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Style Freedom Hair Products

Style Freedom Hair Products

Hello Lovelies
My hair has been a bit of a lot of a nightmare over the years, since having my youngest daughter, my hair has been incredibly oily and I also lose a lot of hair due to my medical conditions, and the medication I take takes it's toll on my hair too, so all in all, it's been a bit of a roller coaster over the years and I have tried countless shampoo's to try to help with the numerous problems I have. 

Because of my hair being so ridiculously oily, I have been known to shy away from trying hair products and treatments but I recently received some hair treatments and styling products from the brand Style Freedom and when I saw what they were, I was really eager to try them because all of them seemed targeted at problems I have with my hair. I couldn't wait to try them out and see if they would help with my troublesome locks. 

Style Freedom are a new haircare brand sold In Superdrug, they have 4 different ranges of hair product, Foundation, Creation, Finish and Revival and I received some products from the Foundation and the Creation ranges. The Products I received are the Hair Detox Kit and the Detangler from the Foundation range and the Super Root Volumiser from the Creation range. 

Hair Detox Kit- £7.99

Style Freedom Hair Products

Style Freedom Hair Products

The Hair Detox Kit (£7.99) is a 2 part hair treatment containing Green Tea, Citrus and Vitamin E. It is a weekly detox treatment that gives your hair a fresh start and unlocks it's full potential, the detox kit is suitable for all hair types. The detox kit comes in 2 parts, part 1 which is the purifier and part 2, the revitaliser. 

Using shampoo containing silicones and polymers can create build up on the hair shaft, this combined with using heated appliances, styling products and environmental factors, our hair can start to look limp and lifeless, become hard to style, produce excess oil, appear greasy and need washing more often and our hair becomes in need of a detox. The Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit is a 2 part system that firstly uses ingredients including Green Tea and Citrus to detoxify the hair shaft and remove all impurities from the hair and secondly replenishes and nourishes the detoxed hair using Shea Butter and Vitamin E to renew strength and vitality. 

Style Freedom claim that by using the detox kit once a week the hair will be purified and revitalised, have improved appearance and styling and have increased growing ability due to strength and quality. 

Using The Hair Detox Kit

Style Freedom Hair Products

Part One - The Purifier is the first step in the hair detox, hair should be wet but not washed or conditioned and then towel dried, then the purifier applied to the mid lengths and ends and worked up towards the roots, add some water and work into a lather and then leave for 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly and towel drying. 

Style Freedom Hair Products

Part Two - The Revitaliser - apply to towel dried hair on the mid lengths and ends and work up, once applied using a wide toothed comb, comb the hair through and leave the treatment on for 5 to 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly, towel dry and style as normal. 

My Thoughts

To be honest I was really dubious the first time I used the Hair Detox Kit, I suffer with extremely oily hair, it is so oily that even if my hair is washed in the morning, it can be oily by 6pm, it is that oily. I was concerned because part 2 of the detox contains Shea Butter, I thought this would be a deep condition, and my hair would be a complete grease ball mid afternoon because usually I can't use conditioner at all. 

To put the detox kit through it's paces, the first time I used it I made sure my hair was super greasy, it hadn't been washed for 3 days, was full of dry shampoo and hairspray, so my hair really was full of product and resembled an oil slick. 

After using step one, my hair felt squeaky clean and then after step two, it felt incredibly soft, my hair was towel dried and then dried and styled as normal which is basically dried off with the hair dryer and then straightened. I was so shocked at soft my hair was, my hair felt absolutely incredible and I honestly don't think it has ever felt as soft, and my hair was shiny too which isn't often heard of being blonde. I couldn't stop touching my hair and even made sure Simon and the girls had a good feel of my locks. Another great thing is that my hair smelled lovely too, not over bearing but just nice and fresh. 

And now is the part where I eat humble pie for being dubious about the Hair Detox making me look like a grease ball by mid afternoon, I didn't at all look like a grease ball, not one little bit and in fact the day after I was able to wear my hair down again and just use a minimal amount of dry shampoo at my crown, this is unheard of for me, I can never go 2 days without washing my hair, ever. I was absolutely bowled over by the results of the Hair Detox Kit and have told everyone I know about it, it is amazing and I highly recommend it, it makes such a difference. 

Detangler - £7.99

Style Freedom Hair Products

Style Freedom Hair Products

The Style Freedom Detangler is a leave in conditioner for those who suffer from tangled hair, it can be used on both wet and dry hair and is particularly suitable for those with long or curly hair or children's hair. It provides shine and softness without buildup, is non greasy and is paraben free, doesn't contain any waxes, mineral oil or sodium chloride. 

Style Freedom Hair Products

To use the Detangler hair must be washed and towel dried and the Detangler shaken and then sprayed from root to tip, combed through and either left to dry naturally or dried and styled as normal and used daily for best results. 

My Thoughts

When my hair is wet after being washed and towel dried, it is extremely knotted. I have no idea why, because my hair is thin and naturally straight but for some reason when it has been washed and towel dried, it becomes very tangled and knotted and is really hard to brush through, so before trying the products I was looking forward to trying the Detangler most out of all the products I received. 

