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Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü

Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From Men-ü

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I don't know about you, but I always struggle when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for the men in our family, or any gifts for the men in our family for that matter. 

That was until I received some male grooming products from men-ü, and as soon as I opened the parcel I thought all the products looked brilliant and couldn't wait to show them to my partner to see what he thought too. My partner has been trying the products out for me and today I'm going to tell you a bit about the products and share my partner's thoughts too. 

About men-ü

The company founder of Men-ü, Graham Fish has had 40 successful years in the beauty industry and his background includes building businesses and selling them in Europe and several countries all over the world. He also worked with venture capitalists, including 3i. Brands include Tresemme, VO5, Indola and more recently Philip Kingsley. 

Graham strongly believed men’s grooming products and services could be much improved and that men were prepared to pay for quality, as they do with cars, fashion, entertainment etc. In 2001 men-ü was founded and is today one of the top professional, men’s grooming brands. It is a revolutionary line of high performance, ultra concentrate products – a little goes a long way. Concentrated formulae facilitate the use of a high percentage of the finest ingredients and the secret is to get them to where they are needed, without waste. The products fit neatly in the hand and into a man’s lifestyle, bathroom, sports or travel bag.

In 2019, men-ü launched 3R Grooming – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Cost efficient refills are available for the full range of ultra concentrate 100ml and 500ml products with pumps. 

men-ü Selection Box Grooming Essentials Gift Set - £24.95 (worth £38.40)

Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü

The men-ü grooming essentials gift set has a great range of products, everything from shower gel to moisturiser. My partner has been my guinea pig when it came to trying the men-ü products for this post, and one of the first things he said was that he really liked the way the products tell you how many applications you will get from each product. Another thing he liked about the gift set is the range of products it includes.

The products included are:

Black Pepper & Bergamot Shower Gel - 100ml
Shave Crème buddy tube - 15ml
Healthy Facial Wash buddy tube - 15ml
Matt ‘Skin Refresh’ Gel buddy tube - 15ml
Facial Moisturiser Lift buddy tube - 15ml
Matt Moisturiser buddy tube - 15ml
3 Minute D-TOX buddy tube - 15ml
Liquifflex buddy tube - 15ml

On the back of the box, there are photographs of each product included and a little bit of info about each product too, another very helpful bit of information is that every product shown on the back of the box has the number of applications in the bottle/tube. 

Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü

The gift set would be ideal for anyone wanting to try men-ü products for the first time or for someone who goes to the gym, and it would be perfect for travelling and with all the products being 100ml or under, they can be taken on to an aeroplane in your hand luggage if you are only carrying hand luggage with you. And if you have suitcases to check in, the products don't take up much room in a toiletry bag and for us would take up much less room as we would normally take full size toiletry products including shower gel, shaving cream, hair products and face wash amongst other things, so we would be saving so much space, win win.  

men-ü Shave Facial Trio - £29.95 (worth £38.85)

Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü
The men-ü Shave Facial Trio is a set that contains everything needed for a wet shave.

The products included are: 

Facial Moisturiser 100ml
Shave Crème 100ml
Healthy Facial Wash 100ml
Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü
As with the selection box gift set, on the back of the shave trio box are images of all 3 products, a bit of info on each product and how many applications are in each product too. My partner has been using the Shave Facial Trio for quite a while now and he loves it, when I asked why he loves it, he said he uses much less product than the shaving foam he usually uses, and his skin feels soft and not sore at all after using all 3 products. Usually, when he has a wet shave he ends up with sore spots on his neck and his jawline, but he hasn't had anything like that at all since using the men-ü products. 
men-ü Refill Kit | Year Of Shaving | Shave Creme - £19.95

Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü

Mens Christmas Gift Ideas From men-ü

Another great gift idea is the Year Of Shaving set,  in this set two shaving cremes, each 100ml bottle has 165 applications in it giving you a whole year of shaving cream, for less than £20.00, I know my partner definitely spends more than £20.00 per year on his usual shave foam/creme. The set comes with one bottle with a pump dispenser and a refill that you can put your pump dispenser into once you have run out. 

Both products are 100ml meaning that you can take them onto an aeroplane in a carry on or put in your case in the hold, the size of the shaving creme is much better than a can of shaving creme and takes up much less space when travelling. 

My partner has been so impressed with all the products from men-ü and we will 100% be repurchasing all the items shown today, and when I asked if he would recommend the products and which were his favourite, he said he would highly recommend all the products because he really likes them all and his favourite product is the men-ü shave set because his face isn't sore at all after shaving and it usually would be. 

Overall the products are all really good products and a reasonable price for the ingredients used and the packaging is nice too which may not be important for some but I personally do look at the packaging of products, and the fact the packaging is recyclable too which is brilliant and something we are much more conscious about lately. 

If you would like to find out more information about men-ü or their products or if you want to purchase anything, check out their website

Do you struggle to buy the males in your family gifts? And have you or your male friends and relations tried anything from men-ü?

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