Tuesday 29 August 2017

An Exciting New Range From Superdrug

If you're a regular reader of Mammafulzo, you will already be aware that Superdrug are my favourite high street online and in store place to buy beauty products, and if you watch my Instagram live  you'll have recently seen the biggest Superdrug haul ever, which included a whole host of beauty products and accessories stored in one of the huge laundry sized supermarket recyclable bags, yes there was that much of it, so it's safe to say, I love me some Superdrug. 

I recently received a parcel from my postman which isn't anything out of the ordinary as a blogger, but what was out of the ordinary was that when the postman was handing the parcels to Simon, he said "I don't know what's in there but it smells amazing" and he was absolutely right, one of the parcels smelled incredible. 

When I opened the parcel I squealed with delight because it contained products from the BRAND NEW RANGE from Superdrug. Superdrug have expanded their Treat Me range to include body butters and body sorbets all in the same incredible scents that their shower and bath soaks are available in and I had 2 of the body sorbets and 2 of the body butters to try, I was super happy and couldn't wait to share them with you. 

In my most recent Superdrug haul here on my blog, you will have seen me raving about the Treat Me Avocado & Strawberry Shower & Bath Soak £2.99 which I adore! 

The scents available in the new Treat Me range are -

• Salted Caramel
• Mango & Coconut
• Rhubarb & Custard
• Raspberry & Vanilla
• Honey & Ginger
• Avocado & Strawberry 

I have the body sorbet in the scents Mango & Coconut and Rhubarb & Custard and the body butter in the scents Raspberry & Vanilla and Salted Caramel and all of them smell absolutely incredible. 

Superdrug Treat Me Body Sorbet -£2.99

The sorbets come in a tube with a snap off cap and the sorbet squeezes out with ease, the packaging is really nice, bright and colourful and has the scent details and image on the front and the instructions and a little about the sorbet on the back with ingredients also. 

The new Treat Me Body Sorbets smell amazing, out of the 2 I have, my favourite is the Mango & Coconut but Simon prefers the Rhubarb & Custard which smells exactly like the sweeties of the same name, the scent transports me back to my childhood instantly. The Mango & Coconut is as you would imagine a lovely fruity scent a holiday scent as we would say in our house, both smell good enough to eat, but make sure you don't do that. 

The body sorbets have a gel like feel to them and they rub into the skin beautifully, they don't absorb instantly but don't take an age to dry like some body products, they leave my skin feeling lovely and hydrated and feel really refreshing on the skin, and as it says in the instructions on the back of the tube, the body sorbets would be lovely if stored in the fridge for a few hours before using, especially if you are on holiday.

Superdrug Treat Me Body Butter - £2.99

The body butter comes in a good sized round tub with a screw off lid, the lid has a large label on with the scent name and on the bottom of the tub is a little about the product, instructions for how to use the body butter and the ingredient list. 

Choosing between the scents was a hard choice but I think the Raspberry & Vanilla wins for me with the Salted Caramel being Simons favourite of the 2. The body butters have a lovely rich consistency as you would expect with a body butter, they apply well and rub into the skin beautifully, I especially concentrate on any dry areas like my knees and ankles and my skin is left feeling lovely and soft and smelling incredible, the body butter doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and although it does take longer to dry than the body sorbet it isn't anything I can't cope with and it is standard for a body butter. 

We always take body butter away on holiday with us as it is ideal to use after a day in the sun when your skin can be left feeling dehydrated, and that is exactly what I will be doing with these, they have already been put with our holiday toiletries along with the body sorbets as they will both be perfect to use on holiday. 

Both the body sorbet and body butters are a brilliant price at just £2.99, I would have expected to pay much more than that, I have been buying body butter for many years and always pay a lot more so it is so nice to know that from now on I can buy the Treat Me body butter and body sorbet and have incredible products at an affordable price, in fact all the products including the Treat Me Shower & Bath Soak are £2.99. 

Treat Me is the perfect name for this range as the products really are a treat to use and leave the skin feeling a treat too. I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out both the sorbet and the body butter and am really sad that I couldn't continue using them but they have been put away and will be put to good use by us all when we go away on holiday, we also have some shower and bath soak in Avocado & Strawberry to take with us so we are going to smell good enough to eat.

All the products in the Superdrug Treat Me range including the brand new body butter and body sorbets are £2.99 and are available this August in store and online at Superdrug, and like everything included in the Treat Me range, the new products carry the leaping bunny symbol of Cruelty Free International, are vegan and carry the Superdrug 100% Happiness Money Back Guarantee. 

Have you tried the Treat Me Shower & Bath Soak? If so which is your favourite scent? And which of the body butters and body sorbets do you like the sound of the most? I'd love you to share your thoughts with me in the comments below. 

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