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Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection

Hello Lovelies

I'm pretty sure you're already aware that I am a huge fan of nail polish, I just can't resist buying new polishes or trying nail treatments, I also have my own DIY gel nails kit and love buying gel polishes too. When I received the new Super Gel Beach Ready nail polish collection from Rimmel London, I was excited to give them a whirl. I have been trying out all the shades since receiving the polishes and it's about time I gave you my thoughts on them. 

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection

The Beach Ready collection comprises of 5 new shades of the super gel nail polish and the super gel top coat. I did try one of the super gel polishes when they launched last year but I  didn't like it as it bubbled when drying and looked awful, I haven't bought any more shades since, so I was really intrigued to see if the beach ready collection would change my mind. The 2 shades that caught my eye straight away were Coral Queen and Sun Fun Daze so naturally I tried those first, but I have since tried every shade so I could see if any of the shades applied or dried differently from each other and how each shade looked and lasted. 

What Rimmel Says About The Super Gel Polishes

• 2 Simple Steps
• Step 1 Gel Colour
• Up to 14 days of gel colour & shine
• No UV lamp needed
• Apply 1-2 coats of Super Gel colour, followed by Super Gel Top Coat to activate curing
• Dries like a regular nail polish
• Easy to Remove

The Shades

Coral Queen

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection - Coral Queen

Flamenco Beach

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection - Flamenco Beach

 Sun Fun Daze

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection - Sun Fun Daze

Purple Splash

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection - Purple Splash

Dive Right In

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection - Dive Right In

My Thoughts

The first shade I tried was Sun Fun Daze, the instructions say to apply 1-2 thin coats (no base coat required) once dry, follow with the self curing top coat.

As soon as I began applying the polish I thought it was applying quite streaky but I persevered and applied a thin coat, I allowed that coat to dry fully and then applied another coat. I found I needed 3 coats with this shade as some of my nails didn't have the opaque finish I like. After applying the 3rd coat and allowing it to dry fully, I applied the top coat.

Once the top coat was dry, I waited to see if the polish would bubble like the one I tried last year, but it didn't, I do think that is purely down to the application though, applying thin coats and allowing them to dry fully seemed to do the trick. Unfortunately though, the polish did not last for 14 days, it lasted 4 days and then chipped and I had to remove it, it removed with ease using my usual acetone free nail polish remover.

I have since tried all 5 shades, I applied the other 4 shades in the same way as I applied Sun Fun Daze, I did find that Purple Splash needed 4 thin coats, Coral Queen and Dive Right In needed 3 thin coats and Flamenco Beach needed 2 thin coats. None of the shades lasted for 14 days I'm afraid and on average they lasted 4 or 5 days at the most before chipping.


Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection Swatches

Rimmel Super Gel Beach Ready Collection Sun Fun Daze Swatch
Sun Fun Daze - Photograph taken 24 hours after application

Final Thoughts

I have to admit I was surprised that the polishes didn't bubble and I don't hate them like I did the first time I tried them last year, I don't agree with the 1-2 coat application at all, there is no way you could apply just 1 coat of any of the shades in this collection and in my opinion the polishes don't look like I've had a gel polish applied, they do have a lovely shine as you can see from the photograph above, but as someone who has had many gel manicures and has a DIY gel kit, I personally don't think they have a gel finish. 

My favourite shade is definitely Sun Fun Daze which I suspected before trying them, Coral Queen is lovely but a little more orange than coral for me, all the shades are nice and they have a nice glossy finish. I wouldn't write the polishes off as I had done after trying them last year, but they do require care when applying, and take a little more time, but that said, the shades are nice and they look lovely and glossy. 

If you're after some nice nail polish shades for the summer, and you don't mind taking your time when applying them, I'd say give these a go, but if you want something that's going to last 14 days or  replace your gel manicure, these might not be for you. 

You can find the Rimmel London Super Gel Beach Ready collection, plus top coat, on the Superdrug website here, where they are currently on a 3 for 2 promotion, so a great time to try them if you'd like to. 

Have you tried the Beach Ready collection? Which is your favourite shade from my swatches? Let me know in the comments section below

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoƫ x

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