Friday 30 June 2017

Trying New Hair Accessories With Scunci

Trying New Hair Accessories With Scunci

Hello Lovelies

I have been trying out some hair accessories from the brand Scunci recently and today I thought I would share with you my thoughts. I have 3 items to share with you and a bit of a spoiler, they are all fabulous but I do have a stand out favourite.  

I have long layered hair, and at the longest part it is below bra strap length to give you some idea of the length, my hair is thin due to me having PCOS and loosing my hair.  On a day to day basis, I would say 9 times out of 10, I wear my hair in some sort of messy bun, I do sometimes wear my hair down and I am also lucky that my eldest daughter has a qualification in hair styling and sometimes creates me some nice styles to wear, including braiding the front of my hair, braids going into a bun and lots of other lovely styles but all these styles require accessories such as hair ties (or bobbles as we call them in our house) and bobby pins/hair grips, where do they vanish to? So I have been trying out the Scunci products, and as is a regular occurrence on my blog, my girls have been trying the products out too. 

Scunci Multi Styler - £5.50

 Scunci Multi Styler

The Scunci Multi Styler can be used to create 3 different hair styles, the French Twist, Hollywood Roll or a simple bun and everything you need to create each style is included in the pack with instructions on the back of the box. 

 Scunci Multi Styler

The multi styler comes with 1 styler, 1 no damage hair elastic and 4 no damage hair pins.

 Scunci Multi Styler

The multi styler is really easy to use, and creates 3 lovely styles that take minimum effort but look like they've taken hours. I wouldn't ever have thought about using a kit like this, and didn't know that kits like this existed but it is really good if you have an occasion to attend or you just fancy something different. My daughter has tried all 3 styles on my hair and all 3 were easy to create and didn't take much time at all, it is such a handy kit and one both myself and my girls can use. 

Scunci No Slip Grip - £4.50

 Scunci No Slip Grip Bobby Pins

 Scunci No Slip Grip Bobby Pins

The non slip grip bobby pins, come in a pack of 48 and hold the hair in place brilliantly, they are a standard bobby pin and there isn't much I can say about them but one thing that I was really impressed with is they have a slide on bobby pin opener at the top right of the pack, you slide the bobby pin onto it and it opens the bobby pin up meaning you no longer need to open them with your teeth, it is so good and something my daughter also really liked and said would be extremely useful for her when doing hair for her clients as using your teeth to separate them isn't very professional looking. 

Scunci No Slip Grip Clear Hair Ties - £4.50

 Scunci No Slip Grip Clear Hair Ties

I love all 3 items but the clear no slip grip hair ties are hands down my favourite, I didn't ever think I could get excited about a hair tie or bobble but these have completely changed that. 

 Scunci No Slip Grip Clear Hair Ties

The hair ties do feel as if they don't have much movement when you first try them but they do stretch, they hold the hair in place fantastically well, so much so that my hair can be put up in a messy bun using one hair tie at 7am in the morning and it does not move all day, I go to bed with my hair in the same style and it looks exactly the same the following morning give or take a few straggly hairs. 

I have been using the same hair tie for around 10 days at the time of writing this post and it hasn't stretched out of shape at all and is the same size as it was when I first used it. I have put the remaining 13 hair ties in the bag we have in our bedroom which has things we have bought to take on holiday as they will be brilliant on holiday around the pool and my girls can use them too. 

I honestly didn't ever think I could rave about a hair tie but these are so good, my hair does not move, they don't feel uncomfortable or like they are pulling my hair and my hair hasn't broken off from using them. These really are the best hair ties I have ever tried. 

I have really enjoyed trying the Scunci hair accessories and would highly recommend them all, the hair ties are my favourite 100% but all the items are really good and I recommend trying them or other Scunci products, I didn't realise there were so many available. I am definitely going to purchase their waterfall braid kit and will re purchase the hair ties when I need to. 

If you would like to try any of the items I have featured today, or any other Scunci items, you can find them here on the Claires website. 

Have you tried any Scunci hair accessories? Which of the 3 I featured today, do you think you'd like to try the most? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Thank you for reading, much love as always

Zoƫ x

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