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Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrub

Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrub

I first discovered coffee scrubs last year and since then have tried quite a few different brands, one brand I'd heard a lot about but hadn't tried was Optiat, so I was really pleased when one of their Feel Great Coffee Scrubs in Mouthwatering Mandarin landed on my doorstep for me to try.


Optiat (pronounced op-tee-at) which stands for One Person's Trash Is Another's Treasure are British sibling duo William and Anna Brightman. When the Brightmans discovered that more than 500,000 tonnes of coffee grounds are sent to landfill every year in the UK alone, they saw an opportunity to change it and they wanted to put used coffee grounds to good use instead of them being dumped on a land fill and decomposing, creating methane, a greenhouse gas that affects global warming. 

The Brightmans collect coffee grounds from over 40 artisanal cafes, restaurants and bars across London and to keep the organic matter sterile, they use a natural preservative, which only contains ingredients derived from plants and is permitted by Natrue the European Natural Cosmetic Board, the products are manufactured by hand in Dorset, UK. Optiat products are not tested on animals, nor do they use ingredients that have been tested on animals. All products are natural, vegan and completely cruelty free


Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrub Mouthwatering Mandarin

Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrub Mouthwatering Mandarin

I really like the packaging of the scrub, it comes in a tube with the brand logo on the front and the scent name underneath, I love the lip design too. 

The scent Mouthwatering Mandarin £9.99 220ml has a lovely orange scent as you would imagine, it isn't over powering at all and normally I don't like anything orange scented but this is lovely and really fresh and there isn't a coffee scent as with some scented coffee scrubs. The scrub is thick and black in colour. Optiat claim Mouthwatering Mandarin is perfect for a date night and will leave you feeling confident and dance floor ready. The first time I used the scrub, I was really pleased it came in a tube, all the coffee scrubs I have tried previously have been in a resealable bag type packaging and can be really messy to use and not easy to re seal in the shower with wet hands, the scrub being in a tube is brilliant and it isn't messy at all. 

The scrub as I said has a lovely fresh scent and is lovely to rub into the skin, it can be used on the face too but Optiat recommend carrying out a small patch test first by applying a small amount of scrub to the face and then waiting 24 hours to see if you have a reaction, they also recommend applying the scrub to the face gently and not scrubbing too hard. I have used the scrub on my face and I am fine with it, I have sensitive skin and suffer from eczema and skin allergies but I haven't experienced any reactions or irritation at all. 

The scrub is super easy to use, apply to wet skin and leave for 5 minutes then rinse off. I had my hair washed whilst leaving the scrub for 5 minutes. When I got out of the shower my skin felt lovely and soft and there was no need for me to apply a body moisturiser, I was good to go and my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. 


I have used the Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrub quite a few times now and I really like it, my skin feels amazing when I use it and so soft and smooth. I absolutely love the fact the scrub comes in a tube, it is so much less messy, of course there are coffee grounds on the shower floor, but nothing that doesn't rinse away and I'm not left with it all over the tiles and walls of the shower as I have been when I've used coffee scrubs that come in re sealable bags. 

Overall I am really impressed with the scrub, my skin can feel very sore because of my health problems but the scrub doesn't hurt at all or irritate my super sensitive skin, it is a pleasure to use and my skin feels incredible after using it. I have used the scrub on my face a few times too and my face is left feeling lovely and soft and again I haven't experienced any irritation at all and it isn't painful to use. I will certainly be re purchasing the scrub and I am looking forward to trying the Lemongrass Lifter, Potent Peppermint and Vanilla Velvet scents too, if they smell anything like the Mouthwatering Mandarin, they will smell incredible! 

If you like using coffee scrubs, or if you haven't tried one yet, I would definitely recommend you pick up one of the Optiat coffee scrubs, they aren't harsh on the skin, the scent is lovely without being over powering, they leave the skin feeling super soft and smooth and the price of them for the amount of product and considering they are made from natural ingredients without any nasties, I think is brilliant, there really isn't anything not to like about them and I absolutely love the company ethos.  

For more information or to purchase the scrubs, visit the Optiat website

Have you tried the Optiat Feel Great Coffee Scrubs? Which scent do you like the sound of best? Let me know in the comments below.  

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