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Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Hello Lovelies

Summer is finally here, well at the time of writing this post it is ridiculously hot but as per British weather, tomorrow could be another story. But for now, summer is here and when it's hot I like to change the way I wear my hair, I love having my hair loosely curled to give that beachy waves effect or I'll have the front of my hair plaited to keep it off my face and have loose curls and I have even tried the odd halo braid, but there is one style I really like that's easy to create and looks really pretty and today I thought I would share that style with you.

The style is what I would say has a modern romance feel, with loose curls and a plaited head band, it is casual enough to wear during the day, but also looks nice for occasions, and considering it has a modern romance feel about it, I think it would be a lovely style for a bride or bridesmaids and is perfect for the summer.

Because my daughters are much more beautiful than I, I am going to show you how to create the look using my youngest daughter, Alicia as my model. Alicia has medium length hair which is very fine and she finds her hair difficult to hold a curl, so with her being absolutely stunning and having hair some people might relate to, I thought she was the obvious choice to model the style for my post.

The Hair Style

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Tools & Products Used

The tool Alicia used to create the style is the limited edition ghd V Amber Sunrise styler, a stunning golden amber straightener which features advanced ceramic heat technology with plates that glide effortlessly through the hair making straightening any length of hair simple, and contoured edges to help create perfect curls and waves.

ghd v amber sunrise styler

Myself and my girls have been using ghd hair tools for many years but we haven't ever had a pair as pretty as these, they are stunning! The straighteners also come with a matching heat resistant bag meaning no waiting around for them to cool once they've been used. They have a temperature of 185 degrees for optimum styling and an automatic shut off meaning they will automatically switch off after 30 minutes, should you forget, which has been done in our house once or twice! 

ghd Heat Protection Spray

ghd heat protect spray

ghd Final Shine Spray

ghd final shine spray

You will also need a hair brush, some hair ties or sectioning clips, some small clear hair ties and some bobby pins (hair grips). 

Creating The Look

Step One

First of all Alicia sprayed her hair all over with the ghd heat protection spray before drying, she applied it from root to tip and brushed her hair through to distribute the spray evenly throughout the hair. Once dry Alicia sprayed some more heat protector on her hair to make sure it was all covered. 

Before styling the hair it is best to section off the hair using a hair tie or hair clip, how you section your hair will depend on how thick and long your hair is and how your hair is styled, but it is best to section it so you have a bottom layer of hair so to speak and the rest tied up as you are going to curl the hair and I find it best to curl the hair layer by layer or section by section. 

Step Two

Curling the hair - Take the straighter about an inch from the root of the hair and place the hair between the plates, pull the straighter down as if you're straightening your hair and twist the straighter at the same time, either twisting towards you or away from you (turning your wrist down - away or turning your wrist forward - towards) The best way to curl the hair is to alternate the way you turn your wrist for each piece of hair, so turn towards for the first piece and then away for the second and continue like that until you have curled each piece, sometimes you may need to curl each piece more than once depending on how the curl turns out. 

You should be left with something like the image below. 

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Step Three

Once you have curled that layer of hair, take down the next layer of hair, leaving some tied up. The photograph below will give you some idea of how much hair Alicia takes down for each section, she uses 3 sections, the first has been curled and the second taken down ready for curling in the photograph. 

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Step Four

Using the same method as you did in step two curl the next layer of hair, piece by piece alternating the straighter towards you and away from you, do this until you have curled all the hair and then take down your hair in layers until you have curled all your hair. 

You should be left with something like the images below. 

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Step Five

Take a piece of hair from the side of your head, about an inch thick or however thick you would like. Plait the hair using a regular plait and secure at the bottom with a clear hair tie. Do the same on both sides of the head, if you have very long hair you may only need to do one plait, Alicia needs two. 

You should be left with something like the image below.

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Step Six

Take the plaits and one by one take them over the top of your head so they look like a plaited headband, secure in place using a bobby pin or hair grip. Do this with both plaits if you have two, ensuring you hide the end piece of the plait within the hair. You will see in the photographs below where the two plaits overlap and where the bobby pins are to secure the plaits in place. 

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

Step Seven.

Once your plaits are positioned where you want them, take a hair brush and gently brush through your curls, position your hair at the front and style how you like it to look. Once Alicia had styled her hair, she finished with some ghd final shine spray to give her hair a lovely shine and tame any flyaway hair. 

All done! 

Summer Hair Inspiration With ghd

I think Alicia looks stunning and the style really suits her, you can play around with the style and leave your curls as they are without brushing them out or you can place the plaits around the hair line, both alternatives look nice, but I love the look of this style and it is so simple to achieve, I hope you like it too. 

If you would like to try the ghd v amber sunrise styler, you can find it on the official ghd website here where it currently has a £20.00 discount. The ghd heat protect spray can be found here and the final shine spray here

Thank you for reading, much love as always

ZoĆ« x 

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