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Trying Some New Makeup With Just My Look

Trying Our Some New Makeup With Just My Look

Hello Lovelies

I love trying new makeup brands and products and checking out the latest beauty trends, so when I was offered to try out some new makeup products from Just My Look I immediately said I would love to and when the products arrived I was really looking forward to trying them. I have been using the products over the last few weeks and have created a few different looks with them and today I thought I would share my thoughts on them with you. 

The products I received are the Milani Conceal + Protect 2 in 1 Foundation,  the LA Girl Pro Conceal, the W7 Cosmetics In The Night eyeshadow palette and the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream. 

Trying Some New Makeup With Just My Look

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette - £4.90 

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette

The W7 Cosmetics In The Night eyeshadow palette comes in a lilac coloured metallic tin with gold writing, it is a nice sturdy tin and a pretty shade, inside the tin are 12 eyeshadows and a double ended brush/applicator, one side is a small brush and the other side a sponge applicator. The palette contains a couple of matte shades but the eyeshadows are mostly shimmer shades. 

I really like the shades in the palette, there is a good mix of neutral shades and more colourful shades too, I am a neutrals kind of gal all the way and don't ever really wear colour unless it is a pop of colour on my lid or my lower lash line in the summer but even that is a rarity to be honest, but I am open to try anything and I wanted to try all the shades, I can't review a palette without trying every shade. 

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette

The first time I used the palette I created a neutral look using the shades, Party Pooper, Dusty, Laura E, Wonderland and Bologna, all the shades applied well and blended well, I did have to layer up Party Pooper it is a pale shade with shimmer, it did layer up well though and I blended Laura E through the crease and used Wonderland to blend it out, and used Wonderland under my lower lash line then popped some Dusty into my inner corner and used Bologna to line my upper lash line.  It created a really lovely warm neutral look, the shadows did blend nicely, they do take a little more time to blend out that some of my higher end shadows but for budget shadows they blended really well and I was pleasantly surprised. 

I have also created a similar look using Atlanta instead of Party Pooper and Wonderland is lovely all over the lid and blended out and then under the lower lash line for a one shadow look. I did worry how I would use the purple toned shades and the pink shade but I have really enjoyed using them and have incorporated them into a neutral look for a pop of colour. Abracadabra is lovely blended through the crease and Top Hat and Razzamataz are perfect for blending under the lower lash line, Lady Luck is pretty just popped in the centre of my lid to give a pop of pink and it is also nice used as a blush. 

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette Swatches

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette Swatches

W7 Cosmetics In The Night Palette Swatches

As I am sure you can see by my swatches, some shades are more pigmented than others but when applied to the eye, all the shades are visible and the less pigmented shades do layer up well. There are only really the palest shades that I had to layer but once applied to my lid they were clearly visible and after layering a couple of times they were all perfect shades for all over my lid. My favourite shades are Laura E and Wonderland, both are gorgeous warm shades and really make my blue eyes stand out. 

I am really impressed with this palette, I have tried other W7 palettes and they never disappoint, they are really great value for money. The shadows are really pretty shades and all apply and blend really well, I didn't experience any creasing but I do always wear an eye primer due to me having super oily eye lids. The shadows wear really well and my looks always last from application to removal which is usually around 8 hours sometimes longer, this is a really good budget palette with some really pretty shades, even if like me you generally shy away from colour, this palette is a good way of introducing some colour into a look without being too bold by adding some colour to the lower lash line. 

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation - £11.66 (Was £12.95)

 Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation

 Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation

I had read so many good things about this foundation so when I was asked to choose a shade I was so excited, I took to google images to check out swatches and decided on the lightest shade which is 00 Light Natural, there are 15 shades available in total. 

Unfortunately the shade I chose is too dark for me but I have recently purchased some whitening foundation drops so I have been mixing those in with the foundation and it is fine for me. I have tried the foundation without the drops because I wasn't sure if the drops would alter the foundation at all and I wanted to give a fair review, however the drops don't change anything about the foundation apart from the shade. 

What Milani Says About The Conceal + Perfect Foundation

Combat under eye circles, redness and other skin imperfections with this full coverage, water-resistant foundation plus concealer in one. A no mess, no drip pump dispenses just the right amount of fluid needed to achieve a flawless look and works around the clock to keep skin looking naturally perfect!

My Thoughts 

Being a full coverage foundation, I was worried that it might settle into my extremely dry skin and fine lines I have around and under my eyes, I had also read on the Just My Look website that the foundation had a matte finish, this can also be a no no where my dry skin is concerned so I didn't have high hopes for me liking the foundation much at all. 