The first time I tried it my hair had been washed and towel dried and the Detangler shaken and sprayed from the roots of my hair to the tip, my hair was then brushed through, my hair is always very difficult to brush through, but the Detangler does do exactly what it says on the tin and my hair brushed through so much easier after using it. The Detangler has a lovely fresh scent, it smells really lovely, the scent doesn't linger on the hair but it does smell lovely. 

I had the same reservations about my hair becoming oily very fast after using the Detangler but again it didn't at all and my hair looked fresh and clean all day and not oily. My hair feels lovely and soft after using the Detangler, it makes life so much easier when my hair has been washed and I now use it every time my hair is washed. This would be an excellent product for using on childrens hair too as it really does make the hair easy to brush through, my hair goes from a birds nest to super smooth in no time at all and if you're like me and have super tangled hair I would highly recommend the Detangler or if you have little ones and struggle to brush through their hair. 

Super Root Volumiser - £7.99

Style Freedom Hair Products

Style Freedom Hair Products

Style Freedom Hair Products

The Super Root Volumiser gives super lift at the roots and creates full volume. It is suitable for all hair types but in particular fine, flat and limp hair that lacks body. The Super Root Volumiser is a styling product which is applied to washed and towel dried hair, applied to the roots and any other areas of the hair which appear flat or limp, blow dry the hair to activate the Root Volumiser and achieve the desired style. 

My Thoughts

My hair is long and thin and also flat, it wouldn't know volume if it slapped it in the face, as I said earlier my condition and medication have really taken their toll on my hair and it being so thin and flat is one of the things that I hate about my hair, I just can't do anything with it. My hair isn't ever blow dried, it is basically just blasted off with the hair dryer, there isn't any point doing anything else, it is far to thin and limp to do anything, so I was super excited to try out the Super Root Volumiser after having such amazing results with the Hair Detox Kit and the Detangler. My eldest daughter is all about the big hair look but her hair falls out and she struggles to get some volume or if she does get any volume it doesn't stay, so she asked if she could try the volumiser too. 

The Super Root Volumiser is a mousse type product that is applied to damp, towel dried hair before blow drying. It is white in colour and reminds me of a regular styling mousse, the mousse sprays out of the nozel type applicator on the can well and applies nicely and evenly to the hair and doesn't leave the hands feeling sticky. 

I don't ever have my hair blow dried, it is just dried with the hair dryer and whoever is drying my hair brushes my hair through with a brush at the same time, and uses the brush to smooth my hair under at the front a little, there isn't any kind of technique used, I am unable to blow dry my own hair due to health reasons so I just have my hair dried and straightened and that's it, so because of this, I wasn't expecting any kind of great results to be honest. 

The first time I used the volumiser, I was pleasantly surprised when my hair was dried that it did have more volume, it wasn't huge but it didn't look flat and limp as it usually does. Simon straightened my hair and then my youngest daughter came in and did a little brushed and she used her hands to push my hair up a little from underneath and my hair did look like it had much more volume, especially at the roots,  we were both really surprised, so much so, my daughter said "can I use this?" 

Despite not having my hair styled as such, my hair did still have a lot more volume and looked so much more voluminous. I have also worn my hair in a bun and a pony tail after using the mousse and the front of my hair, which would normally lie flat, does have volume to it, I am so pleased but mainly impressed as I didn't think my hair would or could look like that considering it is so flat and thin and because I don't have it blow dried into a style. 

My eldest daughter has also been using the Super Root Volumiser and she is seriously impressed too, she for the most part, curls her hair but she said even when she wears it straight her hair looks so much fuller and the volume at her root is "fabulous" in her words. 

Overall Thoughts

I am seriously impressed with all 3 products from  Style Freedom, none of the products have caused my hair to become oily any faster than it would normally and the Hair Detox Kit keeps the oil at bay which is amazing and unheard of for me. My favourite product out of the 3 would have to be the Hair Detox Kit, it is incredible and I feel like I am being pampered once a week and my hair feels and looks like I have been to have a salon treatment. I do love all the products though and will continue to use them all, my daughters both use the Super Root Volumiser too now and they both really like it, neither of them has a need for the Detangler but I love it and it is a staple for me when my hair has been washed, I don't need to use it after the Hair Detox Kit because my hair is left feeling lovely and soft and brushes through with ease but I do use it every time my hair is washed normally. 

I have been using the products for almost 3 weeks now and am very happy with them and I will definitely be re purchasing, I can't recommend all 3 products enough and all are affordable and available either on line or in store from Superdrug. If you would like to try the products I have reviewed today, you can find them on the Superdrug website, the Hair Detox Kit here, the Detangler here and the Super Root Volumiser here and at the time of writing, the Style Freedom range is currently on a buy one and get the second product half price offer, so a perfect time to try these products and any other products from the Style Freedom ranges. 

Have you tried these products? Would you like to try any of them? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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