Friday 25 August 2017

Primark Launches Scunci's Hero Hair Range

You may remember me reviewing some hair accessories from the brand Scunci a little while ago, well this month Primark are launching an exclusive Scunci Hero Hair Range across their stores nationwide. There is a wide range of hair accessories, brushes and tools and Scunci claims they are the "everyday hair accessories you can't and shouldn't live without". 

I was kindly sent 3 of the items from the range to share with you and so far I am loving what I have tried.  Having long straight hair, I welcome any sort of hair accessories and tools that mean I can try something new since my hair is mostly in a scruffy bun on top of my head and if not it's just down and straight, not exactly exciting I know. 

Scunci Silicone Black & Clear Elastics - 16 pack - £2.50

These hair elastics are incredible, I have some of the clear ones already and I can honestly say, they are the best hair ties I have ever tried, never in this world did I ever think I'd rave about a hair tie, but there you go, I have. They keep my hair in place all day and if I go to bed with my hair up as I mostly do, it is still up the morning after, it isn't as neat, but it is still up in the same position it was in when I went to bed. These really are the best hair ties ever and if you wear your hair up and don't want it to move, you need these in your life. 

Scunci Ponytail Boost Tool - £4.00 

I have very thin hair so this sounds brilliant for me, I haven't been able to try this as yet as I am unable to do my own hair so once one of my girls can help, I will be giving this a try. It looks really good though and I have often wondered how people manage to get their hair into a ponytail with the volume and lift like the Ponytail Boost gives, so now I will be able to rock that look too. 

The Ponytail Boost comes with -

• A Ponytail Boost Tool
• A No Damage Elastic
• A Bow Elastic 

On the back of the box there are instructions to show you how to use the Ponytail Boost. 

I'm not sure I would use the bow elastic and you don't have to either, but it's there if you want to use it. 

Scunci Fast Dry Paddle Brush - £4.00

The Fast Dry Paddle Brush has a soft rubber touch feel so it is brilliant for gripping when drying the hair, Simon struggles to brush my hair with a brush whilst drying my hair with the hair dryer and often he drops the brush, so this rubber finish to the brush will hopefully help with that. The brush is bright pink which is obviously a winner with me as I love pink, the brush also has little pink tips on the end of each bristle and a really pretty flower design on the brush head which I didn't notice at first glance but it is really pretty and adds a nice touch.  

The brush is a fast dry brush and claims to dry the hair faster because it has 50% more airflow, and I'm pleased to say, it does. I honestly thought that it would be a bit of a gimmick but my hair dries much faster when the girls use this brush which is brilliant. The brush also brushes through my hair with ease and is great for when my hair is wet and tangled. I have only used it a couple of times as it has been packed away with the things I am taking on holiday, but it's such a great brush, I am not leaving it behind. 

The whole Scunci Hero Hair Range is brilliant and there are some really great products included in the collection and all the brushes are pink so suit me down to the ground. If you would like to see which other brushes, accessories and tools are available, head down to your local Primark as the range is available in stores nationwide. 

Have you seen the Scunci Hero Hair Range in your local Primark yet? Have you tried anything from the range or anything else from Scuni? Let me know in the comments below.   

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