Saturday 22 March 2014

Jewel Candle ~ Review

Hello Lovelies,

A couple of months ago I was contacted by a lovely gentleman called Tom from a company called Jewel Candle, he explained they were a new company and asked if I would like to review one of their products, he sent me links to their website and Facebook Page and after going over to read about the Jewel Candle I immediately said yes I'd love to.

Jewel Candles are scented candles with a difference, I have never seen anything like them before and was very excited to try one out. They are hand made scented candles with a 'Jewel' in every candle. The candles come in 2 sizes, the large candles retail at £24.95 and have a ring concealed within the candle, the smaller candle retails at £16.95 and have a pair of earrings concealed within the candle. Each item of jewellery is worth between £10.00 and £250.00 so these items aren't cheap rubbish. Each item of jewellery comes with it's own little tag telling you how much your item is worth. It's all very exciting!

The jewellery is 925 real sterling silver and stones, real pearls, beads and Swarowski crystals are used as eye-catchers all the jewellery is nickel free also. The candles burn for up to 150 hours and it takes on average 10-15 hours of burning time to reveal the jewellery.

I was kindly sent the large candle in Pina Colada scent, as you know I love Pina Colada's and also fruity scents and I was initially torn between the Pina Colada or Passion Fruit so I emailed Tom and said I would be happy with either scent, Tom chose Pina Colada and the candle arrived just a few days later.

Pina Colada Large Jewel Candle rrp £24.95*

I was very excited when my candle arrived and couldn't wait to burn it, I wondered how the jewellery would be concealed in the candle it really intrigued me, but when the candle came it was clear where the jewellery was and how far down the candle it was. 

The back of the candle showing where the jewellery is.

My candle burned for around 13 hours before my jewellery started to show, there are clear instructions on the Jewel Candle Website on how to remove the jewellery from the candle. I used some old tweezers and placed the little foil parcel on some kitchen roll. 

The little foil parcel containing the jewellery & the tweezers I used.

Once I had removed the jewellery, I unwrapped the foil parcel containing the ring, I would advise you do this over some kitchen roll or a napkin or old rag as some wax did fall off as I unwrapped mine. Once I had removed the foil I found a little black plastic self seal bag and in that was my ring. I thought the ring was very well protected and wrapped but found it easy to open the parcel without needing scissors or any other tools. 

As you can see from the above photographs, the ring I received is lovely, it is sparkly, which is something I love and also wearable, I could wear the ring on a daily basis without it looking too OTT, my ring is worth £15.00. It is a really pretty ring and I am very happy with it. I love the design of the circles and the Swarowski crystals too. 

I think the Jewel Candles are a fantastic idea and would make a lovely gift for someone, or just as a treat to yourself. Scented candles are very popular and often given as gifts and I think the Jewel Candle would make a lovely gift for someone, you have a lovely candle and an added gift of a piece of jewellery too. 

The scent of my candle, Pina Colada was a very subtle scent which for me is great as scented candles can give me migraine headaches, and I am also having a massive problem with some scents due to my medication, so the nice subtle scent of fruit was lovely, I did think it would have more of a pineapple/coconut scent as they are the main ingredients of a Pina Colada but the scent was more of a fruity/pineapple scent but still a lovely scent, as I mentioned it is a very subtle scent so if you like more of an obvious scent maybe choose one of the other scents, but if you're like me and like something subtle and fruity, then the Pina Colada could be for you. 

The candles come in a variety of scents, the candles with the earrings in come in 9 different scents, these are:

Happy Birthday
Lemon Grass
Watermelon Wedge
Strawberry Cupcake
Cuddle Candle
Vanilla Apple Pie
Ice Cream Vanilla
Creme Brûlée
Hawaiian Coconut

And the candles with the rings in come in 6 different scents, these are:

Sweet Cupcake
True Love
Pink Cherry
Happy Birthday
Pina Colada
Passion Fruit

So as you can see there are lots of different scents to choose from, I really was spoilt for choice as the scents available are all the sort of scents I would go for in a candle. 

As I mentioned, Jewel Candle have their own website and something I really like about the website is you can pay via Paypal, I find it so much easier when ordering online when I can pay via Paypal as I don't have to start finding my debit card, but if you don't have Paypal or prefer to use a bank card, there are options to pay with various cards. 

Shipping is via Royal Mail and is estimated at 2-3 days, there are free shipping offers too, on the website there is a FAQ section, photographs of some of the jewels found in the candles and clear instructions of how to remove the jewellery from the candle amongst other things.

Jewel Candle also have their own Facebook Page with lots of information, there are photographs from customers showing the item of jewellery they received in their candles and there are some gorgeous pieces, really lovely. There are also competitions to win candles too, and comments from people who have bought the candles so you can read their opinions also. 

I love the concept of the Jewel Candle, I think they are fantastic and would make a brilliant gift, and after all Christmas is only 15 weeks away or something frightening like that! If you know someone who loves scented candles this would be a lovely gift. Or if you love scented candles, you could treat yourself to one, which scent would you like to try? 

Over all I was very impressed with the Jewel Candle, I love the idea and the ring I received is lovely. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

*pr sample, I received the Jewel Candle as a gift for review purposes, but all opinions and words are my own. 

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