Friday 19 November 2021

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 With Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits
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Today is the first of my Christmas Gift Guides for 2021, and I am so excited to share with you, a lovely gift from Adbra, a small business from London, England. 

Who Are Adbra?

Adbra is a London based business, run by its co-owners, Adel and Libby who were inspired to start their business after experiencing the benefits that particular self-help tools and techniques brought to their daily lives. Adel and Libby researched and read many theories before deciding what ranges they would like to focus on, so they could share the benefits and techniques they had found, with as many people as they could. 

They began to create mindfulness and sustainability challenge jars from home, and have gone on to develop positive affirmation and gratitude products and today I am very excited to share one of their products with you, the Adbra Happiness Habits Jar

Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits

Start developing habits to improve your well-being with the 30-day Happiness Habits jars.


Each jar is filled with little messages, mini-activities, quotes, prompts or affirmations to help support better mental health. Due to their popularity, there are now have 8 types of jars - that's 8 months of inspiration for you and your loved ones to enjoy! 

All the jars are handmade in Adbra's London studio.


The 8 types are:

  • Positive affirmations (affirmations)
  • Mindfulness (mini-activities)
  • Self-kindness (mini-activities)
  • Gratitude (affirmations)
  • Journalling (prompts)
  • Motivation (quotes)
  • Sustainability (mini-activities)
  • Friendship (quotes)


The affirmations can be used to support journalling practice, repeated throughout the day or shared between friends and family.

Adbra Happiness Habits

Adbra Happiness Habits

I love the Happiness Habits Jar, it is filled with 30 different affirmations, printed on pastel coloured, 100% recyclable paper. At first, I didn't think I would keep up with choosing a different piece of paper every day, but I really enjoyed doing it and ended up looking forward to it. I kept the box the jar came in to put the papers I had read in, and then when I had finished the jar, I put them all back and lent the jar to my friend, who also loved it and passed it onto her daughter and I'm sure many other friends and family members will be taking the jar home with them too, everyone I have shown the jar to or told them about it has been really interested. 

Some of the words didn't apply to me, but I did try to think how they could in a different context to fit with my life as it is now. The really spooky thing is, the first piece of paper I pulled out said " I am thankful for being alive" this resonated with me so so much and I have to admit, I filled up with tears. I won't go into detail, but I never thought I would be here at the age I am now, and I am extremely thankful that I am, I saw it as a sign, maybe a bit silly, but the jar has definitely changed my way of thinking for the better. 

Adbra Happiness Habits

If the Happiness Habits Jars aren't something you feel you or anyone you buy a gift for at Christmas would appreciate, Adbra also sell a Gratitude Planner / Well Being Journal, Positive Affirmation Cards, and a Digital Gratitude Planner, all look really lovely and perfect.

Overall Thoughts

I really would recommend the Adbra Happiness Habits Jar as a gift for someone this Christmas, or a treat to yourself, a birthday gift, or any gift. It is a lovely product and for someone who didn't think they would use it, I have been looking at the other jars in the range and they all look great, they are a lovely idea and the thought of buying someone something that will make them smile each day is a lovely feeling. 

The Happiness Habit Jars also come in a 100 day size for £19.90, which come in 4 different types:

• Positive Affirmations
• Mindfulness
• Self Kindness  
• Gratitude 

You can also buy the jars in a pack of 3 for £29.90 which saves you £8.80 so ideal for gifting more than one person, the 3 pack comes in the following jars:

• Self Kindness
• Mindfulness
• Positive Affirmations

And there is also a create your own Happiness Habit Jar which is £19.99 and is a 30-day jar. 

Another brilliant thing about this small business is they offer a 30 day money back gurantee, so if your not happy with your items after 30 days, you can request a refund. 

As well as loving the products available from Adbra, I absolutely love their values, from volunteering for mental health charities to donating products to front line workers and care packages to local community groups, they also do their best for the planet using recyclable products and lowering their carbon footprint. You can read more about Adel and Libby here

It is a definite 10/10 for Adbra from me, and I am sure they will have something which will be a perfect gift idea for someone you buy for this Christmas, they seem like great people who care for others and the enviroment and they have a fabulous small business. 

You can find the Adbra website here, it's easy to navigate and alongside the products they sell, there is some other great information on there too. 

Have you heard of Adbra? Or have you tried something from their small business? If not, which jar would you choose or buy for someone this Christmas? 


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