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The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

Subscription boxes aren't something I have ever particularly been interested in myself, but I do think that buying someone a monthly subscription to something they love as a gift can be a lovely idea and I have bought them for gifts, there are so many different type of subscriptions to choose from including beauty boxes, magazines, music, knitting/sewing, food and many many more, so when I heard about a spirits subscription I was rather intrigued and couldn't wait to find out more about it. 

The Summerton Club was started after founder Daniel Humphreys knew what he wanted to purchase for his dad as a gift, he wanted to have a bottle of fantastic aged spirit delivered to his door every month, he wanted a different bottle every month so there would be an element of surprise and excitement each month for his dad and most importantly, Daniel wanted the spirits to be unique and not what could be found in the supermarkets or everyday brands, it had to be special. 

After researching and finding there wasn't anything available and also after asking his friends if they would be interested in something like that for their dads, and since he was sourcing the spirits for his dad anyway, he decided to create an alcohol subscription service, allowing others to gift this unique experience to someone special in their lives and in January 2018, The Summerton Club was born. 

The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

The Summerton Club share beautifully aged bottles of spirits to their members, and you can choose which membership (subscription) you like, you can choose from, every month, bi monthly or even quarterly if you prefer. They focus on the three main groups of Whiskies (Bourbon, Whisky and Whiskey) Brandies (Armagnac, Cognac and Grappa) and Rums (Cachaca, Rum, Rum and Ron) but because The Summerton Club like to introduce their members to new experiences, they are contemplating something a little different maybe once a year, such as an aged Tequila but as yet they haven't found the right one as it has to be special and a great sip, like the main three.

The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

The Summation Club work with a few master distillers to bring their members bottles of spirits that aren't available in the UK, this ensures they create new experiences for their members and also ensures they feel special and they won't send out anything they believe their members could purchase themselves for cheaper than the membership fee, which is £50 per delivery, deliveries will be sent out on the 20th of the month. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time and delivery, posting and packaging is all included in the price of the membership. 

The Summerton also has Bottles Of The Month where you can see which spirits have been sent out to members previously, and one of the most recent Bottles Of The Month is the Mackmyra Gruvguld Swedish Single Malt Whisky, which is a well aged limited edition spirit, not available in the UK.

The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

With the Bottle Of The Month, you will also receive some information about the spirit. I love the story behind the Mackmyra distillery, which without going into too much detail, was an idea formed by 8 friends in a cabin at a Swedish ski resort one night, one of the things I liked was that when they got their distillery up and running after a lot of hard work and research, they included public tasting to get production going forward and public tastings are still important to Mackmyra today.

The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

Mackmyra is a smooth Swedish malt whisky aged in small casks, 50 metres below ground at Bodus mine, it's aromatic richness comes from the wide variety of cask types used to mature the whisky, including Olorosso, Bourbon and Swedish Oak. The whisky's character is oaky and spicy, with notes of vanilla fudge, tobacco leaves, pear drop and sandalwood. 

To create Gruvguld (which means gold from the mine) a team of talented people from the distillery selected whisky from over 300 casks, more than half of the whisky in this bottle was aged in 30 litre casks of different strengths and character with the rest coming from 100 litre and 128 litre casks. All the ingredients for this Swedish distillery are sourced locally, from local barley and bread yeast, to the Swedish peat and juniper branches used for smoking. 

The Summerton Club Spirits Subscription Service

The bottle of Mackmyra Gruvguld whisky came packaged in a lovely box and inside the box the whisky fitted safely so it wouldn't fall out in transit or when opening the box, the bottle has gold dots scattered over it, which is a lovely touch, I really liked the packaging and the bottle, both are lovely and look and feel luxurious. 

I really like the concept of The Summerton Club, it is unlike anything I have seen or heard of before and the different subscription choices are perfect for someone who likes spirits and likes trying new ones, and is particularly hard to buy for when it comes to giving gifts. 

When my dad visited recently I showed him the whisky and he read all the information and was very impressed, he likes whisky and he loved the story behind both the whisky and The Summerton Club and said he would be thrilled with a subscription as a gift, so the proof is in the dad seal of approval I suppose. 

If you would like to try out the Summerton Club, or if you have someone who would love a subscription as a gift, check out their website here

Have you heard of a spirits subscription before? And do you have someone that you buy a gift for that would appreciate one?

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