Saturday 13 August 2016

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

Hello Lovelies

I love getting new makeup brushes, there's just something about using a brush for the first time isn't there? So when I received the Karla Lip Brush Set from Karla Cosmetics I couldn't wait to use them. Karla Cosmetics is owned by international award winning makeup artist Karla Powell, Karla has used her many years in the industry to develop products aimed to help you reach the top of your game in the makeup industry.  

The Karla Lip Brush Set contains 3 different brushes, the KL1 Filling Brush, KL2 Precision Brush and KL3 Cupid's Bow Brush. All the brushes have a sleek black handle, ferule and brush fibres and have Karla's logo printed on them in pink, each brush is created with vegan friendly, 100% Taklon fibre. 

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

The KL1 Filling Brush

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

I love this brush for applying my lipstick, it is so easy to use and applies product really well, whether it's a lipstick or liquid lip products like glosses and liquid lipsticks, it's a great brush. I used to always use a lip brush but got out of the habit but since having the Karla brushes and using them, I always use the KL1 to apply my lip products now and I've noticed a big difference in the way my lip products both apply and look. 

The KL2 Precision Brush

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

The Precision brush is designed to line the lips with product before filling in with the KL1 brush. When I first saw the brush I worried it would be quite hard to work with, however since using it I found it isn't hard to work with at all but I don't feel I use it enough and find I only use the KL1 brush. Despite not using the KL2 brush for my lips, I have found it is a great brush to use on my eyes especially for the brows and lining my upper and lower lash line. 

The KL3 Cupids Bow Brush

Karla Cosmetics - Karla Lip Brush Set

There isn't a lot of difference in size between the KL2 and KL3 brushes but the KL3 is slightly shorter and wider than the KL2 and comes to more of a point. The cupids bow brush is designed to line the cupids bow perfectly and it does do exactly what it is designed for, again it isn't a brush I find myself reaching for as I find I use it more for my eyes and again it's great for lining the upper and lower lash line and also for the brows but you can never have too many eye brushes so for me it's perfect and if I do want to use it for the purpose it's intended then that's great too. 

Overall Thoughts

I really like this set of brushes, it's a very handy set to have in my collection and although I may not use each brush as it's intended, I do use them each time I apply my makeup. The quality of the brushes is fantastic, they wash well and also spot clean well too and they don't shed. For the price I think this is a brilliant brush set for such well made and fabulous quality brushes and I would definitely recommend them either as a lip brush set or just as 3 great makeup brushes. 

If you would like to try the Karla Lip Brush Set, you can find it on the Karla store here for £15.00.

Have you tried this brush set? Is it something you think you would use? Chat with me in the comments and let me know. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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