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Sexy Hair Blonde - Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo

Sexy Hair Blonde - Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo

Hello Lovelies

Having blonde hair and recently having a nightmare with my colour, I have been using a purple shampoo once a week at least and sometimes everytime I have my hair washed for the last few months. I have tried quite a few purple shampoos but one I hadn't tried is the Sexy Hair Blonde Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo 300ml (£13.95) So when I received it, I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Before receiving the Sexy Hair shampoo, I wasn't aware Sexy Hair had a purple shampoo within their product range, I knew of the Big Sexy Hair which they are most famous for but not that they sold a purple shampoo. I was really pleased and optimistic as myself and my daughters have tried other shampoo and styling products from the brand and they have always been really good.

The History Behind Sexy Hair - Taken From The Sexy Website

We are a product of passion, founded by a dynamo with wits as sharp as his scissors. Michael O’Rourke built an empire by breaking all the rules. From the first, Sexy Hair was a welcome splash of red in a world of weary black and white, and proof that fun can be a seriously powerful serum. His philosophy inspired an army of awesome ambassadors, who subscribe to the school of “anything is possible”. And today with industry guru Karl-Heinz Pitsch at the helm, that attitude infuses everything we do. We believe in making waves. Turning up the volume. Being seen and heard. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that you’ve gotta take a risk to get the reward. And with Sexy Hair now sitting pretty in more than 60 countries and over 60,000 salons in the U.S. alone, our ubiquitous star logo stands as a testament to the incredible things that can happen when you’re not afraid to push a few buttons.
"Every woman wants to feel sexy so I put it in a bottle" - Michael O'Rourke
Sexy Hair Blonde Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo 300ml
Sexy Hair Blonde - Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo

Sexy Hair Blonde - Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo

The Sexy Hair Blonde, Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo is said to cleanse the hair, help counteract brassiness, keep the colour bright and the hair hydrated. The Sexy Hair Blonde, Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo comes in a 300ml bottle, the bottle is gold in colour with black writing and a black lid and has purple colouring around the middle of the bottle. Sexy Hair have a shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair which is the same gold and black design so the purple differentiates between the blonde range and the purple shampoo. 

The bottle has a pop up lid and the product comes out via a small opening once the lid has been pressed down at one side. 

Sexy Hair Blonde - Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo

The shampoo is a bright purple colour, you can see some of it around the opening of the bottle in the above photograph as I had used it once before it was photographed (bad blogger) 

I have been having my hair tinted for several years, and for the last few years I have had the same colour tint on my hair and then had a few different colour blonde low lights put through my hair to even things out, however a few months ago I noticed my hair had started to look really warm, not so much brassy but just warm toned and I really didn't like it . My hairdresser who is also my sister said that my medication would have caused the change in the colour since she hadn't changed any of the tints she uses on my hair. 

My sister changed my tint to a much more ash toned tint which I prefer and told me to use a purple shampoo, she explained that the purple shampoo would knock out any warm/brassy tones in my hair, so ever since I have been doing. I do still have some warm bits at the back of my head, my sister said it will take a while to get it all sorted but to keep using purple shampoo in the meantime so I have been using a purple shampoo since and tried at least 5 different brands, and I also keep having the ashy tint applied every 5 weeks.  

The first time I used the Sexy Hair shampoo I was surprised that despite not containing any sulphates, the shampoo lathers up quite well. It is easily distributed through my hair, it lathers well and rinses out well too. Another thing I noticed the first time I had used the shampoo was that my hair didn't feel as knotted, my hair gets very knotty when it's been washed and towel dried and is a pain to brush through if I don't have detangler sprayed through it, but it was fine without the detangler and although it was slightly knotty, it was no where near as bad as it would normally be. 

Once dried my hair is soft and smooth and really shiny and my colour is bright ash blonde and any warm tones I do have left at the back of my hair look so much better and much less warm, and I am left with soft, shiny and ashy blonde hair. I get a lot of compliments on my hair colour and the Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo helps to keep it, it's lovely ash blonde shade and once my sister has continued to work her magic the remaining warm patch at the back will be perfect too but for now the Sexy Hair is helping my hair look it's best and feel lovely too. 

My hair isn't bleached it is tinted,  as it is naturally blonde I don't need bleach, but this shampoo would also work really well if you have bleach blonde hair or silver grey hair too, to keep your colour looking bright or if you have some areas of brassiness you'd like to take out. I love how soft and shiny my hair is after using the shampoo and that it isn't badly knotted after towel drying too. The shampoo has a lovely scent which lingers on my hair for a while too, leaving my hair not only looking and feeling soft and clean, but smelling it too. 

Overall I am really pleased with this shampoo, it does a great job of keeping my colour looking ashy toned and knocks the warm tones out of that pesky bit at the back that is taking a while to catch up with the rest of my hair. My hair feels lovely and soft and looks shiny and it smells lovely, as you know I have very oily hair and struggle with my hair being oily only a few hours after washing it, when using the Sexy Hair, I have my hair washed in the morning and use a little dry shampoo at the roots the morning after and am able to wear my hair up in a messy bun, so I can go every other day without washing my hair instead of every day when using the Sexy Hair. 

If you would like to try the Sexy Hair Blonde, Bright Blonde Violet Shampoo, you can find it on the HQ Hair website here 300ml priced at £13.95. 

Have you tried the Bright Blonde Violet shampoo? Or any of the Sexy Hair products? Chat with me in the comments below and let me know. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoe x

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