Saturday 22 March 2014

Leighton Denny ~ Temptress

Hello Lovelies, 

I love painting my nails and even though I already have far too many nail polishes I do still like to buy new ones, just after Christmas I found a Leighton Denny nail polish in the sale which had been £11.00 full price and was on sale for just over £6.00, so at almost half price I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. 

I have only ever had one Leighton Denny polish before, Angel Dust which is a beautiful subtle sparkle top coat review here. I also bought that back in the end of summer sales. 

I've heard a lot of great things about Leighton Denny nail polishes, and the brand itself claims "the polish is easy to apply, long lasting and chip resistant, it doesn't fade and keeps a high gloss shine day after day" it sounded good to me and the colour of Temptress looked so lovely and like nothing I've ever tried before and with the great price tag, I couldn't resist.

Temptress is a very dark purple/brown colour with a gentle gold coloured glitter running through it. It is very dark on the nails and looks almost black, it is described by Leighton Denny as "a seductive twist on the classic rouge noir, a vampish irresistible dark brown with added show stopping tones of cerise and ruby glitter." I would say their description of the polish is quite accurate although I couldn't spot the cerise and ruby tones, it just looked like a very dark polish with gold glitter to me, but a lovely polish all the same. 

When my polish arrived I was really pleased with how it looked in the bottle, I did think it would be more of a dark burgundy/purple tone on the nails but I wasn't disappointed when I applied it to my nails. The polish applied well and was easy to apply, as always I used my Orly bonder base coat first and then 2 coats of Temptress followed by a coat of my Orly Glosser top coat, I always use the bonder base coat and glosser top coat with all my polishes so to give the polish a fair trial, I used the base and top coat as I always would. I would say the drying time of the polish is average. 

Two coats of Temptress with Orly Bonder base coat and Orly Glosser top coat
(excuse the plaster cast) 

Tempress (2 coats) plus Glosser top coat & Bonder base coat.

My Thoughts On The Polish ~ 

I thought the polish was a lovely colour and quite unusual, it was easy to apply and applied well. The polish had an average drying time, I wouldn't say the polish was high gloss finish but it did have a nice glossy finish to it, with my Orly glosser top coat however the polish had a lovely high gloss finish and the top coat really enhanced the glitter within the polish. 

The one thing I was extremely disappointed in was the wear time of the polish, it chipped after only 24 hours, I was really disappointed with the polish, and expected more, although I didn't pay full price, this is an £11 nail polish and I expected more wear time from it than only 24 hours, I get 24 hours wear time from a £2.99 Barry M polish without a base and top coat and with my base and top coat I get 4-5 days wear so for this to chip after just 24 hours didn't impress me at all.

I had high hopes for Temptress, I've heard great things about Leighton Denny and for the price I really did expect more, I can pay up to £11 for an Orly nail polish but I get at least 7 days wear time from an Orly polish so I don't mind the price tag and the bottle is 18ml and doesn't contain nasties. The Leighton Denny polish is 12ml in size and £11 so almost £1 per ml of polish which I think is expensive. 

Overall I was really disappointed with this polish and wouldn't re purchase it or any other colours from the brand, my experience has really put me off. For the price I expected more than 24 hours wear time from the polish, it is a lovely and quite unusual colour but not one I will ever re purchase. 

If you would like to try Tempress it is available here for £11.00 including free delivery.

Have you tried Leighton Denny nail polishes? What did you think? Did they chip on you?  

Thank you for reading, much love as always, 

Zoe x

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