggle, I would choose the short length rather than the medium. 

I found the hand that I had used the glue on lasted the longest, but to be honest I thought it would. I applied the nails on a Sunday morning and the hand I used the double sided sticky pads on lasted 48 hours, I lost 4 of the nails on the Tuesday. I did decide the leave the nails on my other hand to see how long they would last but I had an appointment on the Wednesday and couldn't go with one hand of nails on, so I removed them on the Tuesday night but they would have lasted longer. 

I put a photograph up on my Instagram account of me wearing the Ab Fab set, I had a lot of comments on the photograph and not one person thought they were false nails, I had comments saying how lovely my nails looked but nobody realised they weren't my nails, which I think is really good because it shows how natural they looked. I thought the nails looked like I had been to the salon and had a gel manicure but a gel manicure at my salon is £30.00 and the nails are £6.99 and because of how many nails are in the packet, means I will be able to wear them more than once and I did keep the nails I had worn with the sticky pads and I have been able to remove the sticky pads so will be able to re use those too. So much more affordable than me going to the local salon for a gel manicure and kinder on my nails too. 

Overall I really like both sets of the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails and I would recommend them, they are affordable and there are plenty of size options and I think they wore well and lasted well, should I have used the glue on both hands I am sure they would have lasted a lot longer so if you want them to last I would use the glue but for an occasion or if you only want them to last a day or two, I'd use the sticky pads. I haven't used false nails for so many years and to be honest I don't ever look at them or think of using them but having used the Gel Fantasy nails, I would definitely consider buying more for an occasion or for my holidays etc, it's a great way of having really lovely nails without paying salon prices. 

If you would like to try the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails, you can find the Ab Fab set on the Superdrug website here or the Painted Veil set here, the Superdrug website also has other Kiss nails available here

Have you tried the Kiss Gel Fantasy nails? Do you wear false nails? And which out of the two sets of mine do you like best? Let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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