Friday 19 May 2017

Benefit GALifornia Blush

Hello Lovelies

I am pretty sure that you'll have heard about the new Benefit blush that launched earlier this year, GALifornia. GALifornia has featured on many a social media account and blog post since it's launch and I was very lucky to receive it as one of my Mothers Day gifts from my gorgeous girls back in March, since then I have used it a lot and thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on it.  

What Benefit Says About GALlifornia - £24.50 - 5g

Benefit’s NEW GALifornia golden pink blusher is part sun, pure fun! It blends bright pink with shimmering gold, capturing the warm glow of California sunshine in a box. The signature GALifornia Dreamin’ scent features notes of pink grapefruit & vanilla. Comes complete with a custom rounded blush brush for soft, diffused application.

My Thoughts

GALifornia is one of Benefits iconic box blushes and is the only Benefit boxed blush I own, I have looked at others many times but for some unknown reason,  never picked any of them up, but when I saw GALifornia, it looked like such a "Zoë shade" as my friends would say, that I knew I had to buy it. However my daughters beat me too it and bought it for me for Mothers Day, I did wonder why they kept distracting me every time I mentioned ordering it online, sneaky girls! 

The blush comes in what is typical of a Benefit boxed blush and is cardboard packaging, the box has an image of a girl wearing sunglasses on the front, and has a surfer come hippy chic vibe about it. Inside there is a mirror on the lid and a rounded edge brush. One thing I did notice is that GALifornia contains 5g of product when other Benefit blushes I have looked at in the past such as Dandelion, Coralisa and Dallas contain 7, 8 and 9g of product and are all priced the same which is a little strange. 

GALifornia has an embossed sun design, which has a gold overspray, the overspray is pretty to look at but doesn't last and after the first couple of uses it doesn't come off onto the skin, I don't mind that because I prefer a matte or satin finish blush. 

One of the first things I noticed about the blush is the scent, Benefit claims GALifornia has a Grapefruit and Vanilla scent but there is a definite coconut scent about it and it reminds me of holidays, it smells lovely, but like the golden overspray the scent is something that fades and over time and becomes faint which is a shame for me as I love the scent. 

The shade of GALifornia is a definite "Zoë shade", I love coral and pink blush shades, they are my go to blush shades for the spring and summer months. GALifornia is a beautiful pink blush with coral tones and could be described as my perfect shade, it is lovely and incredibly pigmented too. I use my MAC 168 or 109 brushes to apply the blush and it applies and blends beautifully. The blush doesn't accentuate my pores and lasts well on the skin, providing around 8/9 hours wear time without fading. 

The swatch above shows a touch of the golden overspray which has since disappeared leaving the same gorgeous shade without the sheen. Although I don't use the brush that comes with the blush to apply it, the brush makes an excellent contour brush, my daughter uses Benefit Hoola bronzer and always said what a great brush it is for contour and she isn't wrong, it is such a good brush and if you have always disregarding it for applying Benefit blush, try it for contour, it's amazing. 

Overall I think it's obvious that I love GALifornia, it is a stunning blush and one I will no doubt get a lot of wear out of over the summer, the shade, formula, application and wear time are all perfect and it's safe to say, I am in love. 

If you would like to try GALifornia, you can find it on the Benefit website here or the Feel Unique website here

I do have another blush favourite coming on the blog soon, so if blush is your thing, keep an eye out for that, it's a beauty! 

Have you tried GALifornia? What is your favourite blush shade? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoë x

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