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Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo With Activated Charcoal

Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo With Activated Charcoal

It's no secret that I suffer with really oily hair, so oily that I can have my hair washed in a morning and by that evening it has started to look oily. My hair became oily after my youngest daughter was born, before that my hair was normal so I have always put the shift of hair type down to the hormonal changes in pregnancy, but my hair has never returned to it's normal type and remained oily.

Over the last 20 years I think I have tried almost every shampoo and hair product for oily hair, some have been brilliant but some diabolical, I still always try any new products that launch or if someone recommends something I haven't tried, anything to get more than 1 day out of my hair. I particularly like to use detox or clarifying shampoo's as I find these work best with my hair.

When I received the Style Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo (£13.95) by Sexy Hair, I couldn't wait to try it. I have tried a few different products by Sexy Hair and I have liked everything I have tried and have re purchased some of the products I have tried, so I had high hopes for the detox shampoo. 

Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo With Activated Charcoal

Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo With Activated Charcoal

What Sexy Hair Says About The Shampoo

Colour Safe Detox Shampoo is the ultimate hair cleanser to ensure a fresh, clean start! This mild clarifying shampoo helps gently eliminate impurities and product residue that can cause dull, dry, limp or discoloured hair through the power of Activated Charcoal. It helps remove product buildup and minerals from the hair in a gentle manner to keep hair colour fresh for longer.

• Gentle Surfactant System - no SLS & SLES added, gently eliminates dirt and product buildup, keeps hair moisturised, safe for colour treated hair.

• Conditioning Agents - Weightless conditioning agents, increases combability, reduces breakage & fly aways.

• Activated Charcoal Powder - Gently eliminates oils, impurities and product residue that can cause dull, dry, limp or discoloured hair. Purifies, balances and moisturises hair.

My Thoughts

I have tried a few different products from Sexy Hair now and I really like their shampoo packaging, the bottles open by clicking one side of the lid to open the other side, I personally prefer this than having a cap to take off. 

Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo With Activated Charcoal

The shampoo is transparent but has a pale grey tinge to it, I did wonder if it would be black like other charcoal beauty products I have tried but it isn't. The shampoo smells nice and fresh but isn't overly scented, the shampoo lathers up really well and rinses out with ease. The first time I used the shampoo my hair was really in need of a wash, I'm suffering with something called severe spontaneous chronic urticaria at the moment which is a very bad rash, I have had it for 3 and a half months now but it can be all over my face and head meaning having my hair washed is very painful and some days I can't even bear to have it brushed, so at the moment my hair isn't being washed as often as it would be, and I am using a lot of dry shampoo.

The first time I used the detox shampoo, my hair hadn't been washed for a week, it was extremely greasy and full of dry shampoo, it was gross (apologies if you're eating) and normally my hair wouldn't ever be in that state but because of the rash it couldn't be helped and to be fair, it was a great test of the shampoo. My hair was washed once and rinsed and then towel dried, to be honest I thought it might have been better if it had been washed twice but I thought I'd see how it was after just one was. Once my hair had been dried, I couldn't believe how clean it was, it didn't need two washes and was super clean, after it had been straightened, my hair looked lovely, clean and shiny and was super soft too.

Having blonde hair it doesn't often look shiny but it had a lovely shine to it, usually if I wash my hair with a normal shampoo, my hair can be washed in a morning and greasy by the same evening and if not the same evening, it will definitely be greasy the following morning and need some dry shampoo before putting in a messy bun. The first time I used the Detox Shampoo, my hair was washed in the morning and the following morning wasn't greasy at all, I managed to have it straightened again and wear it down and then the following morning it was a little greasy around my hair line at the front and at my crown but a bit of dry shampoo and a messy bun later and it looked fine, meaning I could skip a day between washing.

Both my daughters have been using the shampoo too,  my youngest has mid brown hair and her hair is so shiny, I haven't ever seen it so shiny and she said her hair hasn't ever been that shiny, it looks amazing and so healthy, my youngest also suffers with oily hair and she finds she can miss a day of washing her hair with this shampoo too. My eldest daughter is blonde and her hair is bleached so it doesn't get oily, but she uses a lot of hairspray and product in her hair and loves how clean and shiny her hair looks after using the shampoo, so it's been a big hit with both my daughters too.

The shampoo has also lasted really well, 3 of us have been using it for the last 5 weeks and we still have enough left for a couple of washes each, so the bottle will last approximately 6 weeks with 3 of us using it which isn't bad at all, a little bit really does go a long way. I also love that the shampoo is suitable for coloured hair, so many detox shampoo's aren't and can strip the colour but this is colour safe so I didn't have to worry about my colour, but of course you don't have to have coloured hair to use it.

Overall I am really happy with the Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo, it is a great shampoo, especially if you use lots of product and want super clean hair, or if like me you have oily hair, it is brilliant for being able to skip a day between washing, and it leaves your hair super shiny and looking amazing too. It's a really great product and as I type this post, my youngest daughter has another bottle on her after work shopping list, to buy later today,  it isn't the cheapest shampoo on the market, but it's so good and our hair looks and feels fabulous so in my opinion, it is definitely worth it.

If you would like to try the Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo With Activated Charcoal, you can find it here.

Have you tried the Sexy Hair Detox Shampoo? What's your favourite Sexy Hair product? Let me know in the comments section below. 

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