Tuesday 23 May 2017

The Tangle Angel And Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brushes

The Tangle Angel And Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brushes

Hello Lovelies

Today I have a post about a couple of new hair brushes I recently received from Tangle Angel. Before receiving the brushes I had seen them on a couple of blogs I read and heard some great things about them so I couldn't wait to try mine out, I have been using mine for the last few weeks now so I thought it was time to let you know all about the brushes and how I've been getting on with them. 

The brushes I received are the Tangle Angel (£12.95) and the Tangle Angel Baby (£4.95), both in the shade Fab Fuchsia. 

About Tangle Angel

Tangle Angel was designed by celebrity and Royal hairdresser Richard Ward, he designed the Tangle Angel when he found his customers and stylists were struggling with the ordinary de tangling brushes they were using and his stylists were complaining that they slipped out of their hands when they were trying to brush the hair, Richard wanted something that would work for both the consumer and the professional. Richard experimented with different concepts and designs for his detangling brush and the Tangle Angel was born. 

The Tangle Angel comes in a variety of different sizes and there are even Tangle Angels available for pets, they have a paw print on the back which I think is really cute. The brushes available are the Tangle Angel, Tangle Cherub, Tangle Angel Xtreme, Tangle Angel Classic, Tangle Angel Baby, Shine Angel, Pet Angel, Pet Angel Mini and Pet Angel Baby. 

The Tangle Angel

The Tangle Angel  - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel  - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel  - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel  - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel came in a clear plastic box, on the side of the box is a little about Richard Ward, the creator and other information on the brush.  I have the Tangle Angel in the shade fab fuchsia, I love pink so it is the perfect shade for me, the brush also comes in a variety of different colours, so if pink isn't your thing, fear not there are many other shades.  

The brush has five unique features, making it different from other de tangling brushes I have used, those features are -

✿ Heat Resistant - Heat resistant bristles retain their shape even when used with the high temperatures generated by hairdryers. 

✿ Antibacterial - Antibacterial additives embedded in the plastic make the Tangle Angel ultra hygienic and safe to use. 

✿ Water Resistant - The Tangle Angel is water resistant and ideal for using in the shower. 

✿ Anti Static - Anti static properties prevent flyaway hair, leaving it smooth and silky. 

✿ Ergonomic Shape - The contoured base retains full bristle height with no reduction in performance once hair is detangled. The design is stunning to look at and also highly functional, the Tangle Angel can be held around the wings for greater control and feel. 

My hair is extremely knotted when it has been washed and towel dried and it is very hard to brush through, the Tangle Angel brushed through my knotted hair really well without tugging at my hair. I don't have my hair blow dried into a style, it is long and straight and because I am unable to dry my own hair, my daughters or partner dry it for me and they brush through my hair whilst drying my hair with the hairdryer and they said the brush was easy to use and it brushed through my hair well whilst drying it and that my hair didn't get tangled at all. They all said that it was much better having a handle on a de tangling brush as it was much easier to use, especially when used with a hairdryer but for general use also.

The brush is easy to clean and because the base of the brush is plastic, hair removes with ease from the brush and bristles when cleaning it. I have PCOS so my hair falls out a lot and there is a lot of hair in the brush after having my hair brushed and even more if it has been washed and dried but the hair does come out easily from the brush and the brush washes well too. 

The anti static claims do work, usually my hair can be quite static and flyaway but after being dried and straightened using the Tangle Angel it isn't flyaway and there isn't any static. 

The Tangle Angel Baby

The Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel Baby - Professional De Tangling Brush

The Tangle Angel Baby is a small version of the Tangle Angel, I love small things and am always drawn to the miniature beauty products in the drugstore, so anything small I love and this is no exception. The Tangle Angel Baby is exactly the same as the Tangle Angel but smaller, it has a different handle and has a keyring on the end of the handle. I actually gave the baby to my youngest daughter Lissy, she keeps a de tangling brush in her handbag but it is quite big and bulky so this is much better and she can manage to brush through her hair with it when necessary. 

The Tangle Angel Baby has the same 5 unique features as the Tangle Angel and is ideal to keep in a handbag, gym bag or even a child's school bag and would also make a cute, quirky little gift too. I have the Tangle Angel Baby in the shade fab fuchsia too but like the Tangle Angel it is available in other shades if you don't like pink. 

Overall Thoughts

I really like both the Tangle Angel and Tangle Angel Baby, as I said I gave the baby brush to Lissy so I don't use that one, but I have tried it and Lissy likes it and says it's great to keep in her handbag. The Tangle Angel brushes through my hair really well when my hair is wet and when it is being dried and I like how my hair isn't static when my hair has been dried and straightened. The handle is brilliant and makes it so much easier to use than other de tangling brushes I have and my girls both love the fact it has a handle too. I love the angel design and the pink shade too, overall it is a great brush and is lightweight too which is brilliant, if you like using de tangling brushes, I think you'd definitely like the Tangle Angel. 

If you would like to give either of the Tangle Angels a go, you can find the Tangle Angel on their website here and the Tangle Angel Baby here

Have you tried the Tangle Angel? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below, and which shade would you choose? 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoë x

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