Saturday 20 August 2016

Two New MAC Lipsticks

My Two New MAC Lipsticks

Hello Lovelies

I recently picked up 2 new MAC lipsticks, one from the Flamingo Park collection, a matte in the shade Silly and one from the Blue Nectar collection, a matte in the shade Sweet Venom. Both are lovely summery shades and I have been enjoying wearing them since buying them around 6 weeks ago but I realised I hadn't shared them with you yet.

MAC Silly

Silly is a bright pink matte lipstick and was re launched as part of the Flamingo Park collection earlier in the summer, I had wanted Silly when it was launched in 2 previous collections but I wasn't quick enough and it was always sold out. I went to the cinema with my daughters at the beginning of July and we nipped into Sefridges to the MAC counter whilst we were out, it's across the road from the cinema so would be rude not to. I was really pleased to see they had Silly in stock and picked it up, I love bright lipsticks and couldn't wait to try it but now I am unsure if it suits me. Simon and my girls like it but when I wear it I always worry it doesn't look right, it is very bright with a yellow undertone. 

MAC Silly

Swatch of MAC Silly

Silly is a matte finish and lasts really well on my lips, I get around 5 hours wear time including eating and drinking before having to top up and around 7 hours if I haven't eaten. 

wearing MAC Silly

Please excuse me in the photograph above, I look rather dishevelled and not very happy, my pain wasn't great so not the best time to take a photograph but I wanted to show you how the lipstick looks on. 

MAC Sweet Venom

MAC Sweet Venom

Sweet Venom is a bright coral matte shade and is part of the Blue Nectar collection, the collection had only just launched so all the shades in the collection were in stock but Sweet Venom stood out to me immediately, I saw it on the display and loved it, you know me and coral! 

MAC Sweet Venom

Swatch of MAC Sweet Venom

I have worn Sweet Venom so much since getting it, it is the perfect shade for me, a bright peachy/coral and ideal for summer, I love it. Sweet Venom is a matte shade so the wear time is exactly the same as with Silly. 

Wearing MAC Sweet Venom

I am really pleased with both my new lipsticks, both of them apply well and don't drag or feel drying on my lips, they both last really well and both wear off nicely without leaving an unsightly ring of colour around my lips. Both lipsticks are perfect summer shades that look lovely with a neutral eye make up look. I have worn Sweet Venom the most out of the two and that is definitely my favourite as I am still unsure if Silly suits me and I wear a lot of coral lip colours throughout summer and I am loving the colour of Sweet Venom. 

Have you tried Silly or Sweet Venom? Do you have any MAC lipstick recommendations for me? I'd love to know your favourite MAC lipstick shades too, please leave me a comment below to let me know.

You can find all the MAC lipstick shades online HERE on the MAC website starting at £15.50. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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