Monday 23 December 2019

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas From Lee Stafford

Christmas Gift Ideas From Lee Stafford

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I like me, you have been a little (a lot) unorganised for Christmas this year and still have some last minute shopping to do, I may have the answer for you with some brilliant gift sets from Lee Stafford.  

If you are a regular or long time reader of my blog, you will have seen me talk about Lee Stafford products and tools many times.  I love his hair products and hair tools and it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't feature a gift or gifts as part of my Christmas gift ideas, from Lee Stafford on my blog. 

I have two gift ideas for you today, both perfect for any hair care or beauty lover, or just as a treat for yourself, it's ok to treat ourselves once in a while isn't it? Especially after the busy few weeks that is Christmas.

Lee Stafford 5 Piece Ultimate Hair Mask Collection - £10.00

Christmas Gift Ideas From Lee Stafford

There are 5 hair masks in the gift set, each mask is slightly different and they all smell different. They contain a selection of carefully selected ingredients that target specific hair needs. These masks are ideal as a gift for someone, but they are also nice to treat yourself too. The masks included in the gift set are: 

  • Argan Oil Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask
  • Choco Locks Butter Cream Treatment Mask
  • Coco Loco Coconut Treatment Mask
  • Hair Growth Treatment Mask
  • Thirsty Hair Mucho Moisture Treatment Mask                             

The mask set is a great gift idea, it's always nice to treat ourselves to a pamper once in a while
and a hair mask is ideal for that, and who doesn't want great looking and feeling hair for Christmas.

Lee Stafford Bleach Blonde, Lifes Better Blonde Washbag Gift -£14.00
Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas From Lee Stafford

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas From Lee Stafford

The lifes better blonde gift set is a great set, it contains 2 full sized products and I love how it comes with a wash bag, you can never have too many washbags right? I am already a lover of the Lee Stafford Ice White shampoo and Bleach Blondes conditioner so I knew I'd love this gift set. 

If you are blonde but don't have bleached hair, don't be put off by the name of the products, I don't have bleached hair, I do have it tinted but I don't have it bleached so if you are blonde but not bleached blonde, this set is still for you, the products tone and refresh blonde hair and leave it looking lovely, my hair, being blonde, isn't really shiny, but it is if I use these products. 

They are really great products and I have spoken about them on my blog previously and have many posts featuring Lee Stafford products also. This set is really good and if you bought the shampoo and conditioner without the bag, it would cost £13.98, so for just 2 pence, you're getting a wash bag, it's a win win and a great gift idea for the blondes in your life, or for yourself.

I really like both gift ideas and whether you want to buy them as a last minute gift for someone or you buy them for yourself, you won't regret it. 

If you are last minute shopping on the high street, you can find both gift sets in Boots and if you want to treat yourself but can wait, you can grab them on the Lee Stafford website

Have you tried any Lee Stafford products or tools? And if so, which is your favourite?

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