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Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream

Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream

Hello Lovelies

I suffer from extremely oily hair so trying out new hair products always makes me feel a little anxious that the product will leave my hair super oily, so when I received the Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream the latest in the Pillow Proof range from Redken, I have to admit I was a little nervous to use it, but one thing that calmed those nerves was the fact that I have yet to try a Redken product that I don't love and I have re purchased their shampoo's multiple times. 

I was intrigued to try the Pillow Proof primer as it claimed to do so many things but the claim that stood out to me the most was that it would cut down on the drying time of my hair. I am unable to dry my own hair due to my medical conditions and the way they affect me so I have my hair dried by either Simon or one of my girls, but mostly Simon. My hair takes a long time to dry with it being so long and I get uncomfortable sitting having it dried and although he doesn't say so, I'm sure it must be a pretty tedious task for Simon too. So a product that cuts down the drying time of my hair would be incredible for me, I just had to put it to the test. 

Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream

When I received the Redken Pillow Proof primer it came with some product information but also in the parcel was a little pink and white striped bag containing some American sweeties, I thought this was a really lovely touch and not only was I super excited to try the hair treatment but also to try the yummy looking sweeties too. 

Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream

As I said Redken claim the primer has many benefits one of them being that it cuts down drying time  but there are 7 different benefits in total, they are -

✿ Heat Protection Up To 230 degrees
✿ Reduces Blow Drying Time
✿ Holds Style Longer
✿ 3 Times Stronger, Healthier Hair
✿ Anti Breakage Formula
✿ Nourishes Dry Hair
✿ Suitable For All Hair Types - Ideal For Thick Hair

Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream

The product is dispensed via a pump action, pressing down on the top of the bottle dispenses the product via a hole in the top. Redken recommend using a 50 pence piece size of product and rubbing it between your hands, then applying to towel dried hair and ends and then style as appropriate. I used the recommended 50 pence piece amount of product but only apply it through the mid lengths and ends of my hair to avoid my roots becoming oily. 

The first thing I noticed about the primer was the scent, it smells amazing and I have to say all the Redken products I have ever used have smelt amazing too, the product was easy to dispense and applied with ease through my hair. My hair did dry a lot faster than usual and was left feeling soft and silky and it felt lovely and healthy, I could feel the product in my hair so have used less product when I have used it since but my hair still felt like it had product in it, not in a bad way, but I could feel it. My main concern was that the primer would leave my hair feeling oily or that my hair would be super oily the morning after but I am pleased to report that my hair wasn't oily after using the primer or the morning after. 

I have been using the Pillow Proof primer each time my hair is washed since I got it and it is fantastic at reducing the drying time of my hair, I would say it cuts it down by half or just under half the time which is brilliant. My hair feels soft and silky and smells amazing when I use the primer and it is good to know that my hair is protected from the heat of my hair dryer and straighteners too. 

Overall I really like the Pillow Proof primer and I am super impressed with my hair taking less time to dry and love that the product doesn't make my hair oily but unfortunately there is a negative. I asked my girls if they would try the Pillow Proof primer, one of them has the exact same hair type as me and the other has dry hair and both girls like to curl their hair, one uses her hair straighteners and one a curling wand but unfortunately both girls said their hair didn't hold their curls and they dropped out quickly, both my girls have fine hair but my eldest daughter who has the dry hair can usually curl her hair with a curling wand and leave it for 3 days and it keeps the curl, she always curls her hair the night before work and sleeps on it but her curls dropped out when using the Redken and her hair was no where near as curly as it usually is. This isn't an issue for me because I have straight hair and never curl it but I always give an honest review of all the products I review on my blog and if I don't mention this, I'm not being honest, but that is the only negative I could find with the product, it is a great product with multiple benefits, it smells incredible and cuts down on the drying time of my hair which is amazing but both my daughters had problems with their style when curling their hair. 

I would recommend the Pillow Proof primer cream, it has a lot of benefits and is a great all round hair product and means I don't need to use multiple products that may cause my hair to be oily, using the pillow proof means my hair feels lovely and soft, it isn't oily, smells amazing and my hair takes half the time to dry which for me is the main benefit of the product. 

If you would like to try the Redken Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream, you can find it on the Look Fantastic website for £13.60 (was £17.00)

Have you tried the Pillow Proof range or the primer cream? Would this be something you would like to try? Let me know in the comments section below.

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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