Thursday 12 March 2015

Nars Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eye Shadow Base ~ A Review


Hello lovelies, 

If you are subscribed to or watch my You Tube videos you will have seen me mention this product a lot, but I have never written a post about it so I decided that it was about time I did. 

The Nars Pro Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base is an eyeshadow primer and one I have used for  many years,  it isn't a cheap product at £19.50 but it is fantastic and makes a huge difference to my make up, I have very oily eye lids and all eye shadows crease on me, it is the bane of my life, but using the primer makes such a difference and I don't suffer any creasing at all, and my eye makeup looks exactly the same when it comes to taking it off as it did when I applied it. 

The eye shadow base comes in a white tube with a black lid and has a doe foot applicator, there is 8g of product in the tube and it retails at around £19.50 although the price can vary in different department stores.

I apply the product by putting a small amount onto the back of my hand using the applicator and then rubbing the product into my lids using my ring finger to blend it out.  I would say a tube of this lasts me around 18 months so although it is an expensive product it does last a very long time, I don't use it every day but do use it around 3-4 times a week. I received a tip from one of my lovely subscribers who told me that there is a clear bung type thing where the lid screws on the tube and she said to remove the bung and I would get a lot more product out of the tube, she was right and after removing the bung type thing I got around another 6 months out of my tube, so if you use this or buy it and you think it's running out, take out the clear bung at the top and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

This really is an amazing product, my eyeshadows stay all day, and don't crease at all and if I use a coloured shadow it looks amazing and the colour really stands out so if you love coloured eye looks this will be perfect for you, even with a neutral eye look it's an amazing product and really makes a difference. I don't use this when using a cream eye shadow, I will have another post coming soon for you about the primer I love for cream shadows and my favourite budget eye shadow primer, so keep an eye out for those posts if you'll pardon the pun.

Nars smudge proof eye shadow base really is fantastic and if you haven't ever tried it, I urge you to either pick it up or ask at a Nars counter if the assistant can try it on you and apply a shadow over it, you will be very impressed.

There isn't much more to say about this product other than it is amazing! If you would like to try it, you can purchase it here for £19.50 inc free delivery, it is also available from Space.NKJohn Lewis and Selfridges for £19.50 (delivery charges apply).

Have you tried the smudge proof eye shadow base? What did you think? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading, much love as always,

Zoe x
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