Friday 25 February 2022

My New Cold Cup From Bear And Moo UK

Bear & Moo UK
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Today I want to share with you a lovely small business called Bear And Moo UK.

Bear And Moo UK is a small business in the UK run by the lovely Katie,  Katie is a fellow blogger who I have got to know more and more over the last few years, and would now consider a friend, she is a really lovely, genuine, down to earth person. When she launched her business, I was so happy for her and excited for what was to come, and when she launched, I loved the first items she listed and since then have loved everything she has listed, I honestly don't think there is anything I don't like that she sells, which by the way, is all hand made by Katie. 

What Katie says about Bear And Moo

A beautiful range of gifts, personalised items and prints perfect for any home. Choose from our new range of personalised gifts and homeware or our lovely illustrations for any room!

Bear and Moo UK was set up after rediscovering my love for drawing and illustrating. Whether you’re looking for the perfect print for your children’s room or playroom or if it’s a fun print for your living room, Bear and Moo UK have some excellent options available. 

We offer personalised and custom pieces as well as standard prints. We print all our products on premium high quality photo paper. All products are printed A4 and arrive unframed. 

In addition to our prints, we are now offering personalised gifts and personalised homeware. From front door sign plaques to the ever popular cold cups, decals and more. 

My Personalised Confetti Cold Cup - £10.00

Bear And Moo UK Cold Cup

I absolutely love my cold cup, it's so pretty and colour changing too, once filled with liquid the confetti becomes bright, it's so fun. I love the personalisation too, when I was growing up, I couldn't ever find anything with my name on, Zoë was an unusual name back then so it wasn't ever available on anything my friends had. That didn't help with it being unusual, plus I got so many negative comments about my name from peers and adults my parents knew so I hated it, then David Bowie named his son Zowie, pronounced Zoë and as you can imagine, my life was hell in the playground. 

It must be the child in me that still likes things with my name on, but even when I find something, there aren't any umlouts over the E, those 2 dots, and to me it isn't my name without them. 

Bear And Moo UK Cold Cup

When I was chatting to Katie and choosing the font and colour I mentioned I liked the font number 6 as it had a heart over the letter I and I love anything with hearts on, I was so touched when Katie made my cup and included the umlouts but also heart shaped umlouts, it doesn't get better than that! 

Bear And Moo UK Cold Cup

The cup comes with a lovely rainbow twisted straw that looks brilliant especially when the confetti changes colour. I drink Pepsi Max in my cup and it's totally fine, the lid is secure and doesn't leak and the cup is also fine after being dropped numerous times too, I haven't been throwing it round, I drop things a lot because of one of my medical conditions. 

The cup also came with a lovely cup shaped care card, it is so cute! 

Bear And Moo UK Cold Cup

One of the reasons I wanted the cup is due to struggling with certain things, I don't want to delve into my private life too much but I was struggling a lot and had been using empty 500ml Pepsi Max bottles that my family would pour some Pepsi Max into for me, I had wanted a cup with a lid and straw for a while but hadn't found any I liked, as soon as I saw Katies, I loved it, and I am so glad I have it, it isn't only lovely, it has really made things a lot easier for me. If like me you struggle or know someone who does, then the cup would be brilliant for you/them, it really has made a difference for me and it looks pretty too, so it's a win win. 

I'm sure you can already tell, but I adore my cold cup, it's made such a difference to my life and I get so many compliments on it too. I highly recommend it, and if you're not looking for a new cup, check out Katie's Etsy Store anyway for a browse, she has some really lovely things and I'm sure you'll find something you love. 

To check out Katies Etsy store click on THIS LINK you won't be disappointed I promise, and if you would like to buy the Confetti Cold Cup like mine, you can find it with this THIS LINK it is easy to order using the drop down boxes and if you don't want to order via Etsy, you can order direct from Katie by contacting her on the Bear And Moo Uk Instagram account by clicking THIS LINK

Do you shop from small businesses? Or do you own a small business? 
Chat with me in the comments below.

See you next time, thank you for reading
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