Monday 19 July 2021

I've Got A Text! The New Love Island Collection From Love Cases


Love Island Phone Cases

If you're an OG follower of mine on social media, you'll know that I love Love Island, I missed the first series but have been an avid watcher since 2017, the series with Marcel "I used to be in Blazin Squad" in it. My youngest had watched it the previous year and kept saying that she thought I'd like it, so when it started in the summer of 2017, I started to watch, and I was hooked, and have been ever since. 

When Love Cases got in touch to ask if I would like one of their phone cases from their Love Island Collection, I of course said a big "yes please" and I couldn't wait for it to arrive! 

Love Island Love Cases

New Love Island Collection - Love Cases

When my parcel arrived, it was so cute, with a cocktail umbrella and some sweeties and I loved my new phone case, when I was younger, there was never anything with my name on it, so I seem to gravitate to personalised things and I love everything about my new case. There was also a keyring in my parcel which was a nice touch, it says "Islander In Training" on it, which unfortunately I am not, nor ever will be, but it's cute and as a Love Island fan, I love it. 

Love Cases Love Island Collection

Love Cases iPhone Case

I've Got A Text! The New Love Island Collection From Love Cases

I have an iPhone XR but the Love Island Cases are available to suit lots of different phones, so there's something for everyone and there are lots of different designs of cases too, so if mine isn't to your taste, there are several others to choose from, plus the keyrings that also come in different designs. 

If you love Love Island but don't need a new phone case, or a keyring, there are so many other Love Island themed products on the Love Cases website , such as passport covers, luggage tags, airpod cases, galaxy bud cases, phone loops and even a coaster. All are available in different colours and designs and everything is very competitively priced, my phone case is £12.00 which I think is a great price. 

The New Love Island Collection From Love Cases

The phone case is a clear flexible TPU shell so it is very easy to fit, it's lightweight and fits over 50 different phone types. All ports are accessible as shown in the photograph below and as you can see in the photograph above, the case fits my phone perfectly, I am really pleased with it and as I said, they are a good price too, and, if you spend over £20.00 on the Love Cases website, you get free delivery, plus they have a 3 for 2 section which is fantastic, whats not to love? 

The New Love Island Collection From Love Cases

Along with phone cases, and the products I have mentioned, Love Cases also sell a variety of different items, such as iPad cases and laptop covers, charging cables, earphones, phone loops, camera covers, screen protectors, desk signs, frames and so much more, it's a great website and would be brilliant for gifts as well as treating yourself. 

I'm sure you can already tell that I am really impressed with my new phone case, it has been on my phone since I got it a couple of weeks ago and the personalisation is still as it was when I first got it, none of the text has come off, there is no discolouring and it still looks as good as new, I am more than happy with it. 

I would definitely recommend Love Cases and I give my new phone case a solid 10/10. 

Have you shopped with Love Cases? If so what did you buy? And if you haven't and would like to, head over to their website HERE

Anyway, I have to go, I've got a text!!!

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