The first time I tried the foundation I used my Beauty Blender to apply it as I always use that to apply my foundation, I pumped out some foundation and dotted it around my face, I really like the pump applicator on the foundation as it isn't messy at all, some pumps can be messy and I end up with foundation all over them but this isn't messy at all. The foundation blended beautifully and gave a lovely flawless finish, I would say it left more of a satin finish to my skin than a matte finish it did look luminous and best of all, and as the foundation promised, I didn't need any concealer under my eyes or on my cheeks where I have redness, I even had a couple of breakouts on my chin that didn't need concealer and the best news of all, it hadn't settled into my dry skin or fine lines. 

 Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation Light Natural Swatch

I have used the foundation a few times now and each time I use it, I like it more and more, it is such a good base. It covers really well without the need for a concealer, it doesn't settle into my dry skin or fine lines, my setting powder applies beautifully over the top and doesn't look cakey at all and it provides me with a beautiful flawless base that lasts all day. My youngest daughter has also used the foundation a few times and uses it when she has applied her false tan and she loves it too, so much so it seems to go between my makeup bag and hers. I highly recommend this foundation, the shades do run dark so please bear that in mind when purchasing, but you can always mix whitening drops as I do and it won't affect the foundations performance or look at all. 

LA Girl Pro Conceal - £3.95

LA Girl Pro Conceal

LA Girl Pro Conceal

The LA Girl Pro Conceal is another product I had heard mentioned a lot on blogs so again, I was looking forward to trying it out. I chose the shade Light Ivory which is the second lightest shade but in hindsight, I should have chosen the lightest shade as Light Ivory is a little too dark but it isn't so dark I can't make it work. 

What LA Girl Says About The Pro Conceal

Crease-resistant, opaque coverage in a creamy yet lightweight texture. The long-wearing formula camouflages darkness under the eyes, redness and skin imperfections. Provides complete, natural-looking coverage, evens skin tone, covers dark circles and minimises fine lines around the eyes.

My Thoughts

The Pro Conceal comes with a brush applicator which is attached to the concealer tube, I like to apply my concealer with the brush and then blend out using either my ring finger or my Micro Beauty Blender, although the shade I have is a tad too dark it is fine for under my eyes and to cover any blemishes, I can't use it to brighten as such but it is fine as it still works well for me. 

I love that the concealer doesn't settle into any fine lines and is perfect for my super dry skin, I will definitely be purchasing the palest shade in this, it is such a good concealer and one I have used every time I have applied my makeup since receiving it. It feels lovely and lightweight on the skin and has a texture that feels like I'm applying eye cream, I really do like this concealer and can't think of any negatives at all. 

LA Girl Pro Conceal Light Ivory Swatch

When I received the concealer my daughters both said that they had heard a lot about the concealer too and they were both eager to try it, since then my youngest daughter has used the concealer a lot and she loves it and is going to purchase one of her own she likes it so much and if I can't find it in my makeup bag, I know exactly where it will be!

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - £9.95

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme

I love liquid lipsticks and have quite the collection so when the Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in the shade 37 Dearest was in the parcel I received, I was so pleased. Dearest is a deep wine shade and a shade I thought may not suit me at first but it is lovely on and will be perfect for an evening look or over the Autumn/Winter months. 

The matte lip cream comes with a long wand type applicator that has a flat side, the lip creme is easy to apply and not messy at all, it feels quite moisturising on application but soon dries down to a completely matte finish. The first thing I noticed about the lip creme was the scent, it smells really nice and a little like Ribena, this makes it even more pleasant to apply. 

I didn't experience any feathering or bleeding at all with the lip cream and it lasted for hours including me eating and drinking, I applied the lip cream at around 10am the first time I wore it and I removed it at 8pm, it had come away a little in the centre of my lips but you could still very much see the colour. The lip cream doesn't flake at all and removed easily with my solid oil cleansing balm. 

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme Swatch 37 Dearest

I really like the Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream and definitely want to pick up some more shades, there are 32 shades available on the Just My Look website so there really is a shade suitable for everyone. I have my eye on a few, there are some stunning shades. The lip cream applies well, lasts for hours and wears well too, it does wear away from the centre of the lips but wears away nicely and doesn't flake at all. 

Overall Thoughts On The Products

I really like all the products I received from Just My Look, they are a great site and have so many brilliant brands available, I definitely recommend you check them out and check these products out too. I am super impressed with the foundation and concealer and will definitely be re purchasing both of those and picking up some more shades in the Milani Lip Cremes, Milani are a fantastic brand and are fast becoming a very popular drugstore brand amongst bloggers as is LA Girl, especially the concealer. I would recommend all the products I tried, they are all great products from fantastic brands. 

If you would like to try any of the products mentioned, you can find them on the Just My Look website, the Milani foundation here, Milani lip creme here, the LA Girl concealer here and the W7 palette here

Have you tried any of these products? Can you recommend any of the Milani lip creme shades? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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