Saturday 29 December 2018

NOTD - Nail Of The Day

NOTD - Nail Of The Day

Today I have a NOTD (nail of the day) post for you and NOTD posts are something I haven't done much of this year but something I have been asked for a lot recently. So for those of you who asked, here is a much requested NOTD post, and I promise I am going to have more NOTD posts in 2019, and for anyone else, I really hope you enjoy today's post.   

As I've mentioned on here and on Instagram a few times, I used to bite my nails but grew them around 15 years ago and up until a few months ago I hadn't bitten them, then for different reasons, I started to bite them, but, I have been growing them and they are doing ok.  I have broke a few recently, so I need to get them all filed down so they are looking ok, but they'll get there now I have stopped biting them. 

Todays NOTD is a gel polish, a DIY gel polish NOTD.  Around two and a half years ago, I received a Sensationail Gel Starter Kit,  and I love it, so do my daughters, it has been used so many times and is still going strong. Both my daughters and I use the kit and we all love it, and between us we have bought and tried many different brands of gel polish but we all agree that for us the Sensationail polishes are the best we've tried. 

The shade I used for today's nail of the day is Scarlett Red, I have two different ways of wearing it to share with you today, which you will hopefully like,  and hopefully you will also be able to tell my nails have grown a bit.

NOTD - Nail Of The Day

The Sensationail gel kit is easy to use and gives a salon finish look but in the comfort of your own home, it's absolutely brilliant. I have a full blog review, on the kit for you to read if you would like. 

For today's NOTD, I used the Sensationail shade Scarlett Red and applied two coats, it is a lovely red and the shine is absolutely perfect. I usually get around 2 weeks from my Sensationail gel polishes and they are easy to remove too. 

Along with wearing the Scarlett Red on it's own, I also like to wear an accent nail, and love to either add a glittery top coat or a full silver sparkly accent nail. The photograph below shows the full silver glitter accent nail, I used Sensationail Silver Glitter on the accent nail, and used two coats. 

NOTD - Nail Of The Day

I love to wear the red on it's own but I think the sparkle from the glitter polish it's lovely, especially for this time of year. I also like to use a glitter top coat too, and have a post coming soon where I use that, so keep an eye out if that's something you're interested in seeing. 

I love my Sensationail Gel Starter Kit it is so easy to use and my nails look lovely, and it saves money too, a gel manicure at a salon is around £30 but a bottle of Sensationail polish is £15.00 (currently buy one get one half price) in Boots or £12.50 on the Sensationail website (some polishes 20% off at the moment) and they last such a long time, for example, the Scarlett Red shade used in this post, is the same bottle of polish I got in my starter kit and there is still some left, it isn't a full size bottle either, so that shows just how long they last. 

And if red isn't your chosen shade, you can also find the starter kits in RaspberryPink Chiffon (pastel pink) and Coral Sunset

I received some new Sensationail polishes as a Christmas gift so once my nails are longer and healthier, I will feature them in a NOTD post, and please excuse how dry my hands look in the second photograph, I suffer from eczema and my skin is extremely dry at the moment, I do have an amazing hand cream but I'd forgot to put any on, typical!!

I really hope you enjoyed my NOTD post, I have more coming in 2019 and I can't wait to share my new polish shades with you too. 

Which look did you like best? The red on it's own, or with the silver sparkly accent nail?

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