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Current Autumn Random Favourites

Current Autumn Random Favourites

Hello Lovelies

Today I have a current random favourites post for you and since we're now into autumn, it's my current autumn random favourites, these are things I've been loving lately that are not beauty related such as TV, film, apps, websites, bloggers, you tubers amongst other things. I am going to be writing a current autumn beauty favourites post too so keep an eye out for that post if favourites are your thing, but now for my current autumn random favourites. 


I can't not mention the X Factor (ITV1 Sat 8pm & Sun 7pm), we love the X Factor in our house and watch every year, Simon says he doesn't like it but still watches every week and has an opinion on who he thinks should and shouldn't get through, strange eh? But we watch religiously every Saturday and Sunday and this year has been extra special because one of my best friends knows one of the contestants, he sadly didn't make the final 12 but he did make the judges houses, if you watch the X Factor he is called Christian Burrows and I'm sure you'll know who I mean, he is a lovely lad and a fantastic singer/songwriter and it is such a shame he didn't make the live shows, saying that knowing a contestant really opens your eyes and I'm not surprised to be honest, lets just say things aren't what they seem on TV. I do like the X Factor though and we will continue to watch the live shows although Christian didn't make it, at the moment we like 5 after midnight, Gifty, Matt and Emily out of the final 12 and there are a few acts we wanted to see in the final 12 who didn't make it, who do you like and who did you want in the final 12? 

We're also loving the return of Cold Feet (ITV1 Monday 9pm) in our house, I am the only person who watched it first time round, the girls were too young and Simon didn't watch it but now all 4 of us love it and are hooked and for me it is like putting on an old pair of slippers, it's just as fabulous as it always was. 

National Treasure (C4 Tuesday 9pm) is something else we've been watching, it is a drama starring Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters about a TV celeb who is accused of historical rape. It is a good drama so far and worth a watch if you like drama's, it's interesting especially in the light of the news the last couple of years but I do also wonder if it is a bit soon for the victims of the crimes the show is based on.  

Hunted (C4 Thurs 9pm) is something we watched last year and is back for a 2nd series, this year there is a £100,000 prize where there wasn't a prize last year. Hunted is a show where a number of the public go on the run and become fugitives and the aim is to try and stay hidden for 28 days whilst they are hunted by a team of experts, the hunters speak to their families, hack their online accounts and phones etc and try their best to find them, it is really interesting and you find yourself willing the hunted to stay hidden, if you watch the show, we like Nick and really want him to win, it's something I wouldn't ever have watched but we fell on it completely by accident last year and were hooked so we're really pleased it's back, the girls love it too. 

We're also loving Paul O'Grady for the love of dogs again (ITV1 Thurs 9pm) we had a Cocker Spaniel, Oscar and sadly lost him in July 2014, he was 14.5 years old and we love dogs, the show is all about Battersea dogs and cats home and follows the stories of the dogs who are being cared for there and how they came to be there, it is so nice to see the happy endings when the dogs are found new homes and they are looking happy but it can also be sad too, there are a lot more happy endings than sad ones though, it also makes us question if we should have another dog. 

The last thing we have been watching is Body Fixers (E4 Fri 9pm) If you have seen the show Tattoo Fixers, this is the new spin off show Body Fixers, Body Fixers has a team of beauty professionals including hairdressers, beauticians, makeup artists and a doctor to help people "fix" their body/beauty disasters. Some of the clients are genuine like a lady who had been through chemo and her hair wouldn't grow but some are a bit different for example Octavio from the X Factor was on the first episode having a shave and some sparkle in rather a delicate area! It's completely bonkers but we just have to watch it, it is easy watching and a bit of escapism at the same time, if you want to try something different, give it a go. 


A film I have watched recently is The Purge 3 - Election Year, we love the purge films in our house and since seeing the trailer for the 3rd one when we went to see The Conjuring 2, we were eagerly awaiting it's release at the cinema, however it's release date was delayed but the film was available on the showbox app so we watched it via that. I have to say we were really disappointed with it, it was extremely predictable and I know they all are to a degree but there wasn't any twists at all and we just didn't enjoy it as much as the other 2 films. If you haven't yet seen it don't let me put you off as I know some people think it's the best 1 out of the 3 but we just didn't like it, I'm just glad we didn't pay to see it at the cinema. 


I'm afraid I am still reading Me Before You, I used to read such a lot but now I just don't have the concentration because of my medical conditions and I get distracted too, I am going to start setting some time aside to read again so hopefully I will have started a new book next time I have a favourites post. 


I have been loving the return of Britney Spears and really like her new material, I have always been a Britney fan and her new releases are really good, she has been on TV a lot recently too promoting her new stuff and she looks really well. If you haven't had a listen to her new records yet, give them a go, they're good. 


This was in my favourite apps last time but I'm still loving Snapchat ( add me - mammafulzo) I love the filters on there and it's nice I can chat to you all too, I'm still loving Instagram and like their new stories but hate the way it's changed because I miss a lot of posts from people I follow. 


I have been looking for clothes recently online as I am in desperate need of some new ones, I have recently ordered from H&M and usually I hate ordering from them because my order takes forever but it was super fast this time and I noticed they now have a express delivery option too, so much better and if you have been put off ordering for the same reason, give it a go, it's much better. 

New Look have some lovely things in for autumn/winter too as do River Island, Oasis and Next, I have been enjoying browsing their sites for some new clothes and may have placed some online orders recently, let me know if you would like a fashion haul, I'm thinking of doing a "try on" haul blog style. 

Food & drink

Simon has recently been making what we call Fajita pasta, it's basically pasta sauce with chicken, peppers, onion, garlic and spices which he mixes into the pasta, adds mexicana cheese into it and stirs it in until it's melted. It is really yummy and tastes a bit like fajitas, we have it with garlic bread. If you would like me to write a post on the recipe, let me know.


A favourite blogger of mine and not just a current blogger favourite but an always blogger favourite is the lovely Roxie who writes the blog The Beautiful Bluebird, Roxie has recently had a beautiful baby girl, Penelope and it is a joy to read about her, Roxie also writes beauty and lifestyle posts and I really enjoy her blog, I have lots of things written down on my "to try" list that I have seen on Roxie's blog, she is a lovely girl and her blog is fabulous and seeing posts about the adorable Penelope is a definite added bonus, she is beautiful. I'd love you to check Roxie's blog out, you can find it here


My current favourite you tuber is the lovely Emma, she has a channel and blog called brummymummyof2 and as you can probably guess from her channel name she is from Birmingham and has 2 children. Emma is fabulous and very very funny, she has my sense of humour and makes me laugh so much, she is the sort of person I would be friends with and it was 2 of my friends Emma and Khila who told me to watch her because they knew I would like her. She makes all kinds of video's including vlogs, hauls, favourites, Q&A's and lots of other good stuff and as soon as I see a new video in my sub box, I watch it and know it will be brilliant before I've started to watch. I could waffle on for ages about how wonderful Emma is, but go and check her out for yourself, you won't regret it, and if you do check her out, tell her I sent you. You can find her channel here

So those are all the random things I have been loving recently, what things have you been loving recently? Let me know your random favourites in the comments below what things you recommend on TV or films I should watch, books I should read or blogs I should read, and let me know any yummy recipes to try or websites you shop on and who your favourite you tubers are, leave me a comment below to tell me. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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