Wednesday 9 February 2022

Valentines Gift Ideas For Dogs

Welcome back.

After what seems like the longest January in the history of mankind, it's finally February, the month of love and almost Valentines Day. 

I see a lot of gift ideas posts for partners at this time of year, but I thought I'd mix it up a little and for Valentines this year, I have a gift ideas post for your dog, after all, our fur babies are loyal, caring, they love us unconditionally, and best of all, they don't lie and mess us around, sounds like the perfect Valentine to me, but don't tell my partner. 

I have found some gorgeous gift ideas for your furry friend, so I shall stop rambling and get on with the task in hand, each product description will include a direct link so you can find the item without having to google. 


1. Heart Print Personalised Bandana - Yappy - £7.99 - Direct link here

2. Valentines Day Bone Pet Chew Toy - Shein - £2.00 (random selection) - Direct link here

3. Fuzzy Yard Candy Hearts Dog Toys - dfordog - £11.95 - Direct link here

4. Zippy Paws Jigglerz Valentines Day - Amazon - £16.39 - Direct link here

5. Personalised Dog Heart Shaped Biscuits - Yappy - £6.99 - Direct link here

6. Edible Dog Valentines Card - dfordog - £5.75 - Direct link - here

7. Love Bites Personalised Treat Tin - Yappy - £9.99 - Direct link - here

8. Love Heart Easy Attach Pet Bow - Skinny Dip - £6.00 - Direct link - here

9. Valentines Hearts Dog Bites - peacewiththewild - £2.90 - Direct link - here

I hope you liked my choices of gifts for your doggy, I loved looking for them and Bear, my dog enjoyed helping me look too, although I think he thought he was in for a very nice Valentines Day this year. Whilst looking I discovered some great websites so I thought I'd share a bit of information on those too just incase it might be helpful for you. 

Websites I Found & Loved


I really liked the Yappy website, it is brilliant if you have a dog or cat or if you're buying a gift for someone who has a furbaby. You can create a profile for your pet, I created one for Bear, I put in his breed, name and gender, then chose his colouring from a range of options and then each personalised item shows Bear on it, like the images above, it's really cute and they have some amazing things and not just for Valentines, there is a lot of choice for lots of occaisions, a brilliant website. 

Peace With The Wild

I must admit I hadn't heard of this company before searching for products for this post, but I'm really glad I did, they are a family run business, who work with small independant brands who all believe in a greener future by using the most natural ingredients and recyclable/biodegradable packaging and they have a huge range of plastic free products, as a family they have been trying to live waste free for quite a few years and they echo this in their business too, they have a brilliant ethos and the products they sell look lovely, and there is something for everyone. 

The dog treats I included in this post contain no nasties, we feed Bear on a grain free and natural product diet, and we buy treats to mirror this, the treats I shared are grain free and natural, they contian peanut butter, strawberries and carrob, that's it, no preservaties, no nasties and the packaging is plastic free. 

The product range includes cleaning products, makeup, pet care, gardening, food and drink, mama and baby and much much more, they are definitely worth a look, I will definitely be placing an order soon, if you're interested in the website, you can find it with this direct link, here


Another great website selling so many great products for dogs and cats too, there are lots of items to choose from, including beds, collars, leads, toys, clothes amongst other things, I could get lost down a rabbit hole browsing their website, I'm really glad I found it and again, I hadn't heard of it before searching for items for my post. You can access the website via this direct link here.

I also didn't realise how much choice for pets there is on the Shein website, there is absolutely loads of things on there and all at really affordable prices. 

And lastly, a photo of my furbaby Bear, my little blog helper. 

My little helper

Have you heard of the websites I've mentioned today? 

Which is your favourite item from the ones I have shared? 

See you next time, thank you for reading,

Zoƫ x

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