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The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

I have the worst eyebrows known to man, they don't grow but they grow little fluffy hairs between my brows and strangely just around the tail of my left eyebrow, these are so small and fluffy they can't be plucked with tweezers,  I have used a battery operated brow shaper that I've had for years and had definitely seen better days to "shave" the fluffy area's in between having my brows waxed and tinted. I also used it to keep Simon's brows tame, much to his disgust, he is a wuss and won't let me pluck his brows so I have to use the shaper on them, men eh?! 

My brow shaper is almost as old as me, well ok not quite, but I've had it years and it has definitely seen better days, so when I was asked if I would like to try out the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler I was thrilled, it looked amazing from the information I was sent out and I was really looking forward to trying it, I have now been using the styler for a few weeks and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on it with you. 

What Is The Veet Precision Beauty Styler? - £23.99

The Veet beauty styler is the first device from Veet specially tailored to gently trim and precisely shape your sensitive body parts, such as eyebrows, bikini, upper lip, sideburns and underarms. Not only does it cut and shape hairs without discomfort, it also helps avoid unsightly red bumps. 

The Contents Of The Veet Precision Beauty Styler

* 1 x Beauty Styler
* 1 x 2 Sided precision head for optimum eyebrow shaping
* 1 x  Bikini trimming head
* 2 x  Comb attachments
* 1 x  Styler cap
* 1 x Cleaning brush
* 1 x  Beauty pouch
* 1 x AA Battery included 

Using The Veet Beauty Styler

The first thing I noticed about the Veet beauty styler was the packaging, it was in a clear plastic box, you know the ones you usually need scissors to open and are a nightmare even with scissors? Well I was completely wrong, there was a clear flap at the top left of the box that simply pulled down and pulled the front off the box completely, I was so impressed and pleased that the box was so easy to get into. 

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

Once the box is open, it reveals the contents of the beauty styler, all items are easy to get out and I didn't need to force anything out, all the items removed from the packaging with ease. 

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

I was really pleased the styler included a battery, so many products like this don't so that was a definite bonus and meant I could use the styler immediately. The two changeable heads are brilliant for offering different trimming options, the head for the face, includes two sided precision blades, one is 16mm and one 6mm for optimal eyebrow shaping or any facial hair you may have, the upper lip for example. The larger head is 20mm and is used for trimming the bikini area and underarms. There are two rows of rounded blades that drive the hair to the cutting blades, which have no direct contact with the skin meaning there is no fear of cutting yourself. 

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

The first time I tried the beauty styler, I used it to trim my eyebrows. Using the small comb attachment I moved the styler in the direction of my hair growth, once I had finished I removed the comb to tidy up the fluffy hairs around my brows and in-between my brows using the 6mm blade, it was really easy to use and they looked great and will be fine until my next wax and tinting appointment and if ever I can't get out to get my brows waxed and tinted, I could use the beauty styler to completely shape and trim my brows, so it's perfect for a complete brow trim or just a tidy up between appointments. 

I have also had my underarm hair trimmed with the Veet beauty styler, the head was swapped over to the 20mm head, I didn't have the comb attached as I don't have much in the way of body hair due to me having PCOS and my body hair being very slow growing, to give you an example, I only need to have my legs waxed 3-4 times a year, I was once told I was "lucky" because of this but I don't really think lucky is the right word where PCOS is concerned, some people have no idea! The beauty styler trimmed my under arms brilliantly and left them feeling smooth and hair free. 

I love that the Veet beauty styler comes with a little bag to keep everything in, it's so handy and really compact and would be ideal to take away if you were travelling as it wouldn't take much room at all, the bag keeps the styler and all the attachments safe, clean and ready to use. The brush that comes with the beauty styler is perfect for cleaning the blades after use and works really well, I have used it to clean the brush after use and it works perfectly. 

The Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler - Review

My Thoughts

I really like the beauty styler and find it easy to use, for me personally I like to use it for my brows and this is what I will use it for the most, it is so good and will be brilliant for in between tinting and waxing appointments but is also great for shaping and trimming my brows if I can't get to my appointments and want my brows to look neat and tidy. 

I have trimmed Simon's brows with the styler too, he has thick bushy man brows and having black hair they are super dark, but he hates having his brows plucked, he is such a wuss honestly and puts it off for ages, but he doesn't mind having his brows done with the beauty styler because it's quick and it doesn't hurt. 

I haven't yet used the beauty styler for the bikini area so I can't comment on how well it works for that area, but for the brows and under arms it is fabulous and I can only imagine if you have facial hair it would be amazing at removing that too. It's a brilliant little gadget, it works wonderfully and I love how I can keep everything in the little bag too, it is such a brilliant product and one I now couldn't be without. I haven't experienced any pain at all using the styler and it didn't pull at my brows or under arm hair nor did it leave any red bumps on my skin. 

Overall I think the Veet beauty styler is brilliant, it does exactly what it claims to do, is small enough to store and travel with, it cleans really well with the brush provided, is super easy to use and another bonus is that Simon doesn't moan when he has his unruly man brows tidied up, it's a win win I'd say. 

At the moment the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler is on offer at a reduced price, with a brilliant saving of £8.00, bringing it down to £15.99 from £23.99 at both Superdrug here and Boots here so the perfect time to pick one up if you're interested. 

Have you tried the Veet Sensitive Precision Beauty Styler? Is it something you think you'd use? Let me know in the comments below. 

